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So we have the little Jon Umber that is there, we have seen him in the last season, is a kid, a little boy, and the little Jon does not really have much to offer because, because he does not have many troops, he does not have many men. The North is very decimated, and what is the concern that Jon has, apart from all this, the troops, well, his concern is to warn everyone with crows that arrives the threat of the Night King. That the Night King has crossed the Wall, since the Night King has his own dragon, but, of course, there sits Daenerys with an empty face in the Northern Assembly. Because they do not react in a very simple way, why. Why among the northerners there is a character that has much more character than the rest and that character is Lady Mormont. And of course, that Lady Bear had a lot to do with the election of Jon as King in the North, and suddenly this little stupid has found that Jon is accompanied by Daenerys. Well, she will tell Jon that “they chose him, not to forget that we choose you, that we did not choose Daenerys. And that your function is to be the King in the North, that he has to govern the North. But of course, what could Jon tell her. Well, that we need Daenerys to face the threat of the White Walkers, that we need allies because Jon is very obsessed with that issue of gathering allies, allies. He only wants allies, and his greatest ally not only, let’s say diplomatically but also in love, right now is Daenerys. And it is clear that they will need all kinds of help. A Lannister that we have mentioned a little by now at the beginning of this video. Because, of course, Tyrion Lannister is the one who actually spoke with Cersei to arrange this help, and, of course, what can Tyrion do during that Assembly. Well, talk nice about Jon, say well, “the King in the North is a great guy, is very nice and also my sister is going to send us the Lannister troops. My sister will help us by sending troops.


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The Bible vs Joseph Smith In this documentary, a Christian and a Mormon discuss one of the most important questions of faith: How do we know if a prophet is. In like manner, Joseph Smith was told that all of Christianity had become corrupt, and that consequently the Bible itself was no longer reliable. DVD by SourceFlix. In this unique documentary, produced entirely in Israel, a Christian and a Mormon sit. The Joseph Smith translation is not the official Bible of the LDS Church; the King James Version is. (What's Canon versus what isn't Canon). View the original histories, journals, revelations, and other documents of Joseph Smith, the founding prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Joseph Smith claimed his new translation of the Bible was written by command of God in order to correct numerous errors in the King Corresponding vs. Gen. In, Joseph Smith claims he was told in a revelation that the church should be They believe the Bible to be the word of God “as far as it is. Throughout the annals of history we can see a number of people who have despised and maligned the. Did Joseph Smith say the Book of Mormon was more correct than the Bible. Discusses the strange creation of Joseph Smith's Bible and its lack of use by the Mormons. Kinda makes you wonder where the (false) prophet, Joseph Smith, REALLY Nowhere in the Bible does God come on the scene demanding. Comparison of Mormon and Biblical doctrines about salvation. How did Joseph Smith translate the Book of Mormon and other scriptures.

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A mechanic in a shooter that's marketably less convienent than just pointing and shooting until the mans fall down is the very definition of a gimmick. So where are those Cadbury's Creme Eggs you promised me, Inversion. Spec Ops, Max Payne, that new Deus Ex with the sunglasses twat; these illustrate that cover-based shooting is fine if it serves the game, if it's the glue connecting the actually interesting bits of the model airplane. But when the interesting bits exist only to serve the cover-shooting, then you're grinding the model airplane components to beef up the glue. You give us mastery over one of the fundamental forces of the universe and then suggest we just use it to make it slightly easier to shoot things behind cover. I'm glad you were never given a Green Lantern ring, you'd probably just use it to conjure a magical green credit card to pay for a second-hand spud gun. Couldn't we use our gravity powers to, you know, fly? There are fenced-off zero-gravity bits, but all you're allowed to do is move back and forth between, you guessed it: COVER. When you're not on cover, all you can do is violently fart every ten seconds or so to nudge you a foot or two closer to cover. At one point, I was out of cover near the level's exit and tried to fart my way inside but bounced off one of the cover-shooter genre's beloved invisible walls because they would only let me in if I was in the cover next to it and pressed the contextual exit level button. And I'm not sure why they called it Inversion when you only get to walk on the ceiling like once. A more appropriate title might have suited it like Another Meaningless Distraction on the Inexorable Path to the Grave. Although there is one bit in the opening narration where Russell Davis Russell drops the title word while waffling on about how much things have changed lately. So what the title is supposed to be saying is that this is the story all about how my life got flip-turned upside-down. It's called Jam, and you should preorder it from Amazon and tfaw. om.

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But exactly what kind of number are we dealing with here. Image: hbo Well according to What Culture, which reportedly got access to a leaked copy of the Season 7 finale script, the stage direction from the last scene during the Wall's destruction read. Here's a very rough estimate of the armies left standing by the end of Season 7. The most promising number is Daenerys' nearly 100,000 Dothraki riders. But don't forget that the White Walkers are marching south now, and will have a lot more access to more dead people and animals as they go further down. Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support. Ahead of the eighth and final season of the epic HBO series that begins April 14, we ranked all 67 episodes from worst to best. The night may be dark and full of terrors, but “Thrones” is dark and full of some brilliant episodes, some bad and several mediocre ones. Don't walk alone with winter coming: All the news, recaps, thoughts and plotline analysis right to your inbox 67. Season 5 Episode 6: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” The infamous “Sansa rape scene” episode provided a narrative choice that mired “Thrones” in controversy and lost some fans. Game of Thrones Season 8 will be just six episodes; the final episodes in a series many of us have watched since 2011. Few television events have been bigger than the end of Game of Thrones, and now we know when that ending begins. Game of Thrones Season 8 will premiere April 14 at 9 p. . EST on HBO.

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Cersei’s become so full of herself lately, she thinks she’s almost a godly entity, entirely unique and far more worthy than anyone else around, including and especially Jaime. She would totally mock Arya and give no thought to what Arya might have had to survive, much less what Arya might have learned in these years. I imagine so, the Mountain was on her list originally anyway, wasn’t he. So, she disposes of the Mountain, (sorry Cleganebowl fans) then confronts her. Then makes her way back north to have some dealings with the WW. Someone else who may or may not have a half-burnt face. Even more so than the Night King’s because we are much more emotionally invested in her than him. And I fear that, ultimately, her getting killed by someone she can barely remember as punishment for a crime she did not commit (Ned’s death) would be anti-climactic, for lack of a better word. And, as of now, there is not really anything like that between her and Arya. She would be using the weapon gifted to her by her first mentor to avenge her second mentor, thereby following her first mentor’s crucial advice (“stick them with the pointy end”) and proving her second mentor wrong about her weapon’s ability. Otherwise it’s gonna get infected and fester. (S4e7). My guestimates are Jaime 80% probability Tyrion 19% A. . Other 1%. Over the years there were those who were certain Jaime would choke her when he found out about Lancel; they were certain he would be angry she made herself Queen and that would be the end of her.