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So I’m glad to see there might still be a chance she might make it out alive. It’s funny I keep flip flopping between if Dany or Jon are going to live. If she really is pregnant in S8, she will do everything to protect this baby. She already lost one, she will not let it happen again, disagreements and altercations included, maybe even parting of the ways. Just as I assume Arya pranks Sansa using Littlefingers face. There’s no way Arya would pass up a chance to creep her big sister out using LF’s face. Especially considering she stuffed Sansa’s mattress with sheep dung when they were young. Even though I think (and hope) Arya will be pro-Dany, if Jon’s true lineage causes tension between him and Dany, there would likely be tension between Arya and Dany as well as Arya will undoubtedly be on Jon’s side. It wouldn’t fit to her (Arya’s) charakter, she wouldn’t bend the knee in front of Dany, I think. For her there would be no king, who’s name isn’t Snow. I mean, she didn’t want the stallion to mount the world, did she. Here, a similar quote from last year on filming the final season. Out of everyone’s speculation, this seems to be the most sound for what she stated in this “new” interview. Bittersweet. Controversial. Others saying the fanbase could be divided. I fully expect Dany to not make it to the end or become the Night Queen and her fanbase (maybe the biggest of all Throne characters) to be pissed because they’ve wanted nothing but for her to sit the Throne for the last 8 years. We agreed it could be that she meant her performance. However, if that is what she meant, she articulated her meaning very poorly. Unless she is trolling fans, its pretty obvious that shes not happy with the way Dany will end her story arc and she seems quite disappointed with Dany’s last moments on the show which will have the lasting effect in people’s minds.

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They cut to the point. You live. Enjoy the poetry you can, with an adorable smirk, and the one god will come for us all eventually. It is up to us to say. ot today. ) Edit: had a couple typos. There are a ton of hand injuries in the books, and at least three characters have burnt hands by the end of ADWD: Jon Snow, Daenerys, and Victarion Greyjoy. Tyrion is The Hand. Jon Connington used to be a Hand, and now his hand has greyscale. Catelyn's hands are injured, Quorin is the Halfhand, etc. Like GRRM is in a hand injury contest with George Lucas. Anyway, I just wondered if you had thoughts about how all the hand imagery might play into the end. Is it all leading up to the Fiery Hand helping Melissandre, or an I overthinking. Umar Ahmad 9 mesi fa Great video as always, my dude. It's not the neatest but sometime the hardest explanations are better visualized then explained. Spend some time trying to create a time line on paper and slowly you will see the only few ways G. . Martins works of art will work. When Sam comes to talk to Bran about Jon (Aegon Targaryen), he is very focused on the flames. If she had saved him from drowning, he would have said The Drowned God.

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AWESOME! Maybe one day I'll find them actually shooting. Have good one? Pete Peppers 2 anni fa No problem, it's a lot of fun to look at all this stuff and hear everyone's thoughts. Will have some non-spoiler GoT stuff this week, and then another like this next weekend. Ray Watts 2 anni fa It looks like the reddit spoilers are coming true. They choose their riders, and not the other way around. I'm not watching GoT only to see another predestined romance. Doves Damage 2 anni fa I bet they left to get a walker at hardhome. Poor Theon, he's everyone's punching bag this season. Pure speculation for sure, but I can't figure why there would be what looks like a icy location on the beach of Dragonstone. Other than that I'm super excited to see Jon interacting with a Dragon, (makes sense it would be Rhaegal) been waiting YEARS for that to happen. James Dooling 2 anni fa There's really no way to escape the need for a new, slightly important Maester. Pete Peppers 2 anni fa Yes, that could be the case. I am just a big Marwyn nerd so was hoping we would get him, the glass candles, and the faceless man at the Citadel with Sam. It's too far reaching for the show, but this is one of the things I am most anticipating in the books. U r stunningly amazing Alain Frechette 2 anni fa the lication with the snow looks like the cross roads were hot pie currently is. I am not sure where they shot those scenes, but since it's a recurring location from multiple seasons I would guess the set watchers would know if they were including it. Justin M 2 anni fa note, jorahs hand is not wrapped Pete Peppers 2 anni fa I did not note that, but that is pretty key. I was distracted by the idea that he wasn't wearing the same shirt he's had on for like the last few years haha ashli moore 2 anni fa Appears so far the leaks are apparently true.

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The particular feature of current series compared to the previously developed pregnant phantoms is being constructed upon the basis of ICRP reference phantom. The maternal replaced organ models are NURBS surfaces. With this great potential, they might have the feasibility of being converted to high quality polygon mesh phantoms. To assess whether there is a difference in patients ' satisfaction with male versus female physicians and to examine moderators of this effect. MEDLINE and PsycINFO databases and citation search through 2009, using keywords pertaining to patient satisfaction and physician sex. English-language articles that compared patients ' satisfaction in relation to their physicians' sex. Only studies of actual patients and physicians, including postgraduate trainees, were included. Forty-five studies reporting 28 effect sizes met inclusion criteria. Two coders independently extracted effect sizes (point-biserial correlations) and coded study attributes, then resolved disagreements through discussion. The satisfaction difference between male and female physicians was extremely small (r female physicians most when physicians were less experienced, when physicians and patients were newly acquainted, when satisfaction pertained to a specific visit, when satisfaction was measured right after a visit, and when patients were younger. There was also significant variation depending on where satisfaction was measured. Female physicians are not evaluated as highly by their patients, relative to male physicians, as one would expect based on their practice style and patients ' values. We tested the hypothesis that prenatal testosterone exposure induces dysregulation of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, which is known to play an important role in water and electrolyte balance and blood pressure regulation. The levels of Cyp11b2 (aldosterone synthase), but not the other adrenal steroidogenic genes, were decreased in testosterone females. Accordingly, plasma aldosterone levels were lower in testosterone females. In testosterone females, mesenteric artery contractile responses to angiotensin II were significantly greater, while contractile responses to vasopressin were unaffected. Angiotensin II type-1 receptor expression was increased, while angiotensin II type-2 receptor was decreased in testosterone arteries. These results suggest that prenatal testosterone exposure downregulates adrenal Cyp11b2 expression, leading to decreased plasma aldosterone levels. The diagnostic accuracy of history, physical examination, and bedside laboratory tests for female UTIs in emergency departments (EDs) have not been quantitatively described. The medical literature was searched from January 1965 through October 2012 in PUBMED and EMBASE using the following criteria: Patients were females greater than 18 years of age in the ED suspected of having UTIs.

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Not a whole lot to look at, but it represents another step forward, and I think once it's painted, it'll make a world of difference, so be looking forward to that next weekend. Oh, one interesting development that's worthy of mention: My landlords, a couple called Sue and Trip, run a construction business in addition to the three apartment buildings they own. Lately, they've been expanding that business into the development side, and are working on two properties at the moment which will include food cart pods. I've been renting my apartment from these two for six years now, I have a very good relationship with them, and I'd be more than happy to rent space for the cart from them if the numbers and the timeline pencil out. So that could well be a possibility for a location once I'm done with build-out and have the mechanicals in place. Stay tuned! Food Cart Project Part XXIII: The Door is Complete. Cache Translate Page After spending a couple of weeks on vacation in Michigan, and another couple of weeks re-integrating into society back here in Portland, I've gotten back to work on the cart in earnest. I bought a knob, and dead bolts for the upper and lower halves of the door. Because it's a little on the mustardy side, I'll probably get a can of slightly paler yellow and paint on a subtle ghosted bamboo pattern or some such to break it up a bit. The middle section is the first one I've completed. It sits nice and flush with the joists: Next weekend will involve finishing the other two sections, and most likely a round of phone calls to electricians, exhaust hood folks and Curtis trailer, whom I'm getting all of my plumbing supplies from. Stay tuned! Food Cart Project Part XXII: Civilian Studios Open House Catering Gig Cache Translate Page Civilian Studios, whose garage bay I'm renting to build out the cart, had their third annual open house this weekend. I ended up catering the event, so a few items from the Burmasphere menu had their public debut. On the menu for the event was a coconut chicken curry, a pickled tea leaf salad called Lahpet Thok, deep fried chickpea fritters with a balachaung dipping sauce, and ghost chile ice cream (this last one isn't Burmese, it just tastes good). I used Civilian's kitchen as my prep space the day before the event: Working in an unfamiliar space is always awkward, and if I'd been thinking, I'd have sent an e-mail out asking folks to clear anything out of the fridge that they didn't need in there; space was pretty tight in that fridge. I did, however, spill over onto this rolling table in the next room over. Here we see the chicken breasts, vacuum bagged and awaiting their turn in the circulator: I also used this space to start building the curry while the chicken breasts were cooking. The new induction burners work really nicely, by the way.