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My current agent, Bob Tanner, does a great job of getting the money and sending it to me as fast as possible. If you have an agent who isn't aggressive about obtaining your money or who doesn't forward it to you promptly—find a new agent. Find one who cares about you, who realizes you need that money, sometimes desperately. Let's move on. You finally receive the on-sign payment for your first novel—less your agent's fee. Look at the check. How long will you be able to live off it. At that rate, how many novels would it take to earn a good annual income. And—I hate to write this—but your next novel might not sell. You can then try to sell it to a different publisher, but that might not be easy. Sometimes, a writer really gets lucky—comes up with the right book at the right time and gets it to the right editor—and your advance might be astronomical. Enjoy! The fact is, however, a first novel makes an author rich so rarely that you don't really need to bother your head about it. You might be entitled to 8% of the book's cover price, meaning you get eight cents for each dollar. About two months after the end of the accounting period, your agent should be sent a royalty check.

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Collins A middle-class American family moving across the country is terrorized by a band of teenaged hot-rod hellions on the desert highway. Kent CAST Dana Andrews, Jeanne Crain, Mimsy Farmer, Laurie Mock, Paul Bertoya SPECIAL SCREENINGS Crude Oil (Yuan You) Mandarin with English subtitles Free Admission An audacious undertaking for both filmmaker and audience, this film installation documents a workday at a remote Chinese oil field, from a stolen nap in a break room to the massive drills plunging into the earth. DIRECTOR Wang Bing Panda Diary (Pandafuru Raifu) English, Chinese, and Japanese with English subtitles Subtitles will be read aloud for the benefit of younger audience members In this family-friendly documentary, Shu Hin, a four-year-old panda, narrates her and her twin brother? story as they move from a Japanese zoo to a panda reserve in China and make new panda friends. Submissions for the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. The Screen Actors Guild Award? he Actor? s presented for outstanding performances in motion pictures and primetime television. Actors may submit their own performances from 2008 for consideration in categories of the actor? choosing. Nominations for the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards will be announced on Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008 at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. Of the top industry honors presented to performers, only the Screen Actors Guild Awards are selected entirely by actors? peers. Nomination voting closes on Tuesday, Dec.

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Full Color Illustrations. London, United Kingdom: Promotional Reprint Company Limited, The, 2002. Clean. Companions on the Inner Way: the Art of Spiritual. Guidance. ill. Cover Illustration. Clean and Unmarked Text: Crossroad Pub. Book Reader, Backcover Shows How to Do the Activity with Your Child, Includes. Professionals: Where the Jungle Ends: Now a Tough All Action TV Series from. Read. ISBN: 0722152388. Paperback: soft cover edition in good or better. HOM. Chinese Technique: An Illustrated Guide to the Fundamental Techniques of.

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