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What I'm arguing is that a wood-burning uncontained flame does not burn hot enough to melt gold. To soften it? Sure. But to liquefy it? Not a chance. I'm sure the Dothraki had the ability to smelt and mold gold, but not on that little indoor campfire. I did read through that conversation on Westeros. rg, and the majority of those posters are talking out of their ass. Still. it's funny that enough people got uptight about it for it to become its own multi-page thread there. So it goes.

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Jaime is niet bepaald een fan van Walder’s arrogantie en zet hem meteen op zijn plaats. Cersei is helemaal niet van streek, maar zag het eerder aankomen. Jon Snow spreekt er met Melisandre, maar worden onderbroken door Davos. Davos confronteert Melisandre met het speelgoedhertje dat hij vond in het kamp van Jon en Sansa. Davos is erg van streek, maar vooral emotioneel omdat hij niet begrijpt waarom Melisandre zo’n lief meisje aan zo’n gruwelijke dood heeft onderworpen. Melisandre wijst Jon en Davos er nog eens op dat zij niet alleen verantwoordelijk gesteld mag worden. Jon kiest voor een minder radicale oplossing: verbanning. Melisandre mag nooit meer een voet in het Noorden zetten als ze wil overleven. Sansa maakt Jon duidelijk dat hij altijd een Stark zal blijven in haar ogen. Olenna geeft toe dat haar toekomst haar weinig kan schelen omday Cersei haar al alles heeft afgenomen. Ze neemt daarbij -op aanraden van Tyrion- een belangrijke beslissing.

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One of the reasons that the northman look down on the kings on the Iron Throne is because they don't know what it's like in the North. Jon does, he's never known anything else his enitre life. The only two people tha can carry on the Stark bloodline are Sansa and Arya. Emerging victorious on the battlefield put him in good standing and made him look like a worthy successor in their eyes, but his filial relationship with Ned is the sole reason for his being king. They DON'T want to be part of the Seven Kingdoms, and the Iron Throne is the very thing they want independence from. For Jon to be King in the North by acclamation, and the heir to the Iron Throne, he would be required to rule from King's Landing, and the Northerners would be back to square one as a mere province of a larger kingdom. They didn't name Jon their king to let that happen all over again! But not all of them can be King in the North, can they. Not every case of paralysis results in infertility. And apparently, it would be realistically very difficult for a paraplegic to endure even the most minor rigours of living in the wilderness for several years, as Bran has. Living in a frozen wilderness, they don't have clean linens, and cacking yourself this often without the means to clean yourself will result in a serious infection.

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HON. LAMBERT WARBECK'). Minister: Well I'm going to carry on, if I can read the script. We in the Wood Party (he swings away and then back) feel very strongly. Minister: Look, look, I must look a bit of a chump hanging upside down like this. Man: (out of vision) Don't worry minister, (cut to man looking off-camera) I think love if we turn. Cut to minister. The picture is now the other way up. Minister: Oh good. Look, er, I'm sorry about this, but there seem to be a few gremlins about. I think.

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The first products will be shown at the 13th China International Exhibit for Public Safety, taking place October 25-28. Algorithms, developed by MIT, have been used to generate creepy images out of an ordinary photos. The team of researchers behind the machine is also using the images in an experiment designed to find the root of horror. A group of five NYPD officers stopped Garner, a 300-pound father of six, for selling loose cigarettes in Staten Island on July 17, 2014. The incident was filmed by a member of the public and shows one officer, Daniel Pantaleo, 31, holding Garner, 43, by the neck in a chokehold as he says: 'I can't breathe' 11 times before passing out and dying. The New York City Medical Examiner ruled that Mr Garner's death was a homicide but a jury in Staten Island decided not to indict Pantaleo. He has been made a national pariah and even some of his neighbors do not want him around. An investigation into whether the officers involved in the fatal encounter violated Mr Garner’s civil rights has been stalled by federal prosecutors and the FBI opposing bringing charges but the Justice Department backing the case for them, The New York Times reported. Anonymous federal officials told the paper that the investigation has now been reorganised by the Justice Department, with FBI agents and officials from New York replaced by outsiders. He was stripped of his badge and gun and placed on desk duty after putting asthmatic father-of-six Garner in a fatal choke hold. A spokesman for the NYPD said it was not unusual for officers to be required to do overtime.

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When the homeowners saw his painting of their home, they would invite the young couple inside to investigate the ghostly manifestations. Soon Lorraine would be picking up highly accurate clairvisual and clairaudient impressions of the entities. As their reputation grew, Ed and Lorraine would sometimes research an alleged haunted house with as many as four clairvoyants, a number of physical scientists with state-of-the-art equipment, and an ecumenical assortment of clergy. Some critics have called Ed an eccentric because he believed in devils and demons. He admitted that he has no doubts about the reality of negative entities: “I learned about them as a child, and as a man I have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they exist. If you don’t want to call them devils and demons, just call them evil, I don’t care. Religions are man-made, but spirituality isn’t. The Occult Museum was a special project of the Warrens for many years. Tours are available by appointment, and serious visitors are allowed to study the vast collection of artifacts, books, pictures, masks, and idols they have collected during the course of their fifty-year investigation of the unexplained. Ed did not recommend, however, that anyone touch the objects they have assembled in the museum. “Some are so dangerous that just in touching them you could be very badly affected.

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Country: UK Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Actor: John Hurt, Simon Nehan, Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Richard Wilson, Anthony Head, Mackenzie Crook, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, Luke Neal Watch movie Add to favorite. Country: UK Genre: Horror Actor: Tam Dean Burn, Lacey Turner, Irene Jones, James Sutton, Zaraah Abrahams, Jack Roth, Nikesh Patel, Charlotte Salt, Gemma Chan, Sydney Wade, Hugo Speer, Mark Saint John Ridley Watch movie Add to favorite. Country: USA Genre: Documentary Actor: Brittany Andrews, Lisa Ann, Danny D, Aubrey Gold, Darren James, Johnnie Keyes, Chasey Lain, Bud Lee, Janine Lindemulder, Venus Lux, Ginger Lynn, Ariana Marie, Gary Dean Orona, Nicole Prause, Shyla Ryder Watch movie Add to favorite. Country: USA, Canada Genre: Horror, Drama, Thriller, Fantasy Actor: Nathan Fillion, Katee Sackhoff, Craig Fairbrass, Adrian Holmes, Kendall Cross, Teryl Rothery, William MacDonald, Joshua J. Ballard, David Milchard, Tegan Moss, Michael Ryan, Chris Shields, David Orth, Donna Yamamoto, Lexie Huber Watch movie Add to favorite. David Kross. Bruno Ganz. Denis Lavant. Paul Bartel. David Bennent. Swann Arlaud.

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Highlights from Kirk Hammett’s monster collection presented at San Francisco airport. — ETHERIA FILM NIGHT, L. . based film festival highlights women filmmakers. — HOLY PHOTO-OP! CHUBBY CHECKER JOINS ADAM WEST AND BURT WARD at Mad Monster Party. — LAUGHING OURSELVES TO DEATH, Sara Karloff and Victoria Price recall their fathers’ funniest roles. Ricou Browning on hand as fans take to the pool with Kyle Yaklin in a full-size Creature suit. Monsterama — TREMORS 25TH ANNIVERSARY reunion, sponsored by Creature Featires and Famous Monsters — TRIBUTE TO DICK SMITH, including Linda Blair, Tom Woodruff, Scott essman. onsterpalooza. — TRIBUTE TO WES CRAVEN at HorrorHound.