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There is no known RNG manipulation, which is less consistent but requires improvisation. Corrin has very high growths which helps consistency, and worst-case I can use DLC or back-up saves for marathon-safety. The good ending category unlocks a secret level and its treasure by collecting all the map pieces. As with the original, the game features tight platforming and precise boss fights, but now Scrooge has a few more tools than just his pogo to navigate the colorful, maze-like levels. Unique speedrun tricks now exist in the new route such as a twisting midair rocket jump, a switch press that requires the runner to move backwards instead of hugging the wall (Huh? and new momemtum manipulations for key grabs that have never been seen in the other doom runs. Each time, new tech is found and the performance standards have gone way up. Since we haven't had this category at a GDQ event for quite a while, 2 new wrong warps have been found that save minutes. The act of doing these wrong warps is quite entertaining to watch, as they cause the game to behave in interesting ways. The game characters are based on meme personalities in the fighting game community, and once was a main title game at EVO. This submission is for a race between myself and ESAM. Status: Accept Story Mode All Levels Race - Damn Tough Difficulty 00:15:00.

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The minds behind “Friend Request” make an inspired choice of black mirrors, yet miss an opportunity to repurpose medieval magic for commentary on Facebook. At least “Unfriend” entertained a conceit about social media by framing the narrative via live cameras on characters’ laptops. In full-blown male auteur mode, Darren Arnofosky mocks a God-like blocked author who tears the very life-force out of his young wife to appease his worshipful, world-ravaging fans. Arnofosky interpolates a ballerina’s creative hell of “Black Swan” (2010) with his mystically fixated men from “Noah” (2014), “The Fountain” (2006) and “? (1998). Only one, the first listed in the credits, gets an upper-case first letter. Him (Javier Bardem) is getting nowhere on his next book, as mother (Jennifer Lawrence) finishes up rehabbing their three-story house. A montage of dissolving interior shots shows blackened ruins metamorphose from soot and cinders into bright rooms and hallways in color. This is where the couple live alone and where all of “mother! is set. Childless mother awakes in bed and calls for her husband: “Baby? Aronofsky inflects her opening scenes with horror tropes.


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. Jane was escorted out by a uniformed cop with a gun a. But with him gone, the rest started to panic, beating Phillips constantly and threatening to kill him. And giving parents an easy way to understand how schools are doing is critical; an A to F grading scale is something we are all familiar with and understand. It is also critical that parents, schools and teachers know exactly how school grading standards are determined and applied and they must be applied fairly to all schools. There must be total transparency in any school accountability process and state school superintendents should open the books to anyone who would like to examine how they are applying grading standards to their public schools. Can't they simply show what they can do rather than what they say others can't. Like voting for a president who only tells you about his competitors and nothing about himself. Keita might be effective in the talks, said Whitehouse. It was sad to see the decay of mansions and buildings that had been architectural marvels in their time. He says he sells about 100 pastries a day, which are typically sold out by noon. But Jansen-Reynaud doesn't cap the number of Crookies a person can buy, unlike the Dominque Ansel Bakery, which limits the sale of Cronuts to two-per-customer.