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“He had stated previously that he did not want the female to have the child. A doctor examined the woman and said both she and her approximately 2-month-old fetus appeared unharmed, the district attorney’s office said. I told them to give me another five minutes for an ambulance because I would have felt really stupid if the ambulance came and it was nothing. Despite being hesitate in calling an ambulance or not, the mother-of-one continued to drive home in the frantic state. She told listeners her husband Lee drove her to the local doctors but it 'turned out it was just a nerve that triggered the tingly in the face'. This time of year is ripe with opportunity to take beautiful fall photos. We'd love to see your favorite autumn snaps: foggy morning hikes, sunny pumpkin patch hayrides, football tailgating and more. We'll share them on MLive, and also pick the top 50 images soon. Photos submitted could be featured on MLive. om and in the print edition of our local newspapers. Sportsmail's Nasser Hussain rates the players' performances on the sub-continent ahead of the trip to India. Alastair Cook 5 You know it's a difficult tour as a batsman in Asia if Cook is not scoring big runs and he will be disappointed to get only one 50. He's been brought up as a captain on containment and building pressure and his spinners did not give him that. Needs to back those spinners or look in another direction.

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Stannis chooses to sacrifice his daughter to further his destiny and what he probably believes is the greater good, Dany gets her son (Drogon) out of harm’s way and somewhat abandons her followers for the time being. (though they didn’t seem to be in much danger at that point). Something is going to prevent this from happening. Even as the blade went through Robb’s heart, my brain was still in complete denial that they weren’t going to make it out of there, and even as the flames were growing past the point where they could plausibly be stamped out, my brain was insisting that something was going to happen to take it back. It was an incredibly powerful and well acted scene, though it came too abruptly. I thought that he would sacrifice Theon in episode 10, not Shireen in episode 9. There needed to be more set-up of Stannis and his army dying and desperate to make it feel earned. It was the emotional equivalent of the Red Wedding to us Stannis fans. He’s crossed the point of no return, and he looked absolutely haunting. Robert didn? start a war because he wanted it more than anyone else, the title “Robert? rebellion” originated from his position as military leader in that times due to his prowess in battle and the propagandistic value of a “betrayed fiance fighting the kidnapper Rhaegar”. You shoudn? forget that mostly everyone believed or believes to that day that Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna, lovestruck Robert was no different.

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Real talk: these will be the best parties of the summer. The next selector for the lauded Fabric mix series has been revealed as the legendary Prosumer. I wont list his accolades, as I did that in last weeks column, but Fabric 79 will feature cuts from the ilk of Chez Damier, Linkwood and Tuff City Kids, and Australias very own Francis Inferno Orchestra. Catch a taste at his free Sydney show next month, too. Best releases this week: my Lord, can Recondite do no wrong. Hes just dropped hes latest full-length album Iffy (Innervisions) and its a glorious record of moody acidic techno. Off The Record Got any tip-offs, hate mail, praise or cat photos. Friday night, it seemed like the lockout was in full effect and had funnelled all those would-be king-hitters into a packed, sweaty Hordern Pavilion to take part in some sort of cult ceremony for gods-of-the-moment Hilltop Hoods. Even as local boys Thundamentals proved that alongside writing some of the best songs in Aussie hip hop, they have the live chops to back them up, a boozed-up, shirts-off, ragtag bunch were already calling out to their Adelaide heroes and throwing up gang signs I didnt know existed. A lazy DJ set did nothing to quell the Passion of the Hoods, and when the rhyming duo, Plutonic Lab, DJ Debris and a three-piece horn section fi nally arrived on stage as Hilltop Hoods, the raucous response was appropriately religious. More importantly, unlike those pesky religions with deities not worth their weight in salt, the Hoods, from the outset, lived up to their hype. Regardless of the great strides the hip hop genre has made in Australia in recent years, there is no denying the fact that MC Suffa and MC Pressure retain the heavyweight title; no mean feat across a career now spanning seven studio albums and almost 20 years. It was the latest of these, the solid Walking Under Stars, which lent its single Cosby Sweater to the name of this tour, but the Hoods took an impressive trip down memory lane, taking in classics like The Hard Road and The Nosebleed Section, to make staggeringly obvious the indelible mark theyve left on Australian hip hop to date. For a rowdy crew of mostly younguns, the attentive bobbing on slower, more introspective cuts from Walking Under Stars was remarkable (as was the number of lighters in the room), and they took their cues from the impeccable Suffa (bounce, clap, jump, wave) with ease.

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He swears to take revenge against his tormenters’ descendants when the comet reappears in 300 years. And he does. It starts off fine. The plot, script and acting of this Gothic horror are reasonable enough, if not top of the line. Then the baron does his first transformation into a brain-sucking beast, and the effects and the mask and the actual brain-sucking are so laughably bad that the movie loses any dramatic grace it has acquired before then. From then on all you care about is seeing another transformation so you can laugh about it. Luckily you get another 6 or so before the final scene. This is an anthology of 4 horror stories linked by a town and a Christmas character or theme: zombie elves and a weapon-wielding Santa, Krampus, trolls, and the ghostly virgin conception story. The wrap-around story stars William Shatner as a radio dj, and the twisted reveal is a stroke of sick genius. I watched it December 13, and I shall re-watch it every single day through December 25. For all that I mildly mock Canadian movies in general, this one is super-cool. Yep, nothing like a horror movie for some good family bonding. A fast-spreading and lethal flu breaks out in Atlanta, and in order to prevent its spread, government-types erect a cordon sanitaire. Basically it’s Jericho behind a fence and with less appealing characters.

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I mean of course yes (almost) everything on the show is scripted but sometimes these events feel like they’re more-scripted-than-usual. Anyway I should get into the actual episode since it’s a lengthy episode and because I take forever to write these. (I assume any audience reading about Game of Thrones has read a lot about A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones and I will not be responsible for any information you may gain as a consequence of reading this article. That said, I attempt to ignore directly talking about leaked information. Thankfully there are no more leaks for Season 7 events so now it’s just a waiting game until the Season 8 leaks. All along the watchtowers The episode begins with footage of Grey Worm and then the rest of the Unsullied army. Yes, they marched all the way from Casterly Rock to King’s Landing along the Gold Road. They’re soldiers from another continent whose supply lines were broken by Euron’s fleet destroying all their ships and who conquered and then left a barely-supplied Casterly Rock but yes they marched several hundred miles from the west end of Westeros to the east end of Westeros. No one wants to see that march or how they stayed alive with dwindling supplies of water and food and how some of them got dysentery no one wants to see any of that there’s only one named Unsullied anyway the rest are just extras so there’s no audience connection built so the Unsullied March Across Westeros is not worth getting into. Also no the Dornish army, the one that was incapable of marching to King’s Landing and had to be transported by ship has not been mentioned. The Dornish March Across Westeros didn’t happen, audience, the entirety of Dorne is dead, just, let’s all forget about it. Advertisement The Lannister forces arrayed along the walls of King’s Landing are being commanded by Jaime and Bronn. Bronn asks a Lannister troop if they’re making oil, they’re making pitch, 500 barrels of pitch, Bronn suggests making 500 more. I guess the plan there is to drop a flammable substance onto the Unsullied if they choose to attack.

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. artin We Have only Handful of Valyrian Steel Weapons shown in the Tv Show Game Of Thrones, But More was Depicted in The Novel of George R. . artin's 'A Song Of Ice And Fire'. Here is The Breakdown Of Ones We Know and One we Might have Missed To Notice. Let us Start the List with Ned (Eddard) Stark's Sword Ice Ice is the Valyrian GreatSword of House Stark Which was shown in the Very First Episode of the Series When Ned Stark Beheads a Deserter from the Night's Watch Named Gared who was running from the White Walkers. Later in Season 4, The great Sword has been reforged into Two New Swords By Tobho Motto, a blacksmith trained in Qohor, Tywin Lannister is the one who had Tobho Reforge them. And the Two new Reforged Valyrian Blades are Widow's Wail and Oathkeeper. Let's Get Straight to Them Oathkeeper This is the First Longsword Reforged from Ned's Ice, is given to Jaime Lannister by his Father Tywin Lannister. But then Jaime Given his sword to Brienne of Tarth, the One Named it Oathkeeper, she Named so because She gave an oath to Catelyn Stark aka Lady Stoneheart that she'll protect her Daughter Sansa. Widow's Wail Widow's Wail is Second of the two reforged Valyrian Steel Blades made from Ice The greatsword of House Stark. Tywin Lannister Gifted The Sword to his Grandson and King Joffrey Baratheon at the So-called Purple Wedding, where he Chops the book which was presented by his uncle Tyrion Lannister and Even the Pigeon Pie of the Feast with The Blade. Most of the fans cherished, and it is the Death of the Joffrey. Then the Sword Was retaken to Casterly Rock until Tommen Comes of age to wield it but Unfortunately he Sky Dived without Parachute (Pun Intended).