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Never a dull moment, with pretty much everything being awesome. I actually paused watching at some point midway because I was overwhelmed by the seriousness and grimness of the episode, then promptly continued watching after a break. I was fooled by her feigned concern and willingness to negotiate a truce. Damn it! I feel even dumber because I knew from the start that Cersei wouldn't settle for a truce, even if she did see the dead thing, but her acting in front of the others was just too impeccable. Fucking bitch! fuck yeah, Jaime for sticking it up to that bitch. Littlefinger getting it was awesome, but I think it was dumb how the development towards this event happened. Like. Arya and Sansa were totally at one another's throats last ep, but now they're suddenly a team, despite not having planned this beforehand. Euron was awesome at the negotiations (like I said earlier), especially when he faked the desertion. Theon rules, but I wonder how realistic the fight's turnaround was. Like. even if you're. ahem.

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- zawolal prezes. - Pokaz nam swojego najlepszego przyjaciela tu w firmie! lody Sitko podszedl i po chwili wahania wskazal starego pracownika. Jest pan zwolniony dyscyplinarnie - wysyczala glowna ksiegowa. Mam dwa lata do emerytury - wyjakal stary pracownik. Od dzisiaj - glowna ksiegowa usmiechnela sie szeroko. - Trzeba zrobic miejsce dla nowych pracownikow. wskazala na mlodego Sitko, ktory stal i nic nie rozumial. Stary pracownik spojrzal na niego z nienawiscia i poszedl pracowac u konkurencji. rzyznano firmowe bilety miesieczne. Wszyscy oprocz mlodego Sitko. smielil sie i zaczepil na korytarzu prezesa. O, myslalem, ze masz juz firmowy bilet. Przykro mi. Pomysle o tym.

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While you have to make some changes for practical reasons, you should never make extraneous changes just because you think you know better than the original writer. Is any criticism of the writers’ adaptation choices verboten. Love the attitudes towards life as well as the fashion sense of both of them. It reads as a rather negative review throughout and then suddenly ends concluding that these 4 episodes may be the show’s best opening yet. Weird. Lindaaaa already commented elsewhere Elio put it more generously than she would have, which makes perfect sense, especially given her already well-known disdain for what they’ve done with Dorne in the show dating back to the casting announcement at SDCC. Moreover, just a week ago she posted the following observations. Nym and Tyene are pointless wastes of time that come across as completely one-note and vapid. It’s his opinion, he certainly has a right to it, and seems to write from the perspective of trying to take the bigger picture into consideration, while critiquing that which he does not like. You know he wants to rage like Linda, but he tries his best to be civil. There was the philosophical note, as someone already mentioned, but I also enjoyed seeing those two characters reminiscing about a moment in their childhoods the way siblings sometimes do. That said, I do think it could have been trimmed just a little, and it would have worked even better. No, that’s not so they could fit something else in, but just because, imo, it went on just a teeny bit too long. Lena has MADE that character so much more than the one note psychopath she was in the books. Elio is a lot more diplomatic and civil though, which counts for something I guess.

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man: Like the man says, biologically, and nomalogically, and pharmanology, everything, the black, pharmasominally— policeman: Is what. Ain’t no big thing. Ain’t no big thing. And I fought in a war that was worse than yours. ’Cause I saw who I was killing. Black is beautiful. Black is powerful. Black is— policeman (overlapping): —still survival. Now that I know— man: Well, you don’t think you’re gonna make too goddamned much— policeman: Hmm. She’s not back. macdonald: Well, there ain’t but three chairs in there. Have a seat over there and I take care of it for you. Okay? macdonald: Please, ’cause I got to go to my program. What is this?

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This also keeps the bar raised in a big way for next week. Hint: a good place to start is by promising that Ghost will make it to the series’ final credits. One of those characters was described as a pirate in his late 40s to early 50s, and while a character name wasn't given, many speculated that this role could be Euron Greyjoy, the uncle of Alfie Allen 's Theon Greyjoy, since there were already rumors surfacing that this character would pop up this season. There will be potential Spoilers that follow, so read on at your own risk. The report reveals that the actor was spotted on the set in Ballintoy, Northern Ireland, in a scene. A lot seems to make sense based on what we already know of season 6, some other points are a bit more original. Here's the transcript: WARNING: Possible Major Spoilers for Season 6 Leaked. I can't verify this source, but see if you believe this for yourself: Arya starts out blind and on the outs wit Jaquen (or the bloak with Jaqen's face anyways). She eventually is given a chance to redeem herself by taking out sime rich beep who's going to attend a play. So she ingratiates herself with this group of actors, who end up doing a whole bit on the War of the Five Kings. Only thing is, they make the Lannisters out to be heroes, and the Starks to be villains. Ultimately she decides to return to Westeros (after regaining her sight) to right some wrongs, but Jaquen is none too happy about it. She is forced to escape after being chased by and fighting the Waif (Jaquen or whoever with the Waif's face). Her last scene, in the finale has her getting off of a cart at the Inn she killed Polliver in Season 4. She goes in and orders a drink, then overhears some men talking about Walder Frey having a wedding.

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Shell Collector is a classic tale of evil hitting close to home, especially after some round circular hints are dropped. Of course, the creature from which this novella takes its title— a sort of seagoing ghoul driven to scavenge. If there is a criticism of The Shell Collector, it's in the feeling of. ncompleteness that the climax leaves you. Golden has always been at his best when he goes for the intimate, focusing on one or two characters and. Dusk takes place in an utterly strange land called Noreela, where the departure of magic 300 years before, after a. Hideous, once-human creatures called Red Monks scour the land, vigilant for the return. Enter Rafe Baburn, a teenage farm boy who is the unwitting conduit for magic's rebirth into the world. With his. Instead, Lebbon plunges the reader right into his world and fast-moving tale, letting information about Noreela and its. From the horrifying Red Monks to the bizarre creatures known as tumblers to long-. The one glaring flaw is the development of Rafe himself, who comes across. But even his destiny at the end of Dusk is a surprise, leaving all. T he novella has been called the perfect length for a horror story, but unfortunately mass-market publishing. The two stories couldn't be more different: The title tale is a nasty little '70s B-movie in written form, while The.

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