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Jake, however, reaches down deep and makes that connection: he is there to experience personal growth and to help others. Even Sully's name indicates he is sullied, how far he must grow, to become all that he can. One note--when you listed off a bunch of films including their dates that are genre landmarks, you sent The Matrix back in time to 1982 (because you had listed Blade Runner and Tron then, no doubt). Gordon Long Reply Delete Replies Reply DLR 7:37 AM Hi JKM; Loving this Cameron retrospective and the ensuing debate. I'd like to quickly chime in with a few observations: 1 - 'Chick flick' - no, one of the best things about Cameron's work is that 'feels' like classic moviemaking even as we argue about why. Cameron is in that tradition. 2 - However, Cannon has an excellent point about the beats of Avatar. Nothing surprises or shocks us; we delight as what we hope will happen happens and shudder as what we fear will happen comes to pass (bye-bye, tree! . More to come Reply Delete Replies Reply DLR 8:11 AM Cont'd: 4. Unpatriotic - people who say this have to be cynically advancing their own ideological agenda. I grew up in that era, and those sort of values were what I saw around me. Cameron (politically) reminds me of fellow throwback Chris Matthews, and especially in his 5 - Paternalistic representation of women. But think about it; virtually all of his female central characters are mostly passive or retiring until Males affect their reality (Rose, Ripley).

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You can buy Shinkansen chocolates in long tubes at station shops, there is also a book and DVD made for children that goes through the chronology of the Shinkansen, the successive series and how they are assembled with a cockpit view. There is even a Shinkansen museum, I believe in Nagoya, where you can see the original 0 series snub nosed 1964 trains and learn about the background and the original blueprints. Almost every vehicle is embellished either with images on the body or with accessories within. There is general disapproval for the plain vanilla factory made look. It is a rather inviting tabula rasa on which story of one’s identity must be etched. After all, buying a car is a milestone and historically it does mark the class transition from belonging to the plebian crowds who access public transport to becoming somebody who can afford their own private means. The nature of the images and the embellishment do tell you many stories. Stories about the life journey of the owner; how they got there and what they feel about it. How space is shared or rather grabbed on the road can be read as a mini snapshot of the class dynamics of this society. Privately owned cabs which are leased out to the driver and the mid range sedan which are favored by those who have recently risen above the harried middle class. The vehicle being experienced as a cheating girlfriend rings true at many levels. A pair of heavily made up blue eyes painted at the rear of the vehicle is significant at many levels. It is blue signifying the much desired white woman fantasy complete with all its loose morality associations. The eyes seem to guard the rear alluding somewhere to the vulnerability experienced on the road.

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There are so many leaks right now, as we all know now, so save us non book readers from those who can't control themselves. Be our Hodor! Hold the door on spoilers for us, so we can get to the episodes without any knowledge that could ruin the experience. Many thanks to you 'Watchers On The Spoilery Wall'. If the iron born just blindly followed whomever took power by force, it would be chaos. The Greyjoys have been in power for hundreds of years. The entire iron islands arc has been butchered in the show. They, including Euron, come across as stupid and impulsive. Euron didn't achieve power by killing Balon - he did it by killing Balon and then convincing the Kingsmoot that it was a good idea (sort of like Ser Alliser doing FTW and then convincing the Nights Watch that it was a good idea) and then convincing them that he was the most capable of leading. So, for them, the show isn't cannon, and doesn't matter as much. It's not the show watchers i'm wary of for introducing spoilers, as much as I am book readers. That said, we have so many great and respectful book readers amongst us here. They're the best in discussing things and holding(hodor'ing) back to not ruin anything for this thread. And much appreciation to the majority of them, over the years, for that.

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