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Bran has no way to change the past beyond what happened because, if he had, then it would mean that Bran from timeline n-1 would have done it too, hence the present would be different. But if he goes back to save his father, that won't work. Because otherwise his father would still be alive in the present. In that sense they are implying that the future is also already written. I just think they tried to unnecessarily be too clever here and ended up creating all this confusion. The first 2 episodes of this mostly felt like filler and this last one was rushed. Bro we are talking about a series in which there are dragons, folks are changing their faces and some are coming back from the dead, and here you are trying to solve the mystery of time travel:ibutt. The first 2 episodes of this mostly felt like filler and this last one was rushed I never really got 3. It has always been my wife's favourite, but I feel that a lot of it is quite average. That was fantastic. They followed up season 4 with season 5 which was the absolute worse so far.

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The whole area functions as a massive marketplace, where goods can be purchased for a fraction of what they would cost at a bazaar in the city itself (as long as the buyer asks no questions about the item's provenance). The various trade guilds of Qarth each have designated areas of the harbor where they can moor their ships and warehouse their goods. The far end of the harbor is where ships from Westeros, the Summer Islands and the Free Cities are permitted to land. In A Clash of Kings, the plethora of gifts offered to Daenerys Targaryen gives testament to the scale and reach of Qartheen trading connections. The naming conventions of the surrounding locations - such as the island of Qal to the south and the town of Qarkash to the west - suggest that Qarth has a sphere of influence which extends to those settlements. These maps show that Qarth is linked to the city of Kayakayanaya and the empire of Yi Ti by coastal roads. A truly ancient people, the Qaathi predate the rise of Valyria - and possibly extend as far back as the Dawn Age. Along with other contemporary peoples, the Qaathi often came into conflict with the rising power of the Sarnori civilization of the western grasslands, losing more often than they won. Pushed further and further south, the Qaathi began founding new city-states in the lands now known as the Red Waste. Unfortunately, as the centuries passed, the land became drier and drier, and the Qaathi were well on their way to collapse when the Doom of Valyria struck. Taking advantage of the chaos, the Dothraki pushed into the Red Waste and destroyed nearly all of the remaining Qaathi cities.

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