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The CMAs patron saint is StJoseph and their motto is Faith. St Raphaels choir from Khayelitsha in Cape Town took part in the Xhosa festival of thearchdiocese of Cape Town held at St Monicas parish in Lwandle, Strand. They are pictured with Fr John dSouza, deacons Arthur Arries, Terry okkers, eddie Hansenand catechist Agnes Julie. The wheelchairs each had a story: one was donated by a Grade 8 pupil whohas overcome many physical challenges of her own. The second was donated by aBrescia House School family on the death of a family member. The third was earned bythe school body, who collected plastic bottle tops and bread tags for the eco-committeeand Junior School earth Keepers Group. These bottle tops and tags were handed overto interwaste, who then donated a wheelchair to Brescia House School for Little eden. (From left) L norman (head of counselling and community outreach), Mary Hyams ofLittle eden, Grade 6 pupils Tatenda Mudzana and Genevieve Michael, and K vanCrombrugge, eco-schools coordinator. This year the outgoinghead boy and girl, SimonMowatt and Michela Wells,laid a wreath on behalf of theschools staff and pupils. FAITH The Southern Cross, november 19 to november 25, 2014 9 FIFTY years ago, during the Sec-ond Vatican Council, theChurch adopted the text LumenGentium (1964), the Dogmatic Con-stitution of the Church.

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This should be kind of obvious but hardly ever considered, and is especially indisputable on the show, where there is no chance Robb Stark’s wife had a child, and there is no mention of Robb’s will. That kid who opened the show shooting arrows as his older brother’s advised him, and his mother and father watched, has now by all rights inherited the castle. I think “sad Meera” has already begun to bring to light an integral part of Bran’s arc. Not only did we have pretty strong indication of this before from the Game of Thrones Season 6 prosthetics video, but it’s become increasingly clear that years of fan theories which mostly presumed that Bran was staying under the tree forever now need to be reconsidered. And thus so do the fan theories built around those fan theories. It seems that either Jon learned this from Ned, or they both learned it from a common person (Rodrik? . I don’t know that there is anything here in the way of implications, but it’s a nice parallel. It’s worth noting that Ned Stark is basically Jon’s role model, and it’s nice that even though we can’t get Jon’s internal monologue on the show, we are getting a sense here that Jon really did try his best to emulate his real dad. It’s unclear if Hodor ever did learn how to fight (likely not), but when he is skinchanged by Bran we get a pretty clear sense that little Ned was completely right about him being unstoppable.

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Microtransactions from a small indie developer or a free to play (as long as they are reasonable) are fine and understandable, but these are some of the biggest and most profitable game publishers and developers in the world, they don’t need these tactics. In the case of microtransactions, the worst offender for me was Destiny which felt like they were treating their fan base for fools. What made the game so disappointing for me last year was that it had so little content when it was released that I felt like I was cheated. But then the DLC came and after over ? 0 worth of DLC (and forcing people to pay by locking out content for people who didn’t buy the expansion packs), the game was finally worth the initial asking price. Of course, other good games like the Witcher 3 gives you tons of content right of the bat, plus free dlc between worthwhile paid DLC to encourage customer trust. But of course, this is when things went from bad to worse. From making Xbox users pay the same amount despite getting less content, to taking content out of the game to promote Red Bull, the game began to feel like it was treating its user base like chumps. But then came the microtransactions and it was utterly appalling. I mean they were expecting people to pay money for emotes, things you get for free in many other games.

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He became a red carpet favorite and won his own bevy of dog awards, including the Cannes Palm Dog. He also starred in Like Water for Elephants and published his memoir Uggie, My Story in 2012. Sadly, he passed away in 2015, but his place in cinema history is secured. In the frequently psychedelic Snoopy Come Home, he visits his sick former owner and is then torn between staying with her and returning to Charlie Brown. Memorable for the Sherman Brothers-penned theme song and the track “No Dogs Allowed! as sad Snoopy (and buddy Woodstock) is banned from buses and hospitals. The Peanuts Movie (2015) rightly featured ample Snoopy scenes as Joe Cool and fighting the Red Baron, reminding us why we love the wildly imaginative dog in the first place. Although written as a female Schnauzer in the novel by Dashiell Hammett, Asta was such a hit, he inspired a national craze for wire fox terriers. Asta was always handy for sniffing out corpses and hidden guns. And he had his own romantic entanglements: In After the Thin Man (1936), Asta has to chase off a dark-haired Scottie from “Mrs.