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But don’t try to bring Dany into that it’s beacuse they’re associated with her. Weiss and Benioff said what could possibly go wrong for Dany. Meaning a lot of it will and there will be some losses. But if what we heard is true, then it’s a bit too much, but we’ll see how it plays out on screen. GW and Missandei scene seems like a logical progress for their story and possible conclusion. But I hope Grey Worm can make and he wasn’t at dragonpit just becuse he has Casterly Rock and not because he’s dead or something like that. I have the impression this will not be an easy season for Dany but I think it’s a good thing if we get to see a more human side of her. I’m all about that, this is whaf I want to see more of in Dany. More vulnerability, emotional complexion, basically a deeper and more diverse affective dimension. I expect Matt Shakman will excel in directing his episode(s) in that regard since he is really good with human interaction. Idk. I’ve seen the opposite.

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As a vlogger, you want to focus on views, not impressions. This will surface your ads where and when new viewers are most likely to be found. For example, if your vlog has a U. . based audience, target only people in the United States. However, you can make the location targeting broader or narrower than a single country. You can also exclude countries or locations if necessary. Generally speaking, target countries where the language in which you’re vlogging is spoken. However, device targeting is rarely helpful, so don’t specify devices unless you have a strong reason to do so. Even if you’re making videos about iOS, you never know who might be interested in an iOS-specific video. For AdWords to count a view for frequency-capping purposes, users need to engage with your ad, or watch your video for at least 30 seconds (or the whole video if it’s shorter than 30 seconds). YouTube’s standard filter does a pretty good job, but refining the options allows you to avoid showing your video ad in irrelevant categories of websites, videos, and mobile apps.

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The Discoveries as the Trail Unveils On the opening day of the trial, a focus of the prosecution was the revelation that Anders Breivik played World of Warcraft, (an online immersive virtual reality game), apparently, almost full-time for a year. He further claimed that he honed his targeting and shooting skills by playing Call of Duty In a revelation relating to the crux of the arguments to be presented during the trail, the prosecution described these games as violent. Yet, this description has already been met with resistance from gamers, resenting the implication that fantasy games such as World of Warcraft, can be held responsible for real world violence, particularly of the kind alleged to have been meted out by Anders Breivik. Degree: Philosophiae Doctor 274 Anke Brand 306 Chapter Four: The Value And Methodology Pertaining To Role-Playing Games And The Hidden According to Dr Rau Persaud 23, perhaps of most interest to forensic specialists observing this case, is that how someone playing or represent themselves in these virtual alternative realities, could reveal valuable clues to psychiatrists attempting to understand the perpetrator of an unsual of crime, which makes no sense to the vast majority. The latest thinking in psychology is that the way people represent themselves in a virtual world reveals more of their inner psyche, than might be realised. For someone trying to guard against psychiatric examination, the fact that they played such games, could be a way into the inner recesses of their minds. However, none of the psychological research on these kinds of popular online games, find any evidence that the vast majority of players suffer any kind of psychological abnormality. 24 Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) have been in the court room before. Larry and Lars Daniel, authors of the book Digital Forensics for Legal Professionals, 25 argue that these games could become an increasing source of important forensic evidence when players end up in trouble with the law in the real world. They list newspaper reports of where individuals met each other through the game and later went on to commit crimes, such as under-age sexual encounters in the real world, therefore potentially implicating their computer records during game play in court proceedings. Given the fact that combined number of players of World of Warcraft and Second Life 26, now amount to over 25 million, from all across the globe, statistically, just through random chance, some will get accused of real world crimes. However, things may get forensically interesting, where the timeline of their digital activity could become material evidence - such as whether they were on line at the time of an alleged real world offence.

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He's more an editor than a director, and that shows, but in a good way. The transitions from talking scenes to action scenes were seamless, and the show seemed to fit together well this week. The show's confrontation scenes were great, especially when Ben, Hayden, and the others all faced off on the staircase. Wrapping up a show for the season can't be an easy task, but Sharzer manages to bring the whole thing to a conclusion in a satisfying manner. Given the amount of things happening this week, the extra-long run was needed, yet somehow most of what we wanted gets addressed. (The fact that they managed to get all of this season's ghosts back for this episode is very impressive in and of itself. . It was a little uneven at times, but it was worth it if only to find out just how everything ends with Constance, Ben, the ghosts, and everyone else. Not so for American Horror Story; it appears that Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have embraced the British model of self-contained seasons of television, and if we never dropped in on Constance or Larry or whoever again, I could be completely satisfied with how the show ended. Granted, there are still some things we can learn about if they choose to revisit Murder House in the future, but they don't have to (and perhaps they never will). There are enough loose ends drawn together to leave things in a neat little basket. The first part contains basics on how to create a lyric video.

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In practice, this has led Schultz to focus far more of his initial fire on Democrats than Trump. Schultz has other advantages. Much of the mainstream media, and especially the Beltway press, is uncomfortable with political polarization—and very comfortable with moderates and rich people. Thus, Schultz “got a super-cushy red carpet for his possible 2020 presidential run. It’s because they want to appear fair without taking any chances. At Daily Kos, Eric Boehlert wrote that “Schultz is clearly benefiting from our Davos-style political culture, where billionaires are automatically held up as symbols of what is right and just. And if a billionaire raises his hand and says he wants become president without facing any primary-season opponents, the media parts like the Red Sea and prepares a seat for him in front of an eager television host. So Schultz does pose an electoral threat for Democrats, even if his bid ultimately fails. Over the past two years, Democrats from all ideological persuasions have begun to unite around a leftist agenda on universal health care, gun control, economic redistribution, and climate change. While there are serious disagreements about how these policies would be enacted, the party has largely turned its back on the triangulation and incrementalism of the Clinton years and promoted bold progressivism as an antidote to Trumpism. A Schultz candidacy would erase that neat binary in a general election. chultz has center-right instincts.