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I mean, why would you make a movie with amateur actors and actresses. There is no chemistry between the characters, and the situations between them look very cartoonish. You can't clearly see what's happening because of the horrible cinematography and lightning. This movie has no scare factor or even a decent plot. With an awful acting, a absurd plot, and one of the worst directing I've seen, this can be the worst Spanish film of the last twenty years. In addition, you can even expect the characters to do something more or less intelligent, but they take stupid nonsense decision every time that cause, of course, their death. The worst of all is not that, I've seen bad films that are sympathetic (toxic avenger, for example). They are bad, but they are proud to be bad, they are simply bizarre, this one, though, claims himself as a good one, it tries to result impressive, and only is pathetic. Yet another film seen recently unfortunately, hence some reiteration because the exact same strengths and flaws those films have are present here, that to me was incredibly disappointing considering its potential which it doesn't do anywhere near enough with. 'Ouija' is terrible, with a plethora of problems (huge ones too) and doesn't do enough with its potential, which was hardly small. A lot of 'Ouija' often nonsensical and confusing character motivations, while too many of the things to make you jump or shocked are far from creative or scary and are pretty tame. The devil, a ouija board, a bunch of post-teenagers, a few frights, a minimun dose of suspense.

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But alas, 2014 turns out cukup adventurous buat saya. Di awal tahun, saya sukses nyelesein lukisan kedua. Terus dapat kesempatan ngeliat proses syuting Hijabers in Love, naik bandros, dan nongol sekilas di dalam film yg remaja banget itu, reconnect with someone special, dan tau gak, saya memasuki 2014 dengan 70 kg, dan keluar dengan 50an kg. Padahal workout di sini maksudnya adalah tiga bulan pertama lari keliling kompleks, dan next months lari di tempat doang. Di dalem kamar kos. Sambil nonton smekdon hahaha. Dan di akhir tahun seneng-seneng nonton Malam Final Gadsam lagi dan reunian dengan teman SD sambil nonton film jaman SD, Doraemon. Saya tahun ini juga sempet mau numbuhin jenggot (sebagai kompensasi lantaran jidat makin lebar) dan Alhamdulillah gagal. Oh iya, saya juga sekarang jualan Funko Pop, pesan aja kalo mau hahaha. Well, inilah nominasi buat adegan-adegan film ter- awesome di tahun 2014 1. Hantu lari menabrak pintu (Annabelle) Adegan ini sukses bikin jantung saya lupa berdetak saat nonton pertama kali di bioskop 2. Quicksilver in action!


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ts just a temporary break, Jeff said quickly, trying to soothe me. Then well talk. I cried for the duration of the ight to Chicago, hiding my puffy eyes behind sun-glasses. Hoping not to dampen the festivi-ties, I kept my drama to myself and told my family I had allergies. Only at night, with my bedroom door shut, could I let my guard down. I obsessively checked e-mail, hoping for a message from Jeff. When he didnt writehed said he wouldntI wept into my pillow. Feeling rejected and confused, all I could do was hope that Jeff would choose me. Toward this end, I wanted to remind him of what we had, the playful sweetness we shared. Instead of sharing my hurt, or asking about Christine, which I knew might push him further away, I re-ported on funny anecdotes from my week-end and reverted to our private language in these missives, signing them Yours, Petey. Back in New York, I conded in Andy, my gay roommate, who comforted me with green tea and Julie Christie movies. Hes pond scum, Andy said.


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J. A. Faulkner tells “How Hellenism prepared the way”, the Rev. A. G. Curnow. The Baptist Quarterly (Oct. . This journal has now completed its tenth year. The present number contains many short articles, of which the Rev. W. E.


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Once she does, she sees all the Others coming for them. She desperately tries to get Bran to wake up, which he won't do, and massively scares Hodor. As Leaf and Meera start to fight the first wave (read: 'shittest fighters') of Others, she tells Bran to warg into Hodor because they need him. Bran hears this and wargs into Hodor, whilst remaining in the vision itself. Hodor (being controlled by Bran) smashes up some Others and they manage to get Bran on the sled and begin to run away. The Others, inevitably catch up and, after some Leaf grenade action (oh, Bloodraven's dead btw, did I mention that? , they get to the door BECAUSE OF COURSE THERE IS A DOOR ON THE CAVE THE CHILDREN OF THE FOREST ARE OBV CARPENTERS WHO HATE DRAUGHTS. She leaves Hodor (still, presumably, being controlled by Bran) to 'Hold the Door' and repeatedly shouts this as he is basically ripped apart by the Others. This affects Hodor in the past (and Bran, whilst controlling Hodor, can see this), who subsequently has a fit. I always hated the passages in the books when Bran warged into him as it always said that it terrified Hodor, who seemed to 'cower' in a corner of his own mind whilst Bran controlled him. Imagine cowering away in your mind like that, with no power over your actions, whilst someone killed you in order to save themselves. Peter Dinklage Dangles A Heartbreaking Game Of Thrones Spoiler In Interview.