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An ATS can easily sift through submitted resumes to search for keywords that might send a resume to the trash pile or get it through the door. But, as with any automation, you risk missing out on candidates who are highly qualified but don’t fit the algorithm for whatever reason. Maybe they used a different phrase or word for a specific skill or terminology that went ignored by the ATS. This is especially true when it comes to rapidly changing high-tech jargon and skills. “We recommend that both the hiring manager and the HR professional have access to the applicant tracking system to improve the process. It is very difficult to avoid resumes sliding between the cracks of the HR desk and hiring manager’s desk unless there is a very robust HR organization that has the IT subject matter expertise to identify candidates rather than just looking for keywords,” says Monika Dowal, senior director at Mondo. And if you’re working with a third-party recruiting service, make sure they’re open to back-and-forth communication to help drive better leads on potential candidates. If they aren’t willing to let you tweak a keyword or update a job description mid-process, it might be time to find another recruiting firm. Fostering communication between HR, recruiters, hiring managers and department heads isn’t just beneficial for finding the best talent. It also shows candidates that your company can get it together and cross-collaborate. “If your teams have strong communication at every level, it will create a fluidity that makes your organization stand out from the pack and attracts the best candidates. Making sure everyone is heard and understood during the hiring process translates into a smooth start for your latest rock star — and everybody wins in that scenario,” says Robertson. An efficient hiring process not only helps you zero in on the best talent, but it helps keep the hiring process moving quickly. And that’s important in the tech industry, where the skills gap is creating a competitive hiring market, says Dowal. The best way to be prepared for an open rec on your team is to view the department’s relationship with HR as a constant commitment, rather than just communicating during the hiring process.

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He informed us that THAT particular AMC doesn't accept their own passes because they have over 400 of THOSE transitions a month. I let him know if there was some way to redeem them online and pay a difference, there probably wouldn't be that issue. He just looked at me and said that the couldn't do anything. Then we were rudely interrupted by another customer because her movie was about to start. The rep could have told her to wait her turn but instead, we were nudged aside. Thankfully our server in the lounge, Rita, was sweet. And our server in the movie was sweet and attentive. I feel like they need a good wipe down and let them dry or dry them down because it smelled like sweat at an old gym. We ordered a salad, sampler, cheeseburger and an Asian bowl with meat and shrimp. The salad was good, sampler was okay - we could have done without. The cheeseburger was good but I added mushrooms and they were not. Fries were over salty while my fiance's Asian dish was good. It was the avengers) but I think from now on, I'll try other chains of movie theaters because this one isn't up to par. Ambiance: The lobby is simple and usually not busy. Food: There are your typical bar food options along with more hearty entrees.


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Berger is essential reading for those engaged in the visual arts. The auteur theory was an invention of French critics who maintained that directors are to movies what poets are to poems. The leading American proponent of the auteur theory was Andrew Sarris, who wrote for the Village Voice, and used this pulpit to promote the then novel idea that the director is the sole author of his work, regardless of whatever contribution the writers, producers and actors may make. Biskind: Easy Riders and Raging Bulls 1998. George Rodger: Female SS guards bury dead at Bergen Belsen Death Camp 1945 ? 1948 Harry Everett Smith: A Strange Dream and Early Abstractions. SMITH ON SMITH Filmmaker, musicologist, ethnographer, bohemian, and occultist, Harry Smith was one of the most original artists and unusual thinkers in postwar American culture. His Anthology of American Folk Music, a collection of early folk and blues, was a seminal text in the folk revival movement, and has gone on to inspire countless generations of musicians and roots music fans. Please join Patti Smith and friends for a night of film, live music, and remembrance as we celebrate the publication of Harry Smith: The Avant-Garde in the American Vernacular. Tickets are required, and are available at the Billy Wilder Theater Box Office one hour prior to start time. Limit one ticket per person on a first come, first served basis. Hammer members receive priority seating, subject to availability. HARRY SMITH (1923-1991) Harry Smith was an artist whose activities and interests put him at the center of the mid twentieth-century American avant-garde. Although best known as a filmmaker and musicologist, he frequently described himself as a painter, and his varied projects called on his skills as an anthropologist, linguist, and translator. He had a lifelong interest in the occult and esoteric fields of knowledge, leading him to speak of his art in alchemical and cosmological terms.


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urat resmi DPO Erma-wan segera dikeluarkan,ujarnya. Herman menyatakan pihaknya akan menyiapkanberkas termasuk foto-foto, danberkoordinasi dengan tim dariPidana Khusus (Pidsus) untukmencekal Ermawan. Saat disinggung tentangjaminan terdakwa, hal itu diluar dari kewenangan kejak-saan mengingat jaminan anta-ra terdakwa dengan pihakpenjamin dilakukan di Penga-dilan Negeri (PN) Medan. JAKARTA (Waspada): Ke-tua Umum Partai Golkar Abu-rizal Bakrie mengatakan turutbahagia mengetahui PresidenJoko Widodo menyebut kabi-netnya dengan nama KabinetKerja. Menurut politisi yangakrab disapa ARB itu, namaKabinet Kerja memiliki kesa-maan makna dengan parpolberlambang pohon beringin itu. MenurutARB, dengan kerja yang baikmaka akan menghasilkankarya. Kalau kerja tersebut baik,maka akan selalu didukungoleh Partai Golongan Karya, ujar ARB. ia kembali menyinggung soal keputusan Golkar yangtidak lagi berada di dalam ling-karan pemerintahan. ARB me-nyebut Golkar tetap akanmenjadi sahabat bagi peme-rintah. Namun, sebagai saha-bat yang baik tentu kami akanbersikap kritis dan tidak tinggal Lanjut ke hal A2 kol. 1 PPP Akan Gugat Ke PTUNMuktamar Islah Tetap Berlangsung JAKARTA (Waspada): Senior Partai Persatuan Pembangunan(PPP) Bachtiar Chamsyah menilai langkah intervensi peme-rintah (Kemenkumham) yang mengeluarkan surat keputusanpengesahan hasil Muktamar VIII Surabaya versi KetumRomahurmuziy (Romy) semakin memperkeruh upayapenyelesaian partai berlambang Kabah. Mestinya pemerintah berdasarkan Undang-Undang, jikaada perselisihan diselesaikan oleh mahkamah partai. Oleh karena itu, Bachtiar berpendapat mahkamah partailangsung menugaskan keputusan Islah dengan melaksanakanMuktamar Islah dan diperkuat KH Maimun Zubair selaku KetuaMajelis Syariah PPP. Seharusnya pemerintah memanggil keduabelah pihak buat penjelasan. Menteri itu harus negarawan.