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I would not waste my years planning dances and masquerades with the other noble ladies. The second day they were gone was the hottest day in Volantis, so she and her brother joined the other children to go for a swim in the River Rhoyne. While she was talking with a friend, she noticed that her brother was missing. Eventually, she found him floating face down in the water. Talisa and her friend pulled him to the shore but he was dead. Suddenly, a man with a tattoo of a fish on his face (marking him as a fishing boat slave) came and pushed her away. Had she reported him, it would have meant death for the slave for touching a noble. The slave kept pushing down on her brother's chest again and again until he was revived. As the slave cradled her brother and calmed him down, Talisa was inspired by the slave's selfless act. She decided two things right there and then: first, that when she came of age, she would not waste her years dancing with other nobles, and second that she would never live in a place where slavery was legal again. King Robb Stark aids her by holding the man down and giving him a gag to bite on, pointing out that it's better than biting his tongue. After the operation Talisa criticizes Robb for fighting to usurp the crown without having a replacement king, as Robb only claims the title of King in the North. Talisa also points out that the wounded Lannister soldier was a fisherman who had been conscripted, like many others, into the Lannister army and that the forces Robb's army defeated weren't trained soldiers for the most part. She has heard Robb is about to leave for The Crag to negotiate a surrender, which has the things she needs. They are interrupted by news that Catelyn has released Robb's key prisoner Jaime Lannister. Catelyn says that she and Eddard were an arranged marriage, they barely knew each other, and yet found happiness together. While traveling to Riverrun for Hoster Tully's funeral, Talisa notices that Catelyn is making a prayer wheel for the Faith of the Seven. Talisa offers to help her, but Catelyn explains that they can only be made by mothers who are praying for the welfare of their children. When Talisa asks her mother-in-law if she made them before, Catelyn says twice, most recently for her younger son Bran to survive his fall shortly before the present war began.

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So, of course, the episode is full of lazy editing, misstatements, inexplicable blank spots, and Jim even forgot his Catch-Phrase. The theme song abruptly cuts off with a Record Needle Scratch, Jim runs in with the lights off, and at the end of the video, he runs through his Catch-Phrase very quickly. The show within the show The Videogame Show What I've Done is made to look like someone just got their hands on their very first video editing software, along with gratuitous transitions and even more gratuitous video filters for the game footage. Said footage is also of a game in question being played badly. He also does it in another video, this time about an accusation that he's been buying rare exotic black market cheeses (and name drops a French dealer as a hypothetical, allegedly rhetorical example and then adds that said person doesn't work on Tuesdays); he's later seen eating cheese. Jim then immediately puts on a ritual mask and begins having sex with his collection of Pogs. Or, from The Great Atari Ransack: Jim: There's some rumors circulating that I don't know how to film things on a cell phone, because last week I showed a little bit of some stuff that I've been filming at SGC, and it was filmed vertically on my phone. Now, only an idiot would spend an entire weekend filming vertically without thinking about what he's doing, hoping to use that footage as extra footage when Jimquisition Live is finally uploaded, only to realize his mistake after he looked back at the footage and found out he fucked up, and ended up using a bit of it anyway and just hoping he could get away with it, and then finding out that he couldn't get away with it at all. Only an idiot, okay, would do that, and Jim Sterling isn't an idiot, is he. Take That! Jim very commonly takes potshots at all and sundry to the point that a list of all the times he does it would be longer than the rest of the page. Major developers Konami ( Fuck Konami News segments), Ubisoft ( Oh, Ubisoft. Digital Homicide is the most notable, as seen all over this page. The more rabid and immature fans of any particular thing, most recently shown in Sky Hype and Weapon Durability, Fanbase Fragility. UK and US political figures including Nigel Farage, David Cameron, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, and Donald Trump supporters. He uses his Duke Amiel du H'ardcore character to impersonate and mock them. Companies that use unscrupulous measures to monetize games and players. Sterdust was originally nothing more than a Take That. It was actually quite surprising when he actually started making wrestling appearances as the character.


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Billy Crudup and Anton Yelchin head up the cast, which also has Laurence Fisburn, Felicity Huffman and H. Once I was even kicked out of a party in middle school because I kept freaking out my friends by spelling things with the planchette. So I’m far more excited than I should be about Hasbro’s first horror film, Ouija, which tells the story of a group of friends who use the spirit board in an attempt to contact their recently departed friend. While this certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to be the best horror film, October is the perfect time to binge watch anything spooky. As war veteran Vincent, Murray takes on the responsibility of babysitting his next-door neighbor, Oliver, played by the innocent and adorable Jaeden Lieberher. Throughout the film, Vincent “mentors” Oliver, by way of introducing him to gambling, alcohol, and prostitutes. Inevitably, the two form a heartwarming father-son bond. The cast includes comedic wonders Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd, rounding out what is sure to be a thoroughly enjoyable film experience. -Avery Anapol. Keira Knightley is Megan, a 28-year-old stuck in permanent adolescence. She tells her fiance she is going on a retreat, but instead spends a weekend doing shots and engaging in other teenybop behavior with Chloe Grace Moretz’s character, Annika, and her hot dad (Sam Rockwell). Like Knightley’s last film, Begin Again, Laggies looks promising as a chick flick to kill a couple of hours without too much emotional investment. -Avery Anapol. Just what the winter of your discontent needed. Svetlana. In White Bird in a Blizzard, she plays a young woman coping with the disappearance of her mother and her blossoming sexuality. I’m hoping that her performance will be comparable to her role in The Descendants, and less kitschy than The Fault in Our Stars. Radcliffe plays Ig Perrish, who is accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend. Soon after, he grows a pair of grotesque horns that give him supernatural powers, which aid him on his quest to target the real murderer.


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Edward Schulz Anno fa thank you for this Karthik S Anno fa Are you Petyr Baelish. Juan Alvarez Anno fa Great video info Talking Thrones Anno fa Thank you Juan. Dany Meyers Anno fa I love how you narrate like a friend chatting up the show. Jose navas Anno fa Very interesting and look forward to more. Valentino Jefferson Anno fa i love these videos huge game of thrones fan i watched all 6 seasons in 4weeks. Baltimore bottle digger Anno fa Unbelievable predictions that just blew my mind for episode 7-1. Daan Arnauts Anno fa I know it isn't about the video but could it be, Just a little theory, that when Jon Snow and every one else find out that he's the son of Reagar Targaryen that they put Jon in the Iron throne. Dwingaa Anno fa gr8 vid dude Talking Thrones Anno fa Thanks. Dhruv Khandekar Anno fa i love ur videos pls keep making such type of videos Talking Thrones Anno fa Thank you. Justyna Dziewit Anno fa I have one comment or complain. Why nobody make the video comparing Cersi and Mad king like the both got captured and their madness really begin Sean Burbank Anno fa cut that hand off. Sean Burbank Anno fa just bought that shirt at target. Matthew Killfoil Anno fa tormen will have to marry the umber girl, and take the lands. Lillian Pilto Anno fa I wonder how it will all match up to the final two books. Anno fa you sound like the Little Finger in GOT Talking Thrones Anno fa Lol people keep telling me that jaym1291 Anno fa Great video i love sneak peaks and spoilers bryan robinson Anno fa I cannot wait til July 16 Gary Tidd Anno fa love it t Saurav Singh Anno fa Bro Your videos are quite cool. I am from India and here most people don't watch it. Keep making awesome videos Talking Thrones Anno fa Thank you sir. I will have a new video out tomorrow cobrafang83 Anno fa Season 3. King InTheNorth Anno fa for a moment i thought little finger is talking:) Talking Thrones Anno fa Lol Ryan Jernegan Anno fa PRIZE ME!