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He then seated himself on the Iron Throne, waiting to see who would come to claim it. He was found sitting there when Lord Eddard Stark rode into the hall with his men to claim the throne for Robert Baratheon. . Sam’s mentioning that there wasn’t much deer and elk but mostly rabbits and squirrels sent off alarm bells with me, as well. Big game hunting. Whereas what Sam is talking about is all small game: rabbits and squirrels. If rabbits are able to survive the weather north of the Wall, then moose, elk, deer, and bears should be able to, as well. You would definitely want to hunt for the biggest game that you could because the bigger the game, the more meat you have. I think the lack of big game must point to something bigger (or higher on the food chain) that is hunting. It wouldn’t be the few Night’s Watchmen, for sure, and it probably isn’t even the Wildlings. I think it would be quite poetic if they did do that, the one thing everyone is fighting for will be melted down to help the realm in a more practical way. This ties in with what they do with their time in general, stand around like in Brand vision. Forgive me if this is taken wrong, it’s not my intention to disrespect. My point of the post is not really the availability or lack there of, certain animals, rather the fact that rabbits just seem to pop up a lot in what seem to be important scenes. Then that cup of bugs bunny blood just made me stop and think “hmmph, could rabbits be a key to stabilizing Bran’s powers?

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Who knows, maybe something he says to Cersei will tip her over the edge and all hell will break loose. I feel like Jaime will be very open to everything, if a bit sarcastic about it, but Cersei will have no patience for silly fairy tales about White Walkers and giants and things that go bump in the night, in spite of her own pet zombie--or maybe because of it. Assuming the wight made it all the way back from the Wall without his magic reanimation wearing off. It has to happen at some point, and I can't help but think that whatever Very Bad Thing happens Sunday, it will help tip Jaime over the edge. Whether he kills Cersei or merely betrays or remains to be seen, but I just can't imagine we end Season 7 without some kind of fallout. Hell, I thought Season 6 ended with a fallout, the way Jaime looked at her as she was crowned, their son barely cold in the ground. We need more Bran for so many reasons, both because there's juicy background stuff we need to discover, and because somebody needs to tell Arya and Sansa the truth about Littlefinger (unless Arya figures all that out on her own. . Is Sansa pondering her sister's strange behavior, or what she's going to do to Littlefinger. I wonder if this is before or after the events with the Lannisters and Euron. Could it be the hollowed out, bombed out remains of the Great Sept of Baelor? No. t's not urban enough. I'm at a loss, though I suppose someone will point out the obvious to me. I'm thinking we may finally get a glimpse of Rhaegar and Lyanna, two of the most important characters in this story, and two people we still have never seen.

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How could there be Stoneheart when Beric is still alive. Are they going to find her dead body in the river in episode 10. LOL They could've had Stoneheart in episode 10 if Beric didn't show up alive, Thoros could've retold the story of Stoneheart's revival through Beric in a nighttime campfire Ultimate Book Maniacs 2 ? ? I agree. I know They have been saying LSH is not coming back, but they also said that Jon was dead. I do believe that LSH was resurrected three days after the Red Wedding, just like in the books but they kept her out of the show. There were rumors that Michelle was spotted in Belfast wearing a cloak, idk if it's true or not. She wouldn't even have skin still attached to her bones in the show so it's impossible. Who the hell knows why they even have the Brotherhood on the show. The show puts so much pointless shit in and rushes over the important stuff. There were rumors that Michelle had been spotted around Belfast. I personally think she was alive for awhile (brought to life in different way from Beric's sacrifice) and she has been ordering Lemoncloak and other BWBs around. May by years he also meant when Robb freed him from Jaime when they won the battle. Or may be they can show that Thoros resurrected her too.

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After Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh came forward to send a message for the Indian soldiers on Diwali by posting a video clip on Twitter. Jayam to play a tribal character in his next Actor Jayam Ravi will be reportedly seen playing a tribal character in his next yet-untitled Tamil film with director Vijay. The project has already gone on the floors and it features Sayyeshaa as the female lead. His role has required him to undergo makeover and also beef up, a source from the film s unit told IANS, adding that the makers are heavily guarding his look which will be one of the highlights of the film. The project marks the first-time collaboration between Ravi and Vijay, who is basking in the success of his last Tamil outing Devi. While Harris Jayaraj will compose the tunes, Tirru has been roped in to crank the camera. IANS Shah Rukh shared a video clip captioned: Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali. May the festival of lights bring with it brightness and goodness in all our lives. In another tweet, he wrote: I ve written a little poem for them. He also shared a link to his video post in which he recites the poem. It goes like: Our feet on carpet, RARING TO GO: Jayam Ravi their boots on ground. Our days are steady, theirs, new challenges unravel. The heroes should not remain unsung because we can t imagine their plight. We grow stronger and bolder because theirs is the fight. Shah Rukh, who featured in a TV show called Fauji in the early days of his career, also posted the poem on his Instagram account.

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If you've seen DEAD END and THE VAULT OF HORROR and don't get what's going on by the halfway mark, you need to bone up on your movie-watching. His kin talk him into moving to Beverly Hills where he can meet a woman to marry and help raise his teenage tomboy daughter Ellie May. Milton Drysdale runs the bank where Jed keeps his money, which a bank executive, played by Rob Schneider, and his girlfriend attempt to steal. Cloris Leachman and Lily Tomlin suffer the most, with the latter relentlessly mugging the camera. After having a big hit with WAYNE'S WORLD, director Penelope Spheeris did this next and suffered a string of bombs (THE LITTLE RASCALS was next) that I'm not sure she has recovered from. CONVERSATIONS WITH OTHER WOMEN A man meets an female acquaintance at a wedding and the two are tempted to re-start their old relationship. Wonderfully acted and told in a visually exciting split-screen style, this film kept my interest, although it may not be a drama for everyone. UNIVERSAL HORROR Nice little documentary detailing the early days of Universal Studios and their early horror films. The movie covers the Frankenstein series up through HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA and its sequel, THE MUMMY, THE INVISIBLE MAN, Lon Chaney Sr. s films and a couple of the lesser-knowns. I'd like to see a sequel go into the next block of horror films, and I was surprised that so much screen time was given to KING KONG, since it wasn't a Universal picture. GABRIEL OVER THE WHITE HOUSE We get who President Hammond is after he is sworn into office. Meanwhile, as thousands are out of work, marches on Washington are imminent and gangsters run out of control, President Hammond is too busy playing with his nephew and having the military fly his detective magazines in to him. Then, one day, after driving a police car too fast and crashing, an odd heavenly light shines on him while he's in a coma. When he awakens, he is a changed man, deciding that it is time to make America a better place, and he does, by putting people to work, ridding the nation of organized crime and bringing countries together in peace.

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