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But yes, Tyrion will likely advise her that it’s better to ally than destroy the North and Jon is a decent man to do it with. The thought is greater for some viewers simply because Sandor is with them now. For one, she doesn’t need them to achieve her goals. She’s trained to do things independently, not as a leader of a group. Secondly, their goals and actions are different from hers. She has a singular effort, eliminate those that have harmed her family before finding her living family. Her individual list is very short now and doesn’t require her to spend time in the Riverlands or to go north to fight the NK. They saw her as just a big talking little girl they could use as an auction piece. If they take her that direction it will be a forced union that doesn’t fit with the direction of her storyline imo. I was very active in the GoT50 posts, rewatching all of the episodes, and making comments mostly about what I liked (other posters can attest to it). My posts aren’t just a bunch of canned statements designed to get a rise out of people. They are well thought out and usually include stuff that I like and dislike. You just need everyone to validate every opinion that you have which is clear sign of immaturity. Everyone thinks Tyrell’s are gone, but don’t forget all those niece’s and granddaughters from the RK garden vying for the prize necklace. I’m worried how Mia Forrester is going to escape the Sept disaster. Cersei’s secret weapon to deal with Dany is, Qyburn; with assistance from Euron. I think she will realize in all her time he was the only one who treated her with respect. Perhaps after disposing of LittleFinger in a clever way. And were are talking about an invasion causing Marge to be a hostage, correct. Is it only different and diminishing because Daenerys is a woman.

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Can you explain to me how this doesn’t apply to game in production or currently live, that are running SpatialOS. Unity themselves said they are infringing that EULA. Your only recourse would be to start from zero and based on this post, you would have at most, a year to do it. I’m tired of a ToS being changed every few weeks by some company that wants to find another way to exploit users and partners. They sold licenses for use that was acceptable per the ToS, they should be honouring those terms. I’ve seen how greedy unity can be, I have no doubt they cherry picked a lot of information here;). Hope Unity will get stronger and bigger in close future. It’s also reactive and can scale as well, but it’s simpler (no simulation stuff) and has an integrated distributed database. On the upside it’s proven (450 CCU on dual core machine with 45% CPU) and open-source. I added a tutorial chapter that I will improve over the coming days. I don’t agree at all with the comments that Unity doesn’t care, I find it quite the opposite. It sounds like SpatialOS simply offers a kind of distributed database to store and query the state of entities in a game. If I write a web service to query and post high scores and let other Unity developers use this, does it suddenly become a platform. Businesses get milked and individuals are goaded into generating money via Unity Ads, Unity IAP. As the years went by and as the original three founders slowly exited their primary roles of developing and taking care of Unity and its user base, the company took a big hit. Unity became unpredictable when it was handed over to corporatism and the push for only making money. Unity has shot itself in the foot and there is now no way to regain the little guy’s trust. Improbable breached Unity’s EULA and violated the TOC that they agreed to follow when they partnered with Unity to make SpacialOS. And even then, the Unity team tried for TWO YEARS to remedy the issue with Improbable directly before they were left with no other option but to protect their interests. And in the meantime, developers currently using SpacialOS can continue to do so with Unity’s blessing.

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Lewis had set them down in print. The allegorical themes in each book stayed commendably intact in the adaptations without feeling forced or preachy. Secondly, Dawn Treader is easily one of my favorite books of the Narnia series, so not only do I hold special affection for this particular chronicle; I also know it much better than most of the other books. Combining my glowing opinion of the first two films with my love for the Dawn Treader story, my built-up expectations for this latest installment in the Narnia film series no doubt set me on a course headed for disenchantment. Dawn Treader is a high-seas adventure in an enchanted world full of sea monsters, mermaids, dragons, wizards, princes, and swashbuckling mice. With a formula like that, it’s kind of hard to go wrong in respect to entertainment value. In the books, the children are transported in and out of Narnia by different means each time they visit, and it’s fun to see the filmmakers play with this concept. While the magic wardrobe is easy to translate to film, a nautical painting that somehow sucks Lucy, Edmund, and their grumpy cousin Eustace into Narnia is a little trickier to portray. The film nailed it; I loved watching sea water spill out of the front of a painting as the children lifted it off of Lucy’s bedroom wall; it definitely gives you that delightful “How’d they do that? sensation that special effects should have. Of course, that was just the beginning; Dawn Treader ’s special effects team also figured out how to get a tribe of invisible Dufflepuds to kidnap Lucy and how to turn Eustace into a dragon, among several other rather daunting tasks demanded by the story. Another highlight of the film for me was actor Will Poulter, who played the cantankerous Eustace, the first person since the Pevensie siblings to be transported into Narnia from the outside, and the great fun of it is that he is absolutely there against his will. He reminded me of a child version of An Idiot Abroad’s Karl Pilkington, forced into a magical world full of talking animals. It was perfect. Where the movie started to lose me was at the introduction of a green mist as a recurring image throughout the film. This seemed to be the filmmakers’ effort to tie in the story’s theme of temptation at every possible point. As an audience member, I felt like my intelligence had been insulted a little. In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian adaptations, the allegories or morals within the stories were always clear; they didn’t need some drummed-up, dumbed-down symbol to point them out. I also got annoyed by the reappearance of the White Witch. I mean, sure, she’s meant to be the symbol of ultimate evil, but I got to the point where I was just sick of her showing up to seduce Edmund.

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We'll get a few scares, shocks, and laughs out of these films. Santos, Erin Moriarty, Douglas Smith, Olivia Cooke, Vivis Colombetti, Shelley Hennig MPAA rating: R Image: Display as: List 24 October Ouija The haunted object genre has already seen at least one entry this year (the macabre mirror of Oculus ) and the title item has already been the subject of two previous fright flicks, circa 2003 and 2007 (along with numerous other bit parts in numerous scary movies). Naturally, they unleash some kind of horrific evil instead. Produced under Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes label and given the Hasboro seal of approval (it owns the rights to the noted planchette) this has minor macabre written all over it. Vincent Cast: Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Chris O'Dowd, Scott Adsit, Naomi Watts MPAA rating: R Image: Display as: List 24 October St. Vincent Bill Murray is a crusty curmudgeon who takes on the care and nurturing of an undersized neighbor boy. No, it's actually a small indie effort from first time feature filmmaker Theodore Melfi. Runner-up for the People's Choice Award at this year's Toronto Film Festival, critics are decreeing that this is one of Murray's best roles in years. Is it more like Groundhog Day than, well, Hyde Park on the Hudson. Anyway, Melissa McCarthy is along for the ride, as are Terence Howard, Naomi Watts, and Chris O'Dowd. This has multiple viewings via The Sundance Channel written all over it. Director: David Leitch, Chad Stahelski Film: John Wick Cast: Keanu Reeves, Alfie Allen, Michael Nyqvist, Bridget Moynahan, Willem Dafoe, Jason Isaacs, Dean Winters, Ian McShane MPAA rating: R Image: Display as: List 24 October John Wick Keanu Reeves is back, and doing what made him a superstar in the process: kicking ass and taking names. Here, he plays a retired hitman who gets caught up in a previous vendetta. When goons break into his home and destroy everything he loves, including his dog, our hero breaks through a foot of concrete, retrieves the arsenal he has buried underneath, and starts getting payback. There's a real Shoot 'Em Up vibe, with Reeves revisiting his Matrix franchise persona (action hero) in a stylized example of over the top violence from first time filmmakers David Leitch and Chad Stahelski. Director: Dylan Baker Film: 23 Blast Cast: Mark Hapka, Bram Hoover, Stephen Lang, Max Adler, Alexa PenaVega, Baker, Kim Zimmer, Becky Ann Baker MPAA rating: PG-13 Image: Display as: List 24 October 23 Blast Talented character actor Dylan Baker ( Happiness, Spider-Man 3 ), tackles the true life story of Travis Freeman, a high school football player suddenly stricken with total blindness. Thanks to the love of his family (including Baker as his dad) and his friends, he learns to cope with his new reality and, believe it or not, return to the sport he loves. Of course, there's the standard trials and tribulations, but hopefully Baker can bring something fresh to the narrative. It has the endorsement of the Heartland Film, an organization with a faith-based agenda (where it won top prize at the Heartland 2013 festival). Director: Gregg Araki Film: White Bird in the Blizzard Cast: Shailene Woodley, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Shiloh Fernandez, Gabourey Sidibe, Thomas Jane MPAA rating: R Image: Display as: List 24 October White Bird in a Blizzard The influx of YA titles, especially those centering around death and grief, have given way to what seems like a new wave of trying tearjerkers.

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A lot of the things in this episode were real btw, the horses were real, not CGI. I did like how it avoided a generic 1v1 swordfight at the end, though, and the final scene was fucked up in all the right ways (though oddly tame and censored in comparison to previous seasons' deaths? I just hope things pick up in the final seasons. Seasons five and six have been very weak in comparison to everything before - probably because it's now strayed from the books and its original writers lack the same skill of GRRM. There are so many characters and unfinished substories at this point that hearing they plan to wrap things up with only 14 more episodes makes me concerned that the show might have gotten bigger than it can handle. BBCode. There are so many characters and unfinished substories at this point that hearing they plan to wrap things up with only 14 more episodes makes me concerned that the show might have gotten bigger than it can handle. Yeah, books 4 and 5 were amazingly stacked with hints, build-up and wolrd-building for the actual wars to home. (Hardhome for example) I really hope Cersei doesn't burn the city. Shout out to Miguel Sapochnik for always coming in to direct the best episodes. Gonna miss Ramsay now, will have to get used to Euron as the new bad guy and asshole. Candor said: Cersei will burn King's Landing in the last episode. Yeah the leaks for ep 9 were pretty spot on, so that is probably right as well. BBCode. Jon Snow was awesome, I think Kit Harington has really improved his acting skills throughout the years. Also I feel like I am in the minority for actually disliking Sansa. She was strategic, but Jon's army was slaughtered and she didn't even care about her own damn brother. I mean, even if it was a trap to lure them in she seemed like she didn't give two shits about him. P. .

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