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Notoriously, HBO security is more brutal than the malevolent Mad King who sparked events at the start of the epic fantasy saga. Guests were warned on pain of death by dragon fire not to reveal plot details from the episode, but there was plenty we gleaned without sailing brazenly into spoiler territory with the homicidal barbarism of Euron Greyjoy. Here are 10 of the best to tide you over until the episode airs on Sky Atlantic in the early hours of Monday morning. The good (or bad, depending on your perspective) news is that not all of the leaks are true. Don’t believe everything you’ve read: episode one opens in an entirely unanticipated - and beautifully serendipitous - note. Aside from a memorable guest turn from Jim Broadbent as the unorthodox archmaester coaching Samwell Tarley at Oldtown's Citadel, expect familiar faces only. There’s at least one other major musician joining The A Team of choral cameos this season - with considerably more screen time than his predecessors. Arya's original faithful travel companion was deposited in a row boat in the third season by Davos, who was helping him escape Stannis and Melisandre. Joe Dempsie was at the premiere and GQ can confirm his character is back in season seven, although you'll have to wait until mid-way through to find out the significance of his role. Game of Thrones gets darker “Listen, I still have nightmares about that shadow baby,” Liam Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos, told GQ at the premiere. “But it gets incredibly dark in season seven. How could it not? This isn't about political factions any more: there’s an army of 100,000 undead soldiers marching on the Wall and they aren’t stopping for anyone. Game of Thrones' geography is restricting. Expect epic, sweeping battle scenes worthy of a big-budget Hollywood action movie rather than TV as we know it - even by Thrones standards. As Cunningham said in his exclusive chat with GQ: “We spent the same amount of time shooting seven episodes this season as we normally do for ten. Meanwhile Cleganebowl is still very much on the cards, not to mention Daeneyrs’ long-anticipated meeting with her secret nephew Jon Snow.

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5). What possible point was there to this? Just like they put dirt and scratches in video images to make them look like film. Don't forget those terrible ads where the count down leader is shown, like the operator missed a cue. Film will always be berated for its imperfections rather than praised for any of its benefits. Back in the '60's working an art house, I always inspected the films esp. I ran across one set that had been scratched in but in an oval shape. This was so clueless but maybe the person who did it wanted to acknowledge it was scope. Actually, I believe that I ran that title in 35mm for the Riverside Saginaw Film Festival at the Court Theatre here in Saginaw. Hot on the heels of Conjuring spin-off Annabelle comes this prequel to the generally unloved Ouija, which, as the title suggests, is an origin story about the demonic mother and sisters who wreaked havoc in the first film. Paulina convinces her mother to spice up the act by using a Ouija board but they are amazed to discover that Doris doesn’t actually need any tricks to use it: she really seems able to communicate with the dead using the board. But are her conversations with her dead father and other souls she contacts real, or is a more malevolent spirit at work. First, the film is full of classic 1960s fashion and paraphernalia. Cool. Indeed, the movie itself has been made to feel like a film from. I admire this tactic - you scare because you care, right. And you do care, thanks to the strength of the film’s cast.

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Someone mentioned she speaks eccellent English as well, I didn’t remember this from the show (I saw all but the last season the time they were broadcasted the first time, and I’m now waiting for reruns of the last season). And, if we are going to see Howland Reed anytime, I think Soren Malling has the look. Both were with Pilou Asb? in 1864, and Soren Malling will be with him in War. I don’t know how GoT does it, if they have the time for that, but it’s more than likely they saw him in costume before hiring him. And I never imagined the first syllable being pronounced any differently from the Eur- in Europe. A great movie though very depressing, and he is really good in it. A brutally honest portrayal of a man in over his head, that actually very fittingly reminds me of Alfie Allens Theon. Sam’s mother would be nice, or with a blond wig Rhaella Targaryen or Joanna Lanister, if flashbacks ever needed those two. I knew nothing about this series being filmed, but I LOVE the series of books. Cornwell is a fantastic military writer (also much beloved by Forces personnel) and this series is gripping, but so well-researched. A few years back now, I did part of my degree on the literary legacy of the Vikings, and yeah, the story definitely lives up to the reality. I loved the backstory that Cornwell invented for a certain blonde female character, but I won’t spoil it for any unsullied of the novel series. The show has a tendency to overstate certain aspects of characters. They pic and choose from the book descriptions, and the ones they choose they exagirate. Mace Tyrell was pompourous and not the sharpest tool in the shed. Raff the sweetling was a vile man who didnt Care if Arya was way too young.