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R. Singh Sh. Harinder Gupta welcomes GOI on Katra-Delhi Road Expressway BJP State General Secretary, Sh. He also said that this will also result in the improvement of educational infrastructure as well as career opportunities for the youngsters of region. arinder Gupta expressed gratitude to the Lok Sabha MP, Dr. Jitendra Singh for his concern over the issue and said that the he has taken personal pain for the same. He enumerated various mega projects brought to the state in form of premier health and educational institutions, the state of the art “Chenani-Nashri” tunnel, development of tourist circles, widening of Jammu-Srinagar Highway, coming up of new industries and the most important of all beginning of return of normalcy in Kashmir Valley and shift of focus of valley youth towards the greater goals of life achievements making their lives peaceful and successful. He also boasted on the move of government to initiate positive steps towards the process of regularization of daily wagers, saying that the government is continuously working to address all the issues of common masses. BJYM Chief chaired District Presidents meeting BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra chaired a meeting of District Presidents of Jammu Province at Party headquarters Trikuta Nagar Jammu. The meeting was held to discuss various organisational activities which was held in last one month in all the District. ddressing the meeting, Dr. Magotra said that each and every activist of Yuva Morcha from State to booth level should follow the organisational discipline and ethics in day to day life. He should know whatever he is doing directly reflects his actual behaviour and being socially active it is a matter of concern in his long run career. A real activist is one who always shows a concern about the rules and regulations of his organisation and never indulge in any activity which will harm the image of the said organisation. r. Magotra also take reporting from District Presidents about the recent District Executive Meeting and Mandal Executive meeting which was organised in various Districts and said that all the programmes which the District got from the State should be organised on time. He also discussed about the One Booth Ten Youth programme with the Presidents and shows his serious concern about the completion of the same as soon as possible.

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That means watching Netflix large and loud while also tending to some light spreadsheet work. It's like tying your shoes while playing hopscotch. It's absurdly difficult, which is a shame because even the smallest child can sculpt when given clay. You take your touch controllers and sculpt away, as if you were handling the clay with your own hands. So you and some buddies (or co-workers) can create things together in the same space. There's even a spectator mode for others to watch your creation come to life. It's a VR educational platform that allows teachers and professors to record VR lessons for students to go through. These experiences can be as simple as putting a virtual skeleton together or going into a giant version of the Titanic. Because this is a social platform, too, you'll be able to interact with teachers and fellow students. Virtual reality has the benefit of making it clean and not-so-gross. 3D Organon VR Anatomy will help you learn human anatomy with over 4,000 realistic anatomical models for your perusal. You can also take the human body apart, getting a sense of the scale and size of human organs that you never could have gotten otherwise. You can pay attention to the main narrative if you wish, or you can look around at the rest of the scenery. It's up to you, but you wouldn't want to miss out on this one regardless. It's beautiful to look at and incredibly accurate - so accurate that someone even used it to track down his long lost family. We've used Google Earth plenty on our desktops and mobile devices, but it takes on a whole new, immersive and epic quality in VR. You're not just playing around with a great map anymore, you're in that great map. You'll be floating in a virtual ocean just swimming around, and when you come up to a sea creature you can simply tap on it to learn more, complete with a narrator telling you all about it.

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There's just no need on commenting in the thread because everything is already said. So there were certain things where I was like, “Well it can’t be that but I don’t know what it is going to be. So I don’t know where that information comes from, although I would not be surprises of more love scenes. Maybe the cave shoot at Cushenden Caves has something to do with it? What I do know is that Emilia was there and left on a private flight before the others. If Cersei were strangled in the throne room before the collapse her body would be found there. I also doubt they build a special set for his death, same logic for Varys. Dany is supposed to be riding Drogon, not walking in a destroyed Iron Throne (like the HOTU vision). Most likely in a set with a collapsed throne room (Iron throne or Dragonstone, the source couldn't tell because it was second hand information) with a main character found dead under the rubble (also no idea who the main character was). She may have gone to Belfast to film after her Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris, or she may have gone there to hang out with Maisie before the big wrap party. The only question is whether the only scenes shot were battle scenes. That’s why I heard the last part of the episode first, that’s the one when he or Javi, when he is present, give the real spoilers. Now I wonder if Brienne and Jaime may fall in battle and be revived like Jon, to fight anew? According to WOMB, Melisandre will face off with the NK, and be able to turn momentarily his army against him before loosing that fight. He's also saying that scene is from the ending and maybe even a not very pacific epilogue. He's saying that this scene happens outside KL, to stop the NK from entering KL and revive the bodies there. They didn't use snow machines but carried a kind of substance that simulates snow. Also that green screen dragon looks bigger than last year.

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Rodrigo's fluidity is matched modally by Gabriela's seamless rhythmic interplay; she accents the ends of his lines with the beginnings of new ones. Here too, the wah-wah pedal makes a necessary appearance -- from both guitarists. Rodrigo's lead lines in the middle eight are as hefty as they are hypnotic. Having initially come from heavy metal, they wedded their new music to metal's pyrotechnics and the various folk styles of their native Mexico, creating a new genre in acoustic music. That said, Area 52 is unlike anything they have recorded before. The album began as simply an orchestral overview of tunes from their catalog to issue while they wrote new material, but it became something wholly other. Along with producer Peter Asher and arranger Alex Wilson (whose charts here are almost too fantastic to believe), they employed C. . . . a 13-piece Cuban orchestra, and the diverse talents of several guests. Recording mainly in Havana, the duo, with C. . . . set about completely reinventing RyG's songs. Here, those acoustic guitars are augmented by strings, a whomping funky electric bassline, a full brass section, saxophone, and flute. Sanchez's acoustic steel-string and electric lap steel guitar solos are delicious, too.

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He said that the entire process is citizen driven and optimal results can be achieved by active participation of all stakeholders in plan conceptualization. Stressing on better synergy among the concerned line departments for the compilation of data for preparation of wide-ranging proposal for the Smart city challenge, Deputy Chief Minister directed the concerned heads to designate a nodal officer from their departments who shall report to Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation on daily basis with the requisite information so that information compilation for proposal is expedited. Deputy Chief Minister maintained that citizens are the key stakeholders in Smart City Challenge and it is imperative that mass awareness is created in this regard. He stressed on launching a comprehensive sensitization programme through media so that people come up with their ideas. Speaking on the occasion, Minister of state for Tourism, Culture and Education, Priya Sethi stressed on identifying the assets of Jammu city in line to their historic and heritage importance to make these the focal points of the developmental plan, which shall give impetus to local economy through tourism sector. Among others the meeting was attended by Divisional Commissioner, Jammu, Dr. Pawan Kotwal, Commissioner Secretary HUDD Hridesh Kumar, Deputy Commissioner Jammu, Simrandeep singh and HODs of various line departments. Earlier, Commissioner Secretary HUDD Hridesh Kumar gave a brief overview of the steps underway towards Smart City Proposal preparation. He said that Jammu Municipal Corporation has been appointed as the nodal agency which shall work in synergy with other line departments for preparation of a city vide plan. Hridesh Kumar also informed the house that possibilities are being explored to dovetail various other schemes such as AMRUT and SBM, HRIDAY etc with Smart City Mission in achieving urban transformation. In addition to this Essay and Logo competition, advertisement scroll on TV Channels for awareness and seeking suggestions have also been launched. UnnatJyoti by Affordable LED’s for All (UJALA) is a scheme of present Government wherein LED bulbs are being provided to consumers at highly subsidized rates. These bulbs were distributed at a impressive function organized by ParveenKhidmat Centre at Rajouri. Speaking on the occasion Vibodh said that the scheme will help to reduce the electricity bills of the consumers. He further added that this is a visionary scheme of the Government which on the one hand contributes in energy efficiency and on the other hand plays a very important role in environment protection. Vibodh also informed the gathering along with the beneficiaries of the scheme that LED bulbs have a very long life and these bulbs consume very little energy as compared to the conventional bulbs. He said that these bulbswill give monthly benefits to the consumers as in future their electricity bill will also be reduced to a great extent. Highlighting the salient features of the scheme Vibodh said that under this scheme consumer can buy five LED bulbs at the rate of Rs.

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