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oris. Local chefs Bob Sargent (Flora), Chris Schlesinger (East Coast Grill), and Paul O'Connell (Chez Henri) will provide the food. The stellar lineup includes Sherry Turkle, Deval Patrick, Jennifer Egan, Julia Alvarez, Howard Gardner, Ha Jin, Richard Russo, Gregory Maguire, and Andre Dubus III. See Nicole Cammorata and Milva DiDomizio's picks for the top things to do around the Hub this Columbus Day weekend. The Nu-Utopians (formerly the John Lennon Song Project) honor the occasion with the tribute John Lennon Imagined. He hopes the same will be true of tunes from his new album ? odern Love. Vanessa Carlton, whose latest album ? abbits on the Run. They include performances by the Grammy-winning Jimmy Sturr Orchestra, yodeling, dancing, and children?

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Beach, Ryan Harrison, Jeff Grace Director: Michelle Morgan. Schubert, Imogen Kogge, Karsten Mielke, Christoph Bach Director: Wolfgang Murnberger Writer: Sebastian Orlac, Ulla Ziemann. Tazetdinov Director: Ildar Yagafarov Writer: Mansur Gilyazov. Ravichandran, Arjun Sarja, Meghana Raj Director: Naganna Writer: J K Bharavi. Pie Director: Mitzi Vanessa Arreola, Amir Galvan Writer: Mitzi Vanessa Arreola. Gonzalez Writer: Pascual Garcia Pena, Rafael Garcia Travesi. Batemberg, Jose Casal, Lorenzo Diaz Gonzalez, Manuel Donde, Elvira Gosti Director: Adolfo Best-Maugard Writer: Adolfo Best-Maugard, Miguel Ruiz Moncada. Klaszky, Michael D. Robinson II, Frank Sellers Director: Michael Wellenreiter Writer: Michael Wellenreiter, Adam Carrigan. Cain, Queta Carrasco, Mario Cid Director: Alejandro Galindo Writer: Juan Alfonso Chavira Jacha, Alejandro Galindo.


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Services were held this afternoon at the Frier funeral home chapel with JACK CHAFFIN officiating. CRASS 21 and VIRGINIA STOREY both of Sulphur. L. R. HUDSON 63 and Mrs. JOSIE HUDSON both of Wynnewood. PERAL CLISTO BLAIR 32 of Hastings and MAE ELIZABETH JACKSON of Geronimo. JACK BROOKS 28 and EVA PEARL EAVES both of Sulphur. Funeral for Indian Woman Funeral rites were held Wednesday for SALLIE SEALEY, age 51, full blood Mississippi Choctaw Indian of the Chigley community, who died Monday at the family home. Survivors include her husband THOMPSON SEALEY; a daughter NINA MAE SEALEY and three sons JESTER SEALEY, HOUSTON SEALEY and MELTON SEALEY all of the home address.


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According to style oracle Alexa Chung, we’ ll all be wearing cargo pants, jelly shoes and turtlenecks under everything in six months — the apocalypse may indeed be on its way. Glamour consistently features the most diverse range of bodies, races and ages on its pages, and this issue is no different. Love the spread featuring up-and-coming model Khadijha Red Thunder, of Native American descent, wearing a mix of designer and traditional clothing. And one of the alternate covers has Miss Minnesota contestant Halima Aden, a Somali-American who was born in a refugee camp and made waves when she appeared at Yeezy’s last Fashion Week show in a hijab. In fact, the whole magazine doesn’ t have the literal heft one expects from a September issue. There are quite a few cool plus-size options here, too. What it’s like working at a Planned Parenthood clinic. The Old West-themed shoot is pretty, but why the random essay on Southern style by Reese Witherspoon smack-dab in the middle. The cover shoot, featuring a jumble of musicians (Grimes, Courtney Love, Miranda Lambert) and models (including an unrecognizable Adriana Lima) wearing almost exclusively black and white, is a dull, confused mess. And the story that’s supposed to anchor it consists of a few scant paragraphs about the Weeknd with emailed quotes.


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But the show is at its absolute worst when it rushes through key developments because it’s trying to accomplish too much. While the finale will be a GoT record 69 minutes long, that may still not be enough time to bring dramatic and satisfying conclusions to all the story lines mentioned above that set us up for season seven without feeling rushed. And while it’s likely not every single question we have or story arc introduced this season will be included in the finale (they could always be carried over to season seven), enough needs to happen in that one hour plus to prepare us for the ten long months between seasons that is only two weeks away. But before he can spend too much time praising his efforts, he must say goodbye to Varys, who is heading to Westeros to assist Queen Dany’s cause there. Before parting, Varys calls Tyrion “The most famous dwarf in Meereen. Tyrion corrects him, declaring himself “The Most Famous Dwarf in the World. . But when he does make one, that friend’s a bald eunuch with “little birds”constantly whispering to him. But in what maybe Tyrion’s greatest diplomatic success to date, he gets both to sip some wine. They even tell a few jokes and Grey Worm cracks a smile before an alarm sounds.


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Rams-Vikings inactives latimes. om Fantasy Football: Who to Start in N. F. L. Week 11 nytimes. om. Let's bring in retired marine colonel Steve ganyard. Do you think the reported Sal lite communications could be from the missing sub. If this submarine tried multiple times, did nobody pick up the phone? %-Phowcould that be.


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He thought he was doing the right thing by siding with his father Balon in his invasion of the north, and he has been tortured by his decision ever since. Much like Jaime, he has undergone some horrific things that, while horrible, helped him gain perspective. The loss of Jaime’s hand was the best thing that could have happened to his character. They took away his primary mode of character agency- his swordsmanship- and by its removal allowed him to reevaluate himself as a person. He can no longer hide behind it, or allow it to define him. As for Theon, it’s a little different, but in a culture that values the machismo, the removal of his prick represents to him the peak of his failure. They didn’t chop it off just for a bit of meaningless torture-porn. His cock n’ bollocks have a greater, metaphorical meaning. At that point he can see nothing beyond what a disappointment he is. Theon had one of his best ever moments when he refused to be weak and ineffectual any longer, and save the one person who has always believed in him.