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1996b. ? ubject-verb agreement in Spanish and English: differences in the role of conceptual-constraints. Cognition 61: 261-298. Introduction T his paper is concerned with the morphosyntactic and semantic properties of the free morpheme ish appearing in (1). 2 This is a relatively recent innovation of the bound morpheme -ish, a cross-categorial bound morpheme that forms adjectives. Thanks also to the audience of the 39th AEDEAN Conference. I am the only one responsible for any remaining mistakes. This degree variable need not be syntactically present, but can be coerced in the semantic component. When attached to adjectives, -ish targets the scale lexically encoded in gradable adjectives and identifies a degree that is slightly less than the standard for the constituent it applies to. He proposes that ish spells out the head of a Qualifier Phrase that can take a VP, a PP, or an AP complement, as represented in (12), and exemplified in 0. (12) General structure for QualP, where XP is VP or PP 310 (13) ISABEL OLTRA-MASSUET Mary answered my question ish. So, note that, as in (5), speaker-oriented adverbs like frankly, honestly or truthfully cannot appear in yes-no questions, either. 6 As pointed out in Ernst (2009), speaker-oriented adverbs are positive polarity items, and, like ish in (6), cannot follow negation. Likewise, their syntactic position is restricted to the Left periphery, so that, like ish in (7), they do not appear within auxiliary projections.

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It was difficult for the producers to get as much out of him as they did. I'd be happy just with a book 6 right now SolicitatingZebra. That's why I hold off from book series till theyre done, like the damn Dark Tower. I have a question regarding multivariate linear regression. In the show he kills her and just has to hope that Sansa defends him LUL. It optimizes a linear equation with multiple variables by iteratively adjusting the variable coefficients(weights). He may uncover it but becuase the show has neglected to show us anything about Rhaegar or talk about him that will probably not be very relevant. I'm just going off what the show has given us to go off of. The show is by proxy spoiling and ruining the books tbh. Wasn't the whole Caitlyn, Sansa, Littlefinger thing supposed to show how he really was willing to do anything for them? I got on it right after and started arguing with him. I can't watch most anime, I don't think I could watch this alone and not shoot myself. I hopped on this account 30 seconds after and started arguing with him. He knows i made another acc right after he just ignored it. Maybe he knows he just woke up cranky and raged banned.

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And because of that, I may go back to The Yards, just as I may shop at Huckleberry's some day. Trader Joe's offers much the same kind of product that you can get at Huckleberry's, and it's not difficult to find any number of local eateries that serve a quick late-lunch breakfast. None of us have to sit and stew about poor service, no matter what the reason. We saw a booth, sat down, got served right away with drinkable coffee and ice tea, well-cooked eggs and bacon and toast. As well as being hot and plentiful, the food was just what we needed. Which is my point: Give me good service or, regardless of your reputation, I'm taking my appetite — and money — elsewhere. Programs is paring the arts and fine cuisine as it. The library is the intellectual heart of the campus. Join a study group, get tutoring, or use the Writers’ Center. Locate online resources, discuss supporting evidence with a librarian, or even borrow a book. Take the first step and learn why thousands of students have chosen EWU as their home. You know that board game that Universal Pictures made into a movie a few years back. It did somewhat good, despite it being a poor excuse of what qualifies for a movie. It was one of the worst movies I have ever seen and still they decided to make a sequel, and not just a sequel but a time period prequel that Justin somehow enjoyed watching. Studios are scratching the barrel for ideas that already have somewhat of a foundation.

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Karena itu, gugatan legal standing ini menggunakan mekanisme penggabungan gugatan ganti kerugian sebagaimana diatur di dalam Pasal 98 KUHAP. Kami daftarkan gugatan kepada Akil pada tanggal 4 Juni 2014 di Pengadilan Koruptor (melalui Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Pusat),” papar mantan Kepala LBH Surabaya Pos Malang tersebut. Digunakannya penggabungan gugatan ganti kerugian, karena Pasal 35 UNCAC tersebut menyerahkan kepada Negara anggota untuk mengatur sendiri mekanisme yang diperlukan untuk menjamin pemenuhan kompensasi tersebut. Akhirnya diputuskan bahwa KRHN memungkinkan menggugat Perdata di Pengadilan Pidana dalam hal ini Pengadilan Tipikor. Akil digugat karena selain melanggar ketentuan hukum pidana juga melakukan perbuatan melawan hukum yang merugikan masyarakat. KRHN juga meminta hakim menghukum tergugat Akil untuk membayar kerugian kepada masyarakat. Dirugikan ”KRHN adalah salah satu pihak yang berpartisipasi dalam pembentukan MK jelas dirugikan oleh perbuatan Akil. Akhirnya PN Jakpus menilai karena Akil telah divonis di Pengadilan Tipikor Jakarta dengan hukuman penjara seumur hidup, maka gugatan kami tidak bisa dikabulkan dalam putusan pada 30 Oktober lalu,” kata Kanti. Selain itu, mereka juga membidik kasus korupsi Alkes di Provinsi Banten yang melibatkan Chairi Wardana (Wawan) untuk uji coba gugatan yang sama. Boleh jadi karena harga alat kesehatan yang membubung karena pengadaannya di-mark up. Hal itu akan membuat anggaran yang sebenarnya berguna bagi orang miskin terkuras. Demikian demikian, orang akan berpikir seribu kali, bahkan tidak berani lagi untuk korupsi. (Hartono Harimurti - 61) meyakinkan dia sampai dengan selamat dan aman di tengah keluarga, jangan sampai melarikan diri,” tandasnya. Arsyad mengaku senang bisa berkumpul kembali bersama keluarga. Pagi itu, dia kaget karena dibangunkan oleh teman sesama tahanan dan diberi tahu akan dibebaskan.

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Progenitor of both the Nazisploitation and Women-in-Prison subgenres. Roger Ebert ! who had became friends with Meyer after writing positive reviews of several of his films. This movie had a quite particular production history: It began shooting in 1967 as solely a spy thriller. However, after the film couldn't be sold to a proper distributor, new footage featuring bikers was filmed and incorporated into the plot, and the resulting product then did find a release. The girl's grandfather confronts them but is dosed with LSD. About a man sworn-to-non-violence going to live with his cousins and getting on the wrong side of a local drug lord. Only one problem — the new food makes cats develop a taste for human flesh, and kitties are tearing out throats all over town. Starring George Hamilton, who also produced, and Sue Lyon of Lolita fame. The only survivors are Charlton Heston, Rosalind Cash, a handful of children, and a clan of Evil Albinos that want to smush them all. Adapted from the novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. Previously adapted as The Last Man on Earth in 1964. Remade under the title of the original novel in 2007. A Trope Codifier for Blaxploitation, it's best known today for its fantastic theme song by Isaac Hayes. Got two sequels, a short-lived series of TV movies and a pseudo-reboot.

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NEVER HERE is absolutely gorgeous, but we’re not convinced how “horror” this is. Our final trailer is HALLOWEEN PUSSY TRAP 1:15:48 October 11, 2017 The Modern Horrors Podcast EP 123: Extortion This week’s episode is brought to you by Audible. Our final trailer is HALLOWEEN PUSSY TRAP 1:15:48 October 11, 2017 The Modern Horrors Podcast EP 122: Tonight Matt Comes After a week off so that Luke could check out Fantastic Fest (presumably), we’re back and this time we’ve added a co-host. Matt Stuertz, director of RWD and most recently TONIGHT SHE COMES, joins the madness for the entire episode. Heading into the news feed we have to mention the original HALLOWEEN is coming back to theaters. SYFY channel has gotten away from sharks being paired with weather patterns and is giving us NEVERKNOCK and TRUTH OR DARE. Netflix continues to champion the genre with horror-comedy THE BABYSITTER and the acquisition of THE RITUAL. And finally, since we have the man himself on the show, we talk about TONIGHT SHE COMES and the one-night screening it is having. Early listeners to the show will get a chance to see it Thursday, October 5th. As a sorry for missing a w 1:56:54 October 5, 2017 The Modern Horrors Podcast EP 122: Tonight Matt Comes After a week off so that Luke could check out Fantastic Fest (presumably), we’re back and this time we’ve added a co-host. As a sorry for missing a w 1:56:54 October 5, 2017 The Modern Horrors Podcast EP 121: High Hopes Three years in the making and your boys finally land themselves sponsor. By now you’ve probably heard that Jaime Lee Curtis will be returning to the HALLOWEEN franchise. We share some of the sparse details as well as speculate and debate what may be going on. Fans of MTV’s SCREAM can rejoice as the series has been renewed for season. Not only that, they’re adding some big names, some iconic imagery, and an unusual release schedule.

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Sissoko could be seen to place himself between Van Persie and the ball, in attempt to dispossess the Dutch striker as he tried to score. But the pair appeared to come together and the former United star was sent crashing to the turf. Writhing around on the floor while holding his left eye, play was stopped as Van Persie received urgent treatment. After being removed from the field on a stretcher, Van Persie could then be seen with a bandage pressed across his eye with traces of blood leaking from beneath. His new 'world record' is part of his 'Iron Liver Challenge' videos, where he has previously completed jagerbomb races and a mouthwash challenge. In a video earlier this year the pair raced litre vodka bottles but the Big Brother favourite was unable to finish and threw up. Dr Petra Meier from Sheffield University branded the world record as 'lunacy' and warned that others may copy the stunt. A spokesperson said: 'We don't monitor records that can encourage someone to partake in an activity that can be life-threatening such as the video in question, therefore we wouldn't be ratifying this as a Guinness World Records title. . Josh Miller, 19, from Wishaw in Lanarkshire, lost control of his pet as it attacked Elaine McAllister in the street and sunk its teeth into her thigh, while she was out shopping. Shocking CCTV footage of the attack in Wishaw, shows Mrs McAllister being dragged to the ground while Miller desperately attempts to get the animal back under control. Customers from a nearby shop and members of the public are seen running to try and stop the attack after the dog, Nala, locked its jaws onto Mrs McAllister's leg. The disturbing video shows a van driver slam on his brakes and run over armed with a weapon in a desperate bid to stop the attack. Another member of the public repeatedly kicks the dog but to no avail. The attack lasts for more than two minutes and shows the dog being brought under control but then breaking free to launch a further attack before it is stopped.