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Behind the Vagner with its 126. 5 mph top speed is the Autarch at 125. mph in 9th place in class. The RE-7B is next, 15th in class at 123. mph, followed by the XA-21 with 122. mph in 17th in class. Whilst the Autarch is somewhat close, the Vagner has them all beat for both lap times and top speed. Winner: Vagner Weight One of the main differences these cars have which will actually affect you in a racing situation is weight. Weight in GTA has no effect on performance but is instead programmed to be used in collisions. A car that weighs more will fare better in a crash with a car that weighs less. The big standout here is the XA-21 which weighs 1,400kg. Compared to the 1,300kg of the Autarch the advantage doesn’t seem that great, but it’s a lot better than the 1,000kg weight of the Vagner and 880kg weight of the lightest-in-class RE-7B. If your opponent attempts to take you out of a race he’ll have a much harder job of doing it if you’re driving an XA-21 rather than an RE-7B. Winner: XA-21 Difficulty Some people are better drivers than others, but everyone can benefit from a car being easy to drive from the get go. Even top drivers will have more consistently good results in an easier to drive car. In this respect the Vagner is actually the worst of the top four, with the Autarch (often referred to as the “baby Vagner”) offering the most stable drive. The XA-21 is a close second though, and for novice drivers would probably win out due to its impressive acceleration and less reliance on needing to extract the maximum in terms of cornering speeds which is where the other three cars get their lap times from.

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More accurately, we only just found out about it. ? Everyone, there’s no spoilers in this post, so please be careful about covering your spoilers, especially the leaks. The leak is vague, lacks context, lacks details (especially with indoor scenes), lacks plot points we’ve gotten from other sources (Iron Bank, King’s Landing parade, who knows what else is thee) so we don’t have it all 2. Far from it. We just have glimpses at the outlines. So when lads said she’s dying like how she killed Joffrey, it sealed the deal for me that even the interior scenes were accurate. There is always the answer that fits and the answer that is true. But if we give away a roadmap to guide others analysis, we can make sure they stop at the answer that “fits”. It’ll be a great day when it turns out it was their trick all along. Wouldn’t be surprising given their lack of any response and action concerning it. But it doesn’t change that we know pretty much all the major plot points for next season, and that’s a fact, either you like it or not. Was kind of hoping to be wrong, but I live for spoilers so it’s all good. I can’t wait to see how he interacts with the others, it’s going to be great. I see your point but I don’t think they would go so out of their way to deceive us. Maybe bring in an actor or two on set, tweak a few things here and there but the bulk of the season was out in the open for the world to see and there’s no doubt it was true at this point. I wonder what caused this leak, they seem to have major security issues.

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As Tywin leaves the room, Cersei hesitantly opens her eyes and shifts her gaze toward Tyrion, expecting to see him laughing at her but Tyrion is too glum about his own awkward predicament. Cersei and Tyrion Lannister observe Loras and Sansa from Cersei's chambers overlooking the garden. Tyrion decides he might as well dash Sansa's hopes sooner rather than later. As the court gathers for Tyrion's wedding, Cersei finally snaps when Margaery says she looks radiant. Loras sees her and tries to make small talk, but Cersei rudely brushes him off. Cersei is present at the meeting where Tyrion learns of Robb and Catelyn's deaths. At the end of the meeting, she leads Joffrey to bed after he calls out Tywin's cowardice during the Rebellion. Later, Cersei visits Tyrion and rudely dismisses Podrick. Tyrion mentions how dealing with one enemy creates two more, and she just says that they will be in this position for a long time. When Jaime returns to King's Landing, he immediately goes to Cersei's chambers and calls her name. Looking at seashells on her bed, smiling, she turns around upon hearing her name called, shocked and sickened at finding him maimed. Season 4. When Jaime tries to make love to her, she refuses him and says that everything has changed and that he took too long to return. Cersei is present at the breakfast of Joffrey and Margaery and tells Tywin about Shae being seen leaving Tyrion's chambers. Cersei quickly points out that she bowed instead of performing a curtsy. After Margaery says that the leftovers are going to the poor, Cersei kisses her on the cheek and says she is an inspiration to them all. Joffrey then makes his speech, publicly embarrassing Tyrion, much to Cersei's delight.

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I haven't been enjoying the show as much as I once did. What especially makes me mad though, is the lead up to EP7. All I've been reading about is how 'boatsex' is going to be the hottest thing ever. The plot holes are massive and it for me, its become too hard to ignore. Hate when people like emergency awesome talk about it like its good. It can be, but often it can interfere with plot and good storytelling and go against character development to make things happen. Actually time did pass from the time Sam worked on Jorahs greyscale. It was assumed he showed dramatic improvement immediately or Sam mustve said something so they kept him for observation. Brett Fleming ? ? You sly devil, I didn't consider that bit about it being topical at all. Correct me if I'm wrong, but dragon glass doesn't have any effect on wights, does it. I mean no more than a normal stone, I don't think there's evidence in the books or show of obsidian harming anything but the others, or white walkers. I'd think it more likely that grey scale is completely opposite to the things beyond the wall, the stone men are essentially the antithesis of the wights. Instead of returning from the dead, they aren't permitted its embrace. Instead of decaying over time, they develop a grotesque, tough exterior. Instead of being controlled passively, they become increasingly uncontrollable over time.

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He plopped himself down on the floor four feet from where we were hosting this session. All of a sudden, the planchette changed direction and energy. It spelled out, “I like the name Bear. I looked at this young white cat laying on the floor staring back at me and asked him, “What is the name you went by before you came to me? He replied, “George. This newly adopted cat renamed himself via the Board and from that moment on, his name became Bear. They know only unconditional love and will do all they can to add to your efforts. They truly want to please you while living their existence. We can most definitely learn so much about unconditional love from our pets, especially when we take the time to connect with them. Moreover, it has so many misconceptions, prejudice and it is seen as “demonic”. I know that one has to use it wisely, with respect due to the spirits we contact, as we have for people we meet in ordinary life. I know how to protect myself, and nothing wrong ever happened to me (quite the contrary, in fact. I’d love to communicate with my dog and my cat, I didn’t know it was possible. I’m patient, and ask my friend from beyond to help me. You are so spot on with your approach to this tool. When we remain at the helm of this tool work, we will engage and explore such incredible realms. So, whether it’s called an “Angel Board,” “Witch Board,” “Ouija Board,” etc, they are all the same.

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Almost 6 seasons and Dany’s barely moved while so many other things have happened in Westeros. Now, after so long with barely anything substantial happening, I’m like, meh whatever. Or the “no need to say or absolutely should say In my opinion”. There is never a need to respond to someone simply because you disagree and call them some sort of disparaging name. One of the things that improves a thread is the healthy debate, regardless of what side you come down on. The old “well they did it first” doesn’t hold water with most adults, if one doesn’t care for a position another has, then just ignore it. I don’t see why we can’t play nicely, without resorting reflexively to insults, either. People with low blood sugar get a little weird sometimes. Plus she appears to have a great deal of reverence for fire and dragons. I have the impression that she worships R’hllor ( as seems to be popular in Asshai) but perhaps isn’t an indoctrinated priestess. I have my suspicions that she may be an agent working for the Church of R’hllor though as she was very quick to search Dany out after the dragon’s were born. Hopefully we will find out in the books but I fear the show is done with her. IMO, this is aggressive communication, and not what I would use in my day to day with co-workers or family. When I read these types of things, I think “well, we’re not all expert at non-aggressive communication”, and I don’t really mind. I get angry seeing someone being treated with outright hostility and being ganged up on. I start to loose respect for the posters engaging in that behavior, and I stop taking anything they say seriously, about Sean C. The name-calling, triangulating, and attacking someone’s character can continue, of course.

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Despite his many flaws, Lee is a character we just can’t help but root for; mostly because we know we’d be just as messed up had the same tragic events happened to us. One of the movie’s most memorable moments is the reunion scene with Lee and Randi (Williams): the surprise encounter between the divorced couple is squirm-in-your-seat awkward but contains Oscar-caliber performances from the lead actors. Chandler, who plays Lee’s brother Joe, is influential and memorable in his ancillary role. Hedges, C. . Wilson, Tate Donovan, Susan Pourfar, Gretchen Mol and Matthew Broderick are all superb in their supporting performances. The gorgeous seaboard vistas (filmed at various locations in Massachusetts) provide context, atmosphere and a nearly palpable sense of place. These establishing shots are skillfully woven into the action by Lonergan and his editing team and serve as the unbilled star of the movie. One repetitive, static shot, which captures images of Lee shoveling the same patch of sidewalk on successive days, depicts the harsh conditions and tedious sameness of winters in the Atlantic Northeast. Such creative flourishes are a double-edged sword, however, since they lend the film an art house aesthetic while also detracting from its overall commercial appeal. In the end, Manchester is a movie about personal struggle and the journey to find a measure of sweetness in an otherwise bitter life. The film’s somber mood and slow pacing won’t be a winning combination for many viewers, but those who enjoy rich characterizations and nuanced storytelling will embrace the film. The critical buzz surrounding Manchester substantiates its status as a frontrunner for Best Picture. Happy reading! Hidden Figures is an inspirational biopic that transports its audience back to a less progressive, yet more purposeful, period in American history. The story centers on three African American women who make substantial contributions to NASA’s rocket program during its most crucial decade, the Space Race 60s. Taraji P.