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The Mountain and the Hound menacing one another ready to pounce and rip each other's throat out. And Theon probably getting his ass kicked again by someone, who knows who. I remember a couple of years ago, reading comments from George online about how behind he was on The Winds of Winter. A short time later, I saw another blurb about how he was at some convention in the midwest or something judging a cosplay contest. I was like, really? No, I don't think George is my bitch, to quote Neil Gaiman, and I don't begrudge him a life outside of writing, but the amount of traveling to cons and other crap that he does is amazing. It's also worth noting that he doesn't write while he's on the road, because he still insists on using Wordstar as his writing software, which can only be used on old, bulky computers that can't be schlepped from place to place easily. So every time he's off judging cosplay in Bumfuck, that's another chunk of time lost. I like and respect the guy, but I've given up on defending him when it comes to the time it's taking to write the books. He goes out to the weir wood tree where Bran is sitting in his wheelchair, and he apologizes and asks Bran's forgiveness. This is witnessed by Sansa, Brienne, Pod, Arya, Jon, and Samwell. He is forgiven. He pledges his arms to fight and support Jon and Dany in the battle against the Night King. This very well could happen in the first episode of Season 8. I think it would be a great scene and it would demonstrate that everyone is coming together. But the writers ought to do something dramatic like this. Because I prefer the politics and intrigues of Westeros.

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Both the player and the enemy can cancel gravity in small areas to make enemies appear out of cover, a service that's questionably useful since the standard mode of behaviour for enemies in any cover-based shooter is to pop up and down like little wooden ducks anyway. You can also launch physics objects at enemies at high speed almost as if you can employ your gravity powers as a gun. Although for some reason you can only pick up and fire physics objects that have been in a zero-gravity field, so ok, firstly we're taking ideas from eight years ago and secondly we're doing it vastly worse. A mechanic in a shooter that's marketably less convienent than just pointing and shooting until the mans fall down is the very definition of a gimmick. So where are those Cadbury's Creme Eggs you promised me, Inversion. Spec Ops, Max Payne, that new Deus Ex with the sunglasses twat; these illustrate that cover-based shooting is fine if it serves the game, if it's the glue connecting the actually interesting bits of the model airplane. But when the interesting bits exist only to serve the cover-shooting, then you're grinding the model airplane components to beef up the glue. You give us mastery over one of the fundamental forces of the universe and then suggest we just use it to make it slightly easier to shoot things behind cover. I'm glad you were never given a Green Lantern ring, you'd probably just use it to conjure a magical green credit card to pay for a second-hand spud gun. Couldn't we use our gravity powers to, you know, fly? There are fenced-off zero-gravity bits, but all you're allowed to do is move back and forth between, you guessed it: COVER. When you're not on cover, all you can do is violently fart every ten seconds or so to nudge you a foot or two closer to cover. At one point, I was out of cover near the level's exit and tried to fart my way inside but bounced off one of the cover-shooter genre's beloved invisible walls because they would only let me in if I was in the cover next to it and pressed the contextual exit level button. And I'm not sure why they called it Inversion when you only get to walk on the ceiling like once. A more appropriate title might have suited it like Another Meaningless Distraction on the Inexorable Path to the Grave. Although there is one bit in the opening narration where Russell Davis Russell drops the title word while waffling on about how much things have changed lately. So what the title is supposed to be saying is that this is the story all about how my life got flip-turned upside-down.


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Parker, a legendary New York City college basketball scout was featured in a bestselling basketball book, Heaven is a Playground, by Chicago Sun-Times sports columnist Rick Telander. Lacey Schwartz wrote, produced, and directed a one hour documentary, Little White Lie, that tells her fascinating story. “I started making this film when I was in my mid-twenties, when I was living in what I considered a racial closet,” she said in a March 2015 interview on Conversations with Allan Wolper. “I was out in the world identifying with being black but I was still going home to my white Jewish family and identifying myself as white. Dossey'spremise is that all individual minds are part of an infinite,collective dimension of consciousness he calls the OneMind. I don’t know if is is because of my experience with the 1st edition, but I find the new rules much more easier to navigate, which is a big plus. Anyway, for this play I was using only basic rules with scaling included and also advanced actions, if needed (I usually don’t use them, only look through them, if all the options seem suboptimal). I also wanted to start with the first Doctor, so I’m using the first AOTAS expansion (I’m using companion personalities only for the original companions as it is already too much for me to keep track of). The landing wasn’t so smooth, and the TARDIS got blocked as soon as they left it. But they decided to deal with this minor problem later. Alone, they would not be able to do much about it anyway. They start learning about the year 1692 by venturing into the Port Royal. And the Doctor decides it’d be best for him to try to sneak inside, while Susan waits outside (oops, such a foolishness! . Suddenly, she is approached by a military general and 4 other soldiers. The general asks her if she’s an accomplice of the elderly thief who tried to sneak into the military compound. She realizes what trouble she’s in and with luck, she manages to distract the general.

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Kinda makes me wonder how the story would have gone differently if they’d been more respectful of the power of the Ouija. It’s like a movie where people follow the rules of gun safety so nobody gets shot. Well, did you have more to say or is it time to rate. Mikey: Unfortunately, in a dark theater, I couldn’t take any notes, so I have had to rely entirely on my brainpower up to this point. So, I’m trying not to let the big-screen, big-sound experience influence my score. It’s one of the few movies to actually make me jump. The acting was plenty good, all the sets and effects expensive and thus effective. It also moved at a good pace for what it was trying to do, and was interesting. But no mind-melting twists, no deep thoughts underneath. Basically, a technical success with no special sauce poured on top. Mikey: The movie also known as The 7th Dimension (which is a few extra dimensions, shouldn’t we learn about numbers 5 and 6 first? . Solee: Maybe they figured those were covered with those Hypercube movies. That girl couldn’t decide what level to dial her emotions up to. Mikey: I did feel like she got a lot more acceptable as a character after the first third of the movie, but wow, in the early going, she made the other Zoe seem positively pleasant. Mikey: Yeah, I made that note before any of the crazy stuff happened, when she was going nuts at Malcolm, in a very Behemoth -Zoe style. Solee: Yeah, the thing is, one minute she’s so in love with him that she’s going to give up everything in her world to be with him, and then the next minute she’s raging at him because he’s going to do something that’s clearly important and part of his job.