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inoong Pilipinas-USA Day. The grand winner? court include: 1st runner-up - Jay-Ar Ignacio (Delano, CA); 2nd runner-up. On Friday (November 24), a day before the main event, preliminary judging was held at the Holiday Inn (Civic Center) for the special awards. Judges for the main winners this year include a roster of movers and shakers in the Asian-American communities from different states. Entertainment was provided by international recording artist Dessa (who received a standing ovation after her performance! with local San Francisco-based artists Clementine Dimacali, former Next Phaze member - Jay Ricz, and Pinoy Pop Superstars candidates: Karissa Campos, Matthew Lee, and Joyce Buensuceso. The show, directed by Epee Rafanan and line-produced by Rina Alcantara, was hosted by former Ginoong Pilipinas-USA 2006 2nd runner-up winner Jerald Mutia with Miss Asian-America 2006 titleholder Jennifer Field; actress Giovanni Pico with Ginoong Pilipinas-USA 2005 winner January Reclosado; Peachy Matias and Tita Aida. Special guests were movie actress Juliana Palermo (presenter for the grand winners) and last year? winner. Ginoong Pilipinas 2006, Chris Friel, who gave his farewell speech and also headed the much applauded swimwear competition. Browse more photos from the 4th annual Ginoong Pilipinas-USA at Photo Gallery. Hansel (Lucy Schaufer) is distracted and hungry, while Gretel (Maria Kanyova) tells him how their mother, Gertrude (Luana DeVol) expects her to sell enough to buy food. Their family earns a living by making and selling brooms. Gertrude returns to the house and irritated to know that they have done a little in the house. Upset, she sends both of them into the woods to find something to eat. Their father (played by Donnie Ray Albert) returns home and is frightened to know that their two children are heading into the forest. He just learned from the townspeople that a witch (Graham Clark) living in the woods is turning children into a gingerbread. And so they went into the forest to follow their children. The Sandman (Christine Brandes) appears and dusted their eyes, causing their eyes to get tired until they have fallen asleep.

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And among all of Sunday’s debuts, there’s also the season finale Childrens Hospital which goes behind the scenes of the hospital drama, including a look at what it was like back in the 70s. This week’s How I Met Your Mother is a Stinson family reunion with Wayne Brady and Frances Conroy returning as Barney ’s brother and mother. It’s moving day for Mrs. Stinson and doing so brings out the truth about Barney’s father. Some of HIMYM ’s best episodes have focused on Barney and his family. The CW has a new 90210, with Teddy ’s drinking getting worse and leading to a drunken hook-up (if you missed it, here is last week’s recap ). Hopefully, Gossip Girl producers took note of what Setton brought to One Life to Live. Even though the judges weren’t fans of it, the twosome delivered a hilarious Viennese Waltz. I hope the bad comments from Bruno Tonioli and the other judges don’t discourage them from incorporating more silliness in their routines. Monday also brings some gay reality TV as Tim Sullivan picks a winner out of the hopeful Scream Queens. Meanwhile, Bryan ends up needing medical attention on Thintervention. The Hawaii Five-O remake, meanwhile, came in second with 28. %. The focuses on a, you got it, family who suddenly find themselves with superpowers after surviving cosmic rays a plane crash in the Amazon. Since Berlanti is a comic geek, I’ve got my hopes that No Ordinary Family will manage to find its own voice among superhero dramas. Meanwhile, Bravo is kicking off a new season of Inside the Actors Studio starting with comedy legend Betty White. Hopefully, host James Lipton will be able to ask the right questions to bring Betty’s many amazing years in showbiz to life. Last season’s hit legal drama The Good Wife also returns on Tuesday. Last season, Alan Cumming joined the cast as Eli Gold, a political consultant helping Peter revive his career. Eli was inspired by Rahm Emanuel, though his language has been surprisingly clean for a character based on Emanuel.

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That was the person he lied to himself about wanting to be, and the type of person Ramsay IS, and Theon has been on the receiving end of such barbarism. She was just sad and trying to give him a reason to want to live and keep fighting. At this point I just wish that the Others give the story a swift end. Seeing him with a volcanic arm with super-human strength would be very sick though. Which of course made the flux spread through the city. She hopefully is no longer the political bore woman and fuck up who never leaves Essos that we know her to be. Missandei is a babe, and Daario is no longer in it for the pussy, and I think Dany is battle dyke now. Kinvara is hopefully the Ganondorf to Mel's Captain Falcon. But I think he is currently in spin-off bait Limbo until further notice. And I would like a Jorah spin off if its him being a sick man trying to do something impossible and traveling with failing strength. I wonder if them bringing up Lyanna mormont next week or the one after will tie into Jorah's story right now. Fingers crossed for a Jorah tie in series, because seeing actually EXCITING stuff in the Essos setting would be cool, and seeing stuff from Jorah's Essos exile mercenary knowledge coming back would be cool. Of the original small council Little Finger, Pycelle, and Varys are all doing considerably well. The logic behind this prediction is very flimsy: Daario, upon kneeling for Daenerys after Jorah’s suggestion to do so, had a panicked “shit shit shit shit” face on. Maybe his timing to initiate a coup had been thwarted, or he realized now that to do his job of killing Daenerys (as part of a larger conspiracy), he he would inevitably be killed immediately after by the newly loyal Dothraki’s. Perhaps in a later season Daenerys will find out about this, and take over the Ironborn after getting rid of Euron. It’s interesting that the episode where trees are doomed by the ships that must be built, is the episode also that we find out that the Children created the White Walkers to protect themselves and the trees. The previous Stark reunion—Sansa and Jon—was preceded by a direwolf’s death (Rikkon’s), and so too Bran’s direwolf now dead will precede Bran and Benjen’s reunion. This may be reading in to this too much, but Robb and Arya were almost reunited when Robb’s direwolf was killed. Perhaps there is an inverse ratio of Stark dead to direwolf dead, and maybe they will even bring Robb back to take over Lady Stoneheart’s.

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Signing up for the Eternal Glory 4 Miler benefits our Charity Partner, Back on My Feet and supports real life Champions as they transform their lives one mile at a time. Help others go from homeless to transforming their lives, sign up for the Eternal Glory 4-Miler. The Eternal Glory 4-Miler event shirt, Mermaid Hair Don't Care, is a must have. Are you willing to take Rob Gronkowski in the late 2nd of 12 team leagues. We all know how dominate he is when on the field, but his availability is becoming a huge concern at this point. The TE position is much deeper than most seem to think. I plan on targeting Travis Kelce in rounds 4-5, Jimmy Graham-Kyle Rudolph in rounds 7-9, or even Jack Doyle in rounds 11-12. With a thousand ships, and two good hands. ? GameOfThrones. This is a good article, which suggests getting yourself an agent. Some of the big names won't do things that way, but many of the smaller publishers are open to things like that. If you don't know any publishers at all, go to BoardGameGeek. om and start browsing for games in your genre. ( Full Answer ). Another is ThomasGlover and Company in the United Kingdom, a third is Kerr FireFighting Chemicals, and fourth is Angus Fire, also in the UK. The division that did electronic work was called Centralab. My dad, Paul W. Boehlke, who did the trucking for Globe, helped dump parts that didn't meet passing standards into Lake Michigan so that spies would not steal them. If you're actually wanting to suggest an idea that you want to be a part of.

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Among this army of zombies is none other than Jon’s loyal giant dearly departed pal, Wun-Wun. It’s a small scene that managed to be both very sad, and very scary at the same time. He wants everyone, ages 10 to 60 to be part of this effort. including the women. That’s right, boys and girls, Jon Snow is a FEMINIST ICON. We all knew he couldn’t have that great head of hair for no reason. But Lyanna Mormont, that fan favorite, and Tiny Juggernaut of Awesomeness, quickly puts all those dumb boys in their place. When Jon posits returning the Umber and Carstark castles to their surviving family members, even though the two families recently deserted the North, in favor of fighting for the Boltons during the Battle of the Bastards last season, Sansa aggressively dismisses the idea. She argues that those homes should be diverted to families who were loyal to the North instead. Jon quickly shuts Sansa down his relative’s more draconian ruling tactics, by publicly gaining the fealty of the youngest surviving Umber and Carstark, respectively. Jon, in turn, not so casually accuses Sansa of being just a wee bit like Cersei, in her new take-no-prisoners attitude. He warns Cersei that if she wants to win the Game of Thrones she needs to make some friends, who she won’t ultimately end up murdering, and STAT. He’s the perfect supporting cast member to any Leading Rom Com Queen. So much shade and so many burns thrown in “straight man” Jamie’s general direction. He’ll be back. with gifts! And everyone knows GBF’s give the best gifts EVER. We reunite with Sam at the Hogwarts School for Old and Ugly Wizards to find him shoveling lots of poo. Like seriously, there was an actual five-minute long POO scene in this episode. It was as close as GOT has ever come to a musical montage, but with gagging and poo splashing sounds in the place of actual music.