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when Gore was about to give his concession speech. Bush, but then rescinded his concession because of how tight the race was. His campaign chair Bill Daley was the one who went out to tell the crowd they weren't going to get an answer that night about who the 43rd president of the United States would be. It's nothing new. Country music for a while now has been dominated by men, something Beverly Keel, the co-founder of Change the Conversation, is trying to, well, change. The drive from Philadelphia to Punxsutawney is 273 miles through forest-lined highways, and it seemed even longer because I was driving late. When night falls, the gorgeous scenery begins to look a little spooky. I spot four deer lurking off the side of the road, and it's the kind of night that you're half expecting some sort of creature or man in a mask to walk out. About 20 minutes out from my hotel, Google Maps leads me to a dead end. Orange construction signs block the route; if there were ever a moment a masked man was going to walk out from the woods, this was it. I eventually find an alternative route to the Punxsutawney Cobblestone Hotel, the one hotel in town. And sure enough, there's a waist-high groundhog figurine at the entrance of this town that's home to Punxsutawney Phil and the Groundhog Day tradition.

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The app then recalculates the amount you’ve got left, and if you wish you can have it displayed as a permanent Complication on the Watch face. Pennies isn’t interested in what you’ve bought; just what budget it should be allocated to. As the developer puts it, “it’s all about keeping things easy and flexible so you can get on with having fun, spending what you want, and saving money at the end of the month. If like us you find personal finance a mix of tedium and terror, Pennies might be the app that helps you take control of your cash. Is there anything more annoying than missing a delivery of something you’re really excited about. Yes: there’s missing a delivery of something that you really need to have in a hurry. Deliveries can help ensure that neither of those things happen to you. It supports stacks of services including UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service, DHL, TNT, Canada Post, City Link and Royal Mail, can track packages, can add delivery dates to your calendar and can record past deliveries in case you need to refer to them later. It’s unnecessary for the odd package, but it’s useful if you do a lot of online shopping or if you’re in the middle of a project, such as furnishing a flat. On the Watch the app acts as a ready reminder of what’s in and what’s incoming, so for example it’ll show you if an item has just been delivered as well as the ETA of any other outstanding deliveries. There’s a Complication too, which works particularly well on the Utility watch face and shows you the most recent delivery. If you have the macOS version of the app too you can automatically sync between Mac and mobile via iCloud or the developer’s own cloud sync service.


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But Julian has to pay his creditor and what makes it worse for him is that the illness that took Min s eyesight relapsed, threatening her life. LEE Chul-ha ? Born in 1970, Director LEE majored in Japanese language and literature at Chung- Ang University and studied film directing at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, USA. LEE started his film career making impressive short films such as The Toothbrush and O which earned him various awards local and overseas. He also worked as an assistant director for, the original version for starring Keanu Reaves and Sandra Bullock. Jo-kang falls helplessly in love with the quirky but attractive Ari, but one day, she suddenly disappears. Ten years pass and Jo-kang, now a high school student, gets a call from Ari and meets her again in a temple. Although they have not seen each other for ten years, they have such a great time together. With her mother passing away at her birth, her favorite horse, Chun-doong, has become not only her friend, but also a soul mate. She is devastated when Chun-doong is sold to another owner, but when they are reunited two years later they have a chance to create a miracle by teaming up in a race. Later, he briefly worked as a TV producer, but, unable to quench his love for the cinema, he soon returned to the film scene. The band was happy just playing music and recording their album.

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He has the means to pursue these dreams, and they’re starting to become very real. He is one of the few people with the power to make decisions that could have global consequences for the future of technology and society for decades, if not centuries. As Facebook and Google have demonstrated, machines take on the attributes of their makers. Algorithms, software, and networks all have biases, and Son likes to bet on founders who remind him of himself, or at least share his ideals. Son’s values, then, will become our own, dictating the direction of this machine-powered world. Our story begins with a dinner Son hosted one summer night in 2016 at his nine-acre estate in Woodside. The table was set in the garden so the guests could enjoy the crisp summer air of a northern California evening, as well as the breathtaking hilltop views of San Francisco horse country. Among the attendees was Simon Segars, who had no idea when he sat down to eat that this would be one of the most important events of his life. He didn’t fully appreciate at that moment that one of his dining companions, Ron Fisher, has been one of Son’s trusted consiglieri for more than 30 years and is almost always present when Son is considering a major deal. “We started talking about AI and all these future-looking technologies,” Segars recalls, and Son grew visibly animated. Son pressed Segars: If money were no constraint, how many devices could his technology create. As the leader of a publicly traded company, Segars had never been asked to think this way before.

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Saints vs. Washington game info: What: New Orleans Saints vs. John Bosco-Corona Centennial semifinal to be TV game latimes. om. Authorities believe she is dead, but her remains have never been found. Saturday, on the seventh anniversary of her disappearance, Stiles' family and friends gathered to remember her at Coachman's Cove, a mobile home park near Portage Lake where her adoptive parents, James and Betty Whitehill, now reside. His sister, Ayla Stiles, 15, is a student at Jackson High School, where she earns mostly 'A' grades. She lives with Tonia Stiles' former husband, Jason, and just returned from Germany, where she participated in a student exchange program. Ayla was 8 when her mom went missing and she holds tight to positive memories. Pictures on a board behind her showed just how much she resembles her mom. They have the same wavy hair and closed-lips smile. Ayla and her brother examined the photos, of Tonia holding her babies, sticking out her tongue or posing in a 1990s prom dress.

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Small comfort for the driver who innocently was part of a fatality. I investigated enough accidents in my insurance job to know that typically, more often than not, someone is not paying attention, driving too fast, using a cell phone or some such activity that had they been actively driving, actively aware, they could have avoided the accident. I wish I could been in Portland for the memorial ride. Deceased--Frank M. Robinson Cache Translate Page Frank M. Robinson, an author of thrillers and science fiction who also helped slain San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk craft some of his most powerful speeches, has died. He was 87. Robinson's June 30 death while under hospice care at his San Francisco home was confirmed by Daniel Nicoletta, a longtime friend who, like Robinson, was part of Milk's inner circle. Robinson had a history of heart problems, Nicoletta said. As a fiction writer, Robinson told stories set in burning skyscrapers, sinister hospitals and Utopian spaceships drifting a thousand generations into the future. Moving to San Francisco in 1973, he did not intend to throw himself into politics. But strolling by Milk's camera shop in the Castro district, he befriended the man who was to become the first openly gay American elected to a prominent office.

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It has long been available for VMs in Nova, and it's now available for bare metal instances in Ironic, OpenStack's bare metal provisioning program. Operators can now troubleshoot misconfigured bare metal nodes or recover from issues like a lost SSH key. Kuryr Container Networking Interface (CNI) Daemon helps incorporate OpenStack into the container orchetection program Kubernetes by adding a CNI daemon. To better support HA, Kuryr watches for pod events, eliminating the need to wait on the Kubernetes API for each event. With this, Kubernetes pods can be created even if the controller goes down Zun container service is a new OpenStack project. It enables users to quickly start and run containers without having to manage servers or clusters. All these use cases can theoretically be hacked by bad actors, which opens some opportunities for new security approaches. Palo Alto, Calif. based startup Xage Security, which launched itself and its product in December, has a few revolutionary ideas on how to counter these very real security issues. Xage (pronounced “zage”) describes itself as the first and only blockchain-protected security platform for the industrial internet of things. Go here for a deep-dive definition of blockchain and what potential it brings to enterprise security. Blockchain is all about trust—namely, trust among vetted partners; or in Xage’s case, trusted devices—in business transactions.