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That means it's time for the October Horror Movie Challenge once again. Last year I managed to get halfway through the month before it all went pear-shaped; let's see if I can beat that record this year. At the wedding reception, taking place at a large country estate, the uncle starts to show symptoms of being infected and attacks the other guests, infecting them in turn and causing a panic on the dancefloor. At the same time, the police and the GEO arrive to put the estate into quarantine. The newlyweds Clara and Koldo, and a rapidly-dwindling group of survivors have to fight to survive the night and make sure that they do not become infected so that they can escape the quarantine. I guess I understand why this was done - by 2012 found-footage was starting to lose a lot of its allure, and its very nature limits how many characters the film can focus on (they all have to be with the person doing the filming), and I guess I get why the film starts off making us think it's going to be found-footage like the previous two films before swerving and switching to third-person with a sly little dig at the genre to boot. To disregard something the series was known for seems counter-productive, at least. Now, at any film set at a wedding you expect there to be some elements of romance, and despite the fact that the only rom-coms I've ever actually enjoyed were Shaun of the Dead and Bridget Jones' Diary I'm certainly not hating on the genre (and Clara and Koldo are a pretty kick-ass couple), but I found the switch between these themes felt awkward and jarring, not to mention lessening the impact of the film's actual horror moments. Oh, the French girl is light-heartedly called a slut for hooking up with another wedding guest. Please stop making me laugh, my heart can barely take it. Slightly less effective is the scene where a group of survivors discover that the infected cannot enter the old chapel on the estate grounds, and someone mentions that they also cannot stand holy water being thrown on them. Now I admit that I've never been in a situation that would necessitate it, but I can't see myself throwing holy water on zombies just on the off chance that they might not like it, not unless I knew more of what was going on than I should have. And despite having this sanctuary that the infected can't get into, they decide to leave it anyway. Sigh. I almost get the idea that the image might have been conceived of first and then the rest of the film built around it. Combine that with one or two other moments in the film (spoiler: someone has to chainsaw their arm off after being bitten ), and I can't help but wonder if Evil Dead 2 was in the filmmakers' minds as well while they were making the film.

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I always thought that Arya will get assigned to kill Dany since that would pit two of the most popular characters who we've spent the most time with against each other. If Arya just ends up killing some Lannister, Boltons, and Freys as a result of all of her training well then I think that'd be a bland story. Bravos originated from slaves that escaped Valyria, Dany's ancestors, so theres a history of animosity between the faceless men and those who had dragons. It’s fairly obvious, because it’s something that involves a couple of characters, one of whom is dead on the show, but not dead in the books. He has at least two battles and a daughter burning in the upcoming book (the pending battle he has to survive in order to burn Shireen and another battle that'll involve his death), throwing in a twist would be too much baggage for a secondary character. I think it'll be Barristan since we know he gets viewpoint chapters in The Winds of Winter. He could betray Dany when he finds out about Aegon. Well, this might explain what the Many-Faced God represents to the Faceless Men. I also think she doesn't get enough appreciation for her work on Game of Thrones. For a while now I'm busy with rewatching all five Game of Thrones seasons in advance of season six and I hadn't seen the first three seasons in a long time (two episodes left on season three atm) and I was even surprised at how early Brienne shows up in the story. But ever since she was on the show she felt like one of the leading characters and especially in season 3, she is. I'm glad Riverrun will finally return, hopefully we'll see that great negotiation scene between Jaime and the Blackfish from AFFC. At least, I don't know what'll happen to Sansa either, but like I said, I hope she is one of the leaders of the Northern Rebellion against the Boltons. The people who leaked the first four episodes of season 5 last year must be so proud. -screeners. I've always found it strange to show a staggering FOUR EPISODES to critics, almost half of the season.