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I had a note that it was great that we were seeing people (both sides) being smart and tough, instead of hearing them scream and whine about their situation like most horror movies. I absolutely hate the screaming and flailing about that most horror movie characters do, falling down and rolling around on the ground while the bad guy catches up to them instead of getting up on their freakin’ feet again, or huddling in a corner instead of finding SOMETHING to protect themselves with. And you know how much scarier I think things are when they are relatable instead of supernatural. Mikey: Oh oh oh! Back to where we started, I think we’ve found T. . Cimfel’s trademark: in this movie, there are some stairs, which are controlled by a remote to slide away into the wall. She stores the remote in a drawer, so in fact in this movie, as in No Tell Motel, we find characters looking in drawers for a set of stairs. Solee: You were so happy to see that! ) Mikey: It was my favorite part of No Tell Motel. I don’t think we’ll ever talk about stairs or ladders in our house again without referencing No Tell Motel. There’s another commonality I noticed: rape victims who get revenge. Both movies have female characters who have been victimized, but who do something to throw off the mantle of victim. Not necessarily in a healthy, therapist-approved kind of way in this case, but still. Mikey: No, her coping strategy wasn’t really straight out of the diagnostic manual, but I guess it works for her.

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She says that because he's making the right decisions even if they aren't the popular ones. Sansa's tirade was a pointless display of frustration, stemming from hatred rather than wisdom. The same explanation would've been given had Sansa spoken up or not. My issue why would Jon's own family member do such a thing, she's suppose to be his support, not a critic. Otherwise, what was the point of making him a leader at all. If that was her motivation, then explain Jon and Sansa's conversation afterwards. Maybe that would have been the time to mention her cunning plan. He survived the Battle of the Bastards in the heat of battle, greatly outnumbered, and it was raining arrows. The guy is invincible atm, and I reckon he'll stay that way until his purpose has been served. Jon doesn't have time to worry about such trifling matters as Cersei Lannister or the Iron Throne. If you replaced Ed Sheeran with say Donald Trump would you still have the same opinion. Rob and Ned (and even Jon for that matter) died trying to be just and noble, and Sansa doesn't want to see that happen again. I personally felt that Jon (being a bastard) was more comfortable departing from Ned's traditions and teachings because he's had the seen the issues with blaming the sons for the father's wrong doings. I feel like Sansa is a bit more traditional with her views given she's been highborn all her life and hasn't had the moniker of Bastard to deal with. It had to give us a recap of where people are at before it can get going again.

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Weak one made strong bonds; was left with a family. Here am I, your special island Come to me, come to me. He died trying to prove his love for her was stronger than your hate. Jack was a guardsman at the castle, given the job of watchman. The story differs about how he came across his victims, with one tale stating they were his wives, others that he was a bit of a womaniser, but either way, women associated with Jack began to vanish from existence. The story states he was discovered after becoming involved with a girl called Mary-Ann. Having told her sister about him, she had her suspicions and went to the castle to find Jack hauling her sisters corpse through the grounds. Alerting the authorities, they raided his home and found sets of fingers he'd removed from his previous victims, said to be 6, the bodies of which he'd either fed to pigs or launched over the wall into the river Severn and he was subsequently hung, drawn and quartered for his crimes, apparently showing no remorse and spitting curses at the crowd. Jack's ghost, dragging Mary-Ann is supposedly still seen on the castle grounds, reliving his last crime that would ultimately be his undoing. Enjoy some “never before seen” footage of the utter nonsense. In school, we are evaluated on linguistic and logical learning. Kids with learning disabilities often struggle with that type of teaching method. When we have dyslexia, our brains are wired differently so we need to discover other ways to process and retain information. Music and pictures can be powerful tools for kids with learning disorders. We all have a preferred learning style, finding the one that aligns with your kids’ “intelligence” will bolster their confidence and passion for learning.


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The apps may crash on you from time to time and there's significant shutter lag. To its credit, the phone has dual camera capabilities and runs on stock Android, which has always been a crowd favorite. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 on Amazon. View Deal If you're looking to spend a little more than the bare minimum, then the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 isn't a bad choice. It has a decent display, great battery life and adequate performance. Overall, it's a solid phone for the budget consumer. View Deal This phone offers flagship performance for the mid-range user. Running on Android Nougat out of the box, the OnePlus 5T sports a great design and built. Even with an increase in the size of the display, battery life isn't compromised and the fingerprint sensor is a delight to use. It's special because of its face unlock feature that comes with the OxygenOS. View Deal If any phone can compete against the OnePlus 5T, then it's the Honor View 10. The camera may not match up but all the other features compete head to head. It's great for users looking for a high end experience without having to empty their pockets. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is easily one of the best phones in the market, despite it's Bixby feature being a little pointless. But if you're paranoid about your phone's security and don't mind jumping through a few extra hoops to have access, this phone is ideal.

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apan, especially small group of. pl Gordon 2017-07-16T00:00:00Z We hired Koji's van for a one night road trip to Shirahama and you couldn't ask for a more generous host. He picked us up from the station, gave us a full tour of the van, supplied welcome drinks, was fully flexible with checkin and checkout times and was so friendly and welcoming. The van is totally retro-chic and is ingeniously designed. My only regret is that I just wish we could have hired it for longer. Japan has so many free camping spots, it's a wonderful way to explore the less populated spots. Highly recommended. Marisa 2017-06-11T00:00:00Z We had a wonderful welcome of Koji and a very good introduction and explanation of the camper bus. We were with 4, two adults and two daughters of 11 and 9 years old. During our trip Koji send us messages quite often, which was very kind and helpful. And at the end of our trip we had again a warm welcome, good communication and we appreciate it very much that he did bring us to our next place to stay and he helped us with all our questions. In short: perfect camper bus to travel with, very good communication with a very friendly owner. Thanks to Koji, we were always happy about your help and hospitality. His space in Omote-sando is perfect for commuters looking to explore all of Tokyo. A short walk to train station and lots of good shopping in the immediate neighborhood.

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He started his career at JPMorgan Chase, and has also done work for Pepsi, National Semiconductor and Citibank. He's been CEO of Revision3 since 2007, and has guided the company to profitability, more than 300 million views a month, and its acquisition by Discovery Communications in 2012. Jim has an MBA from The Stern School at NYU, and a BS in Mathematics from the University of Vermont. Check out our newest leaderboard to see the top YouTube channels of last month. Read More Boys and Beauty: These Male Beauty Influencers Are Killing It! Mar. 20, 2019 Last year, male beauty influencers were the hottest thing in the beauty and fashion world, and brands both in and out of the industry wanted in. Here's what we discovered when we dove into the stats from sponsored beauty campaigns in 2018. Read More Barbie and Hot Wheels on Social Video: An Interview with Mattel Mar. 31, 2019 Mattel's winning digital video strategy earned it the title of fifth most-watched global brand last year. In this interview with Mattel, Isaac Quiroga, Director of Video Engagement, explains how the toy manufacturer is dominating the kids and family entertainment space. Read More The Highest-Ranking Facebook Video Publishers from February Mar. 21, 2019 Animals, news, and sports were top of mind for Facebook audiences in February; check out the newest leaderboards to see which Facebook video publishers landed in the top 100. Read More Follow us on Sign Up to receive insights Thanks for subscribing Please check your email to verify your subscription. Submit Please enter an email The email you entered is invalid.