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According to this metric, a score of 0 would mean every person made the same amount of money -- and a score of 1 would mean all the income was made by one person. In simple terms: America's rich are getting richer and its poor are getting poorer. HEALTH CARE Health care is a key issue for many voters, and that's no surprise -- the US spends more on health care per person than any other high-income country in the world. However, the extra money doesn't deliver better health-related outcomes. Studies have shown that Americans have a shorter life expectancy and higher prevalence of chronic illnesses than citizens of most other wealthy nations. GUN POLICY An estimated 310 million guns are owned by American civilians, according to the US Department of Justice, while the US Census Bureau estimates the current population of the US at 324 million people. The US has more guns per capita than any other country in the world -- and one of the highest rates of death by firearm according to the World Health Organization. Our calculations based on OECD data show that Americans are 51 times more likely to be killed by gunfire than in the United Kingdom. IMMIGRATION The US is home to the most immigrants in the world -- 19% of the world's total. But when it comes to refugees -- last year 65 million people were displaced worldwide -- countries in the Middle East and Africa take the most. Of particular concern are the nearly five million Syrians who have fled since the start of the Syrian conflict in 2011. Many voters are worried about an influx of Syrian refugees, but the US has accepted far fewer refugees than other Western countries. The US admitted just 1,900 Syrian refugees in the first four years of that country's conflict, although the number was expected to increase to more than 10,000 by the end of the fiscal year. ENVIRONMENT Last December, 193 countries signed the Paris Agreement, a landmark deal that requires every country to reduce greenhouse emissions. China overtook the US as the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gasses nearly a decade ago -- but in the developed world, the US is still the worst carbon polluter per capita, according to the World Bank. ABORTION Abortion is another hot-button issue for many voters.

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Riaz Haq commented on Riaz Haq's blog post Pakistan Consumer Boom Driving Media Advertising Revenue. I also served as Chairman of the NEDians Convention 2007. In addition to being a South Asia watcher, an investor, business consultant and avid follower of the world financial markets, I have more than 25 years experience in the hi-tech industry. I have been on the faculties of Rutgers University and NED Engineering University and cofounded two high-tech startups, Cautella, Inc. I am a pioneer of the PC and mobile businesses and I have held senior management positions in hardware and software development of Intel’s microprocessor product line from 8086 to Pentium processors. My experience includes senior roles in marketing, engineering and business management. I was recognized as “Person of the Year” by PC Magazine for my contribution to 80386 program. I have an MS degree in Electrical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Muhammad Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email Investigation of Optical and Humidity-Sensing Properties of Vanadyl Phthalocyanine-Derivative Thin Films Download Investigation of Optical and Humidity-Sensing Properties of Vanadyl Phthalocyanine-Derivative Thin Films Fakhra Aziz Khassan Karimov M. Music is a form of art that gives expression towhat cannot be put into words, as well as what cannot remain silent. Towards this end, university students who are also music enthusiasts looking for their big break will be taken under the mentorship of renowned music icons of the country and will be provided a chance to not only learn from them but also play with them. The duets include, for the first time ever the two rock legends Ali Azmat and Noori, the first international collaboration of Q from JoSh and Komal Rizvi, and the much-awaited UmairJaswal and Zoe Viccaji. The singles will include songs by Ali Azmat, Noorie and UmairJaswal. The panel of designers includes Nomi Ansari, Deepak Perwani, Munib Nawaz, and AamnaAqueel, with make up by celebrity stylist BeenishPervaiz. These university bands will be given the opportunity to share the stage with Pakistani legends and showcase their talent. Maria Unera Aaja Na Meesha Shafi Yaar Mere Quratulain Balouch and Ali Azmat Chal Diye Qurram Hussain Turn Up the Music Mr.

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They aspired to a better quality of life, have got it from their provider’s efforts, but don’t seem able to adapt to it. Metaphorically Gregor’s transformation is indicative of an incapability to change when his family move on and so he is left behind. Was his refusal to give all the money for Sasha to go to university truly monsterous. He at first wishes to consider it, then later gives reason for denying it and in later scenes we see that there was some validity to his assumptions (whether he knew it to be true of Sergei and his family or not is debatable). Certainly how Elena seems to serve him makes him come across, as Gregor did, as a burden to the family after his ability to provide is gone. As soon as he is gone, and Sergei’s family have moved in, Vladimir and by extension Katya are no longer a serious consideration in the family’s affairs though they benefitted from them. Certainly he is a man used to getting his way as seen by how he initiates intimacy with Elena and it goes unchallenged he checks out younger women. Is this a sign of villainous behaviour, as Elena presents it, or merely the wandering eye of an alpha male as Katya teases him. We could speculate that he did have Katya’s mother around when he met Elena and thus Katya’s distance and disdain for Elena and her family could easily be explained but it is mere speculation. The more we learn the more we stop seeing Elena as the protagonist of the film and just as its focal point which is an important distinction to make. With the opening scenes we sympathise for her Cinderella like lifestyle of servitude but the more we learn and see the more we question until she crosses the moral line and the truth is slowly unveiled about how worthy of charity her family really are. She needed to provide for her family and Katya would just waste it. Elena wants to provide for her family and they need the money. Katya is presented as being hedonistic but we only have the comments of other characters to confirm this. We, as an audience, only have what is presented in frame to interpret and it goes without saying that each of the characters has a bias. He shows love towards Katya and speaks frankly with Elena about why he can’t provide the money.


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BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru, District Presidents Baldev Singh Billawaria and Ayodhya Gupta assisted the minister during his pubic darbar. The members were briefed about the scores of schemes meant for the farming community here and asked them to spread the awareness about the different kissan schemes to the farmers. “BJP government in center as well as in state has launched many kissan friendly schemes and out team has to inform general public about these schemes, so that they can get maximum benefit from the schemes,” said Rajendra Singh Chib, State President Kissan Morcha. He said many farmer friendly schemes have been launched for their benefit and Kissan Morcha people should raise mass campaign to highlight its benefits. PM Fasal Bima Yojana, Krishi Sinchai Yojana and Health Soil Card like schemes were introduced to benefit farmers. The Kissan Morcha President also ensured that the Morcha will raise the spurious pesticides and weedicides issue with the central and state government. “We have to ensure quality crop from farmers and maximum benefit to them,” he said. Present on the occasion were senior leader M. War and vice president Srinagar Ashok Bhat. BJP President greets people on Shab-i-Qadr Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) State President Sat Sharma felicitated the people on the occasion of Shab-i-Qadr. In his message of greetings, Sharma hoped that this auspicious occasion would strengthen the bonds of communal harmony and brotherhood and be a harbinger of peace, progress and prosperity in the State. Sharma also prayed for the peace and prosperity of the state. “This holy night provides us an opportunity to pray for Almig hty's blessings and strive for being compassionate, pious and dutiful,” Sharma said in his greeting message to the Muslim brethren. He also hoped that the holy night would bring everlasting peace to Jammu and Kashmir. Previous govts responsible for present state of affairs: Harinder Holding the policies and mis-governance of previous governments of NC, Congress and Panthers Party responsible for the present poor state of affairs and plight of the people in Jammu and Kashmir, BJP has said that the present coalition is putting in every effort to undo the resultant damage caused to the economy and polity of the state. Charging the present coalition government for what is essentially the legacy of the past governments, including that of the Panthers Party, is an exercise aimed at misleading the people.

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I shed a tear, and if you don’t you’re either a robot or really must have something against this film. The master that is Martin Scorcese adds another string to his bow with aplomb, and despite the classical sense the film has, shows he’s as burningly contemporary as Chris Nolan. I saw it when I was young, before I knew who director Chris Nolan, ( Inception, The Dark Knight, Interstellar ), was, and it stuck with me in a way that very few films do. Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman play two warring stage magicians in Victorian London, in this film that combines Period Drama, Science Fiction, Fantasy and a good deal of genre thrills. One’s from Ben Wheatley’s Kill List which I’ve mentioned on the blog before, the other being this shot from The Incredibles. The third image is one from The Prestige that upon a re-watch I realised I’d actually misremembered, I’m not going to spoil it for you because it’s kind of the main crux of the film’s resolution, but watching the film again, knowing the answers to some, (I’d also forgotten some pretty major ones, luckily), of the film’s mysteries the ending made me feel sick to my stomach. This film being particularly interesting as he’d just made Batman Begins so he’s acquired some level of stardom and Hollywood shique, but he hadn’t shaken off his earlier grit completely, which is also really, really interesting to see in a period piece of all things. It’s a wonder it’s a 12 I tell you, and that tells to the deftness with which Christopher Nolan can convey emotion without being gratuitous. The benefit of this is that he has this wonderfully star studded cast, it’s not often you’ll see Batman, Wolverine, and Black Widow on screen together. I was so pleased to see Andy Serkis in this film without CGI because as good as he is at motion capture he is a wonderful performer whose face I want to see just once in a while. Is that too much to ask! (For proof, watch 24 Hour Party People ), Bale and Jackman are fabulous, Johansonn’s British accent clearly improved some before Under The Skin but she’s still really good in this, (I did think Rebecca Hall was a bit shit though), and David Bowie is clearly having the time of his life playing a somewhat kindred spirit in Nicola Tesla. Memento is famous for it’s bifurcated narrative that comes backwards and forwards at once to meet in the middle, but I honestly think this a more ambitious, more skillful, and less attention grabbing achievement in narrative structure and I actually think Nolan does a more professional job of it in The Prestige. In this film the narrative isn’t all the film is, it’s just a tool to tell the story properly. I can’t really convey this enough, WATCH THIS MOVIE. His new show Westworld will be coming out soon, it’s based of a Michael Crichton, ( Jurassic Park ), film of which I am very fond, and this show looks, if anything, better than the original, and Person of Interest, which I promise I will watch and review for you one day.