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It makes him and Drogon easier to tell apart and I love it. Did I read someone in this thread disrespect Lena Headey. She is the best damn actor in this show and I will not let that stand. I don't think there are many--if any--shots in here past episode 3 of the season. She isn't going to be able to build a large enough fleet from where ever she is going. Euron didn't have enough even if all the ships stayed. They both said during the moot they will build the Iron Fleet. I did tear up at the of Friday Night Lights (movie) when they fail to score a touchdown and Tim McGraw hugs his son on the field. Does he still have more ships than her despite losing his best ones. And yeah, he'd still have more ships than her, particularly as he's also replenishing the ones that were taken, with new ones. She can't trust LF, she doesn't trust Jon's army because it belongs and his loyal to him. She wants an army to take back her home and expects houses that were loyal to her dad to be loyal to her as she is a Stark. But I don't think she's going gas far as thinking she needs an army just for her. I don't think there's as much angst between Jon and Sansa as you are looking for. I only got the impression that at worst, they wouldn't be respected under him. So not only would they be a threat on account of revenge, but also as an ever-present challenge to his leadership. Not taking care of them would be a huge failure to tie up loose ends.

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€ť symph, ballet and opera as performed on screen. Show, produced by George Richfield, has another 50G RERUN COIN TO CHANDLER Production of telepix fare for syndicated sale has bogged down, and it’s only now that producers and distribs have begun to become aware of the pitfalls of conformity. Latest policy manifesting itself among several exhibs is that of hands-off on the run-of-the-mill packages that fall into the stereotyped veins current on the syndicated marts. It’s merely a matter of resemblance of one show to another in the programming sense, but a matter of a depression of sales potential for all shows. Attitude of many filmbuyers is that one show is like another, and consequently it doesn’t matter which they buy as long as they can get it cheap. As a consequence, the quality property which has the maximum of production knowhow and creativity gets short shrift in the marketplace, and the similarities among shows have been used as a price depressant by filmbuyers. Moreover, the entire trend to- ward conformity and SDG — — with a track record” has further injured the syndicators’ avow’ed aims of competing with the networks in terms of quality. With the wide field of choice available to the filmbuyer, the truly creative show of a quality equal to network calibre can’t compete in terms of price and production cost. Not that the syndicators are particularly concerned about the general industry aspect, but where it hits them in their own pocketbook they’ve become farmed. Feeling now is that a packager has got to have something unique if he’s to get a distribution or financing deal from the distribs. Trend toward production and distribution of soap for example, though it’s still in the talk-only stage, represents a desire by the distribs not only to enter a field where time slots are readily available, but to move into a category of programming where the competition isn’t fierce and where there are as yet no look-alikes. Frederick Stephani, Jean Yarbrough and William Asher. Veepee accounts. (Jnit would be headed by Herman Rush was previously set as Vernon Chrke and Sam White, topper for the Coast and has alCf-K’s veep in charge of commer- ready set up shop there. Louis office, will by G-K, would handle the same head up the midwestern operation clients and would presumably op- out of his same St. The deal would put MCA-TV Into the feature film field for the first time. In MCA, own Key To to be out of the picture go into production in about months.

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In between the time Cohen pitched and completed production on It’s Alive, Warner Bros. The studio gave the film a one-theater showcase in May 1974, in Chicago, and a limited release five months later. Despite doing respectable business, the company shelved the picture in the U. . for three years. It did boffo business in foreign markets, however, prompting another new set of WB executives to agree to Cohen’s request for a second opinion. Thanks to a completely new marketing campaign, It’s Alive went on to become a cult classic. When WB decided to rush the sequel, Cohen was accorded an 18-day shooting schedule. It required him to divide post-production duties between It Lives Again and another theatrical project. By now, the number of evil babies has risen, sparking a curious debate between pro-lifers and abortion advocates, as to their fate. Frank Davis attempts to convince expectant parents, Jody and Eugene Scott (Fredric Forrest, Kathleen Lloyd) to protect their child from a lynch mob and turn it over to researchers. Michael Moriarty plays Jarvis, the father of one of the mutant children, to whom he pays a visit five years later as part of a scientific mission. The children have grown quickly into adults, with talents all their own. Jarvis’ son has fathered a child and wants nothing more than to return to the mainland and introduce the baby to its grandmother, Ellen (Karen Black). Before that can happen, though, Jarvis and the mutants are required to make a detour to Cuba. Oy vey! The trilogy arrives in Blu-ray, backed by 2K remasters from original film elements.