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Best resource for things that may be leaks or spoilers for next season is the Freefolk subreddit. Freefolk The sub, like much of Reddit, contains its share of trolls. Someone new drops by almost every week with “leaks” or “spoilers” they claim are accurate. Usually just fanfiction about what the poster wants to be happen. Most “leakers” are met with heavy skepticism and a mob of freefolkers that tear the info apart. Someone even went so far as to create some fake script pages — and then later admitted the whole thing was a joke. There’s usually a pinned post on the top that contains info that the mods think has the best chance of being accurate. If the “spoiler” you saw is the one that I’m thinking of—that has been deemed fake by Reddit (for what that’s worth) for a variety of reasons. So. till have hope there will be a good, well constructed ending here. Jon Snow is going to give up his right to Winterfell leaving Sansa as the rightful heir.

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After some breif thoughts on the film itself, Joanna, Neil, and Da7e all dive into what exactly we're doing here in this new age of Wizarding movies. MAKE SURE TO TAKE OUR SURVEY at THIS WEEK'S TIMECODES: 0:00:00 - Intro, Game of Thrones News! 0:11:33 - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 01:08:18 - Preview: BACK TO THE CITADEL. This week - It's back to over-analyzing HBO prestige dramas with the science fiction western WESTWORLD. Hey! This should NOT be your first experience with Westworld. We are going to go deep into spoilers and speculation as culled through the various official footage releases and teases, plus we'll immediately start talking about ideas already introduced late in the series. BUT if you're all caught up and a Decoding Westworld junkie. ere's the SOS version. MAKE SURE TO TAKE OUR SURVEY at THIS WEEK'S TIMECODES: 0:00:00 - Intro, Game of Thrones News! 0:12:20 - HBO's Westworld 59:22 - Preview: Week Off.

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The miserable triangle of correspondence between mother, son and sometime lover would have continued indefinitely but for a stunning historical twist. In February 1956, Nikita Khrushchev, who had consolidated his power as Stalin’s successor, felt secure enough in his position as general secretary to denounce the excesses of Stalin’s reign, in an incendiary speech to the Twentieth Communist Party Congress. It was an unimaginable step, which left delegates and the world gasping in disbelief. A few words had utterly and forever changed the lives of millions of Soviet citizens, including Lev’s. Full rehabilitation would only come 20 years later in 1975. He denounced the cult of personality and listed Stalin’s crimes, including the Great Terror, the gulag and the totalitarian society. 114 BLACK WIND, WHITE SNOW Following the speech, most remaining gulag camps were emptied. A mountain of repressed intellectual energy sought an outlet. It was in this context that Lev Gumilev suddenly found himself back in St Petersburg, released from the gulag for the second (and last) time on 11 May 1956, partly rehabilitated by order of the Supreme Soviet. He arrived back in his home city clutching a plywood box tied up with string. The box was full of manuscripts, drafts and books that he had been allowed to accumulate in the camp since 1953.