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IF Arya ends up going after Cersei, IMO she needs Sandor with her. The way he delivered the line “I didn’t steal it, I just wanted to play with it” is utterly soul-crushing; in that moment, you can truly envision Sandor as a child, desperately trying to dissuade his sociopathic brother from hurting him as punishment for a “crime” he did not commit. Stannis was chaotic in his own way, perhaps even more so than Littlefinger, because he was (willfully ? unaware of his flaws and shortcomings, believing his unforgiving nature and relentless rigidity to be valuable qualities when, in a ruler, those characteristics tend to be utterly devastating, I think. These Ironborn folk aren’t exactly innovative. ot like the Braavosi. I suppose Euron could have learned a thing or two about fabricating ships for the Braavosi. War horses can’t be cooped up with no exercise for a year. I would love to see her make friends with Davos because they’re both my favourite characters, and I think they would really get on. How is Brienne to make a deep alliance with Jaime who is aligned with Cersai. Plus, if Jon wants to drum up support against the White Walkers, then he may have to find himself willing to put the enmity between the Starks and Lannisters aside. And if Arya is back on Team!

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BJP President demands more relief for the family of victims of Barnai Accident While raising an important point in the session of Legislative Assembly at Jammu, BJP State President and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma (CA) raised the issue of providing an extra amount of relief in the shape of Rupees 5 lakhs for the family of the victims who lost their lives at an accident near Barnai, Domana. He stressed upon building a strong policy for such situations as well so that masses should not suffer. e also added that any agency in the State (Government or Private) who have been allotted various woks in the State should also focus upon the quality of the works and must make provisions so that people can drive or walk on roads comfortably and the Government must also keep a vigil on them concerning the pace of their works. Sat Sharma inaugurates Anamika Super Market at Bakshi Nagar BJP State President and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma (CA) inaugurated newly opened retail store namely Anamika Super Market at Bakshi Nagar, Main Market near Karan Hotel. Ironically, the previous governments who ruled the state with a myopic vision of regional and ethnic discrimination had used these hapless people as a tool for vote bank politics without caring to resolve their long pending issues. It has been 27 years since the Kashmiri Pundits followed by Sikhs and a few Muslims were forced to migrate from the Valley but none of the previous ruling parties ever thought of bringing such a resolution before the House. The fact is that these parties strongly opposed the move in concert with the separatists only a few months back when the idea of Kashmiri Pundit colonies was mooted. Brig Gupta also hailed the decision of the State Government, which was pending for the last more than six years, regarding advertisement of 2100 plus posts for the recruitment of Kashmiri migrants and the decision to settle other issues pertaining to release of salaries, ration, maintenance of colonies, etc. Inclusion of Lubana and Sher Gojri communities in the list of OBC is also a major achievement in this regard. rig Gupta also praised the government for partially accepting the demand of ex-servicemen community and exempting VAT on the four-wheeler vehicles sold through the Canteen Stores Department. He also appreciated the efforts of the government for improving the conditions of border area residents by enhancing the compensation of border firing victims by bringing it at par with LOC victims. The government has also doubled the salary of SPOs.

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EW has now gotten in touch with that body double, also known as actress Rebecca Van Cleave who beat out over 1, hopefuls for the part. The woman responsible for embodying Cersei has since congratulated Van Cleave's work on the demanding scene several times. A post shared by Rebecca Van Cleave rebeccajoean on Feb 28, at She most famously bared her chest in the moviebut the actress has also been nude in other movies like Aberdeen and Fair Game. Season 5 high-definition TV show episode photographs: Number 64 will blow your mind. Sophie Turner has her final Game of Thrones costume fitting. Mila Kunis had actresses moon for her Mila Kunis happily revealed that she used. During the three physically and emotionally draining days it took to shoot the scene, Headey was by her double's side, sharing the burden of the experience. Today, I am doing what I love with some of the best actors and crew in the world. And I think it makes for a more shocking disempowering moment when this happens. Van Cleave, who was one of more than 1, actresses that applied to be Headey's body double, filmed the scene nude while Headey wore a beige shift during her performance. If somebody is brave enough to do this, I applaud it. We did, however, see Cersei make certain promises to Euron Greyjoy in season 7.

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She never had the “Dany emerging from the flames” moment. Turner says, “It’s going to be a big adjustment for him to listen to her and view her as an equal, especially when it comes to war tactics, simply because she’s a woman. . Turner explains more of Sansa’s perspective, saying, “None of them know what she’s been through or what she’s learnt. But at the end of the day, Sansa and Jon have each other’s backs. . To get Jon to listen to her opinion (i. . “Don’t listen to this guy, I’M telling you, we should go a different route. ) Why is she not telling him certain things. Because he’s not listening to her (example, his instance that they march on WF now (instead of waiting) and his line about fighting with the army you have, not the one you want). Anyway, he was truly amazing so I don’t think anyone minds.

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om Marshon Lattimore exits game for Saints with injury in first quarter nola. om Washington Redskins RB Chris Thompson carted off vs. New Orleans Saints espn. om New Orleans Saints rally late, beat Washington Redskins in OT upi. om. WATCH: “I think that the victims who came forward were not treated as they should have been. They should have been believed because, as I have pointed out, most people who come forward are telling the truth,” she said. “Let’s remember that he did face impeachment,” Speier said of Cinton. “It wasn’t as if it was just tossed to the side. She has also revealed that a chief of staff forcibly kissed her on Capitol Hill where she worked in the 1970s. Women have recently come forward with accusations against Democratic Sen. Al Franken and Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore over past sexual misconduct.


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I may not be the smartest, but I’d have figured out he was hiding something under that shirt. I know I’m an asshole but I’m bored and I wonder how much I can prod and poke at him before he admits the truth. Jeremy’s the one who first figured out that we needed to get off the ship, even though they hadn’t called an official evacuation. He was the one keeping up with the news when the rest of us were testing out our fake IDs in the bar and pretending everything was going to be okay. That promise of safety and warmth-the idea that everything was under control. I saw other lifeboats rocking as they fought against them, the living and the dead. That’s when I saw a hand, fingers scratching at the glass. That’s when I saw the teeth and mouth, banging against the window again and again, desperate to get out. That more than anything else she wanted to rip every bit of flesh from my bones and pull apart every muscle. Even though we’ve been rationing water he’s been sweating a lot-too much. His skin’s hot and flushed and he wants me to think it’s from the sun and heat but I can smell the way his wound’s festering, the sweet putrid stink of it. He pulls his head under the canopy and slumps against the wall.