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Percaya deh! Tonton sekarang mumpung belum puasa, daripada haram kalo ngomong kasar yekaaan. Shot in 35-millimeter black and white, “Tu Dors Nicole” (French for “You’re Sleeping Nicole”) observes the indolent summer spent by the 22-year-old title character (Julianne Cote), who has the run of her parents house in a generic middle-class suburb while they’re away on vacation. They have left her a checklist of things to do, which she largely ignores. The movie is divided into short episodes that abruptly fade out. Many shots are geometrically formal compositions whose precision distances you from what little action there is. Opposite her, both Grondin and St-Laurent, manage the tricky balance between offering able support without taking away anything from the film's focus on the title character. (Continue on Comment Section ? . Durasi film yg 123 min ga ngebosenin sama sekali dan di film ini banyak pesan2 moralnya. Filmnya menegangkan dan mereka bisa menjaga alur film tetep menarik dr awal sampai akhir film. Bercampur semua rasa tegang, greget, kaget dan sedih.

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They would have to understand if he kept doing this. One large Glenfiddich had been enough - he was going to have to return to the Incident Room later this evening and needed all his wits. With less than a dozen other people in the pub the place was not very busy. A one armed bandit at the far end of the room winked and blinked away forlornly like an old tart in a windswept alley. Her hair, freshly washed and shining, hung down over her shoulders. She wore a classy-looking light suede jacket over a beige tank top, white jeans of fashionable three quarter length, revealing her slender ankles, and plain white mules. Of course he had had no time to change or even tidy himself up. He was wearing the plain navy suit he had put on early this morning in case he had to appear in court, with a white shirt and plain navy tie - now slackened and hanging at half mast with his top button open. He loved her blue eyes, her small, pretty nose, her almost rosebud lips, her dimpled chin, her lean body. And she smelled stunning too, as if she had been marinated in some very classy perfume. Some difference to the reek of Trigene disinfectant that he normally associated her with - tonight she radiated femininity, her eyes sparkled with fun, and every man in the pub was j ogling her. If she came any closer still she would be snuggling up to him.

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The South Carolina Legislature was in session on Thursday, and Mr. Pinckney’s chair was draped in black cloth. The entire Senate stood with that chamber’s chaplain at their podium as he said he “would miss that booming voice from one of the gentlest men I have ever known. The chamber also showed the members a video from earlier this year, as Mr. Pinckney spoke about the death of Walter Scott who was shot in the back by a police officer following a traffic stop. In the video he urged lawmakers require body cameras that would “let sunshine into the process,” and while he called for prayers for Mr. Scott’s family he also called for prayers for the officer charged in the shooting, “because the Lord teaches we should love all. Mr. Pinckney was 41 when he died. Police in North Carolina on Thursday arrested a suspect in the murders. The editorial pointed out how, like most newspapers, the MLive editorial board endorsed Mr. Snyder for re-election, but had urged him to use “his bully pulpit to address critical policy issues and better represent” the entire state.

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Whether it be a credit to the intriguing soundtrack and gorgeous cinematography or a boon to a good nap, the movie is seething in ambience, so get your coffee in before you watch it or Zama will zonk you out. Ask most other reviewers and they'll say this is director Lucretia Martel's triumphant return to film making. We witness his mental deterioration, trapped in a dead-end job, overseeing a South American colony, and pining for a transfer back to greater civilization. Sometimes he gets horny and shut down by just about every woman around him, and he is regularly exposed as a miserable and ineffective leader by nearly everyone else as he flounders between bureaucratic tedium and his general lack of purpose. For a protagonist, it's pretty hard to care about him as he's a boring and depressingly bad person. What this says about personal fulfillment amidst soul-crushing bureaucracy is nothing Brazil didn't overstate decades ago, so we're left with the admirably well-executed period design and the beauty of the South American coast. That stuff can only float my boat for so long before I nod off, and this is coming from someone who loves comparably paced films with similar settings like Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Embrace of the the Serpent, and Valhalla Rising. The current racial divide is inextricably linked to the provocatively titled BlacKkKlansman, and a timely film it will certainly prove to be. The only difference between the two factions being that the locals came to live in a place that is, at the very least, tolerant of alternate lifestyles, races, religions, genders, and sexual orientations, whereas many of the attendees of this rally will purposefully come here to show us the error of our ways by dragging the streets, looking for someone with turquoise hair to berate while 'Skynryd blares from their government subsidized Dodge Ram. As you would expect, he hardly had any complications in this endeavor because people who are particularly drawn towards nationalism and racial scapegoating happen to be, you guessed it, absolute morons. The whole thing plays out like a farce that's mostly populated by uncomfortable cringing. In the mean time, there is dialogue that signals specifically at things Donald Trump said, and the proceedings blatantly point to the Charlottesville tragedy.

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Do Not Waste a Single Minute of Your Extraordinary Life! We have all driven a long distance and arrived at our destination with little memory of the journey. This is because when we are doing routine activities our subconscious takes over to save energy. The problem is it doesn’t just happen when we drive. It happens every day when we are at work, when we are with our loved ones and indeed when we are living our lives. It is estimated that over 80% of people spend the majority of their waking time on autopilot. You have an unlimited capacity to have fun, meet amazing people, and feel truly awake every single day. But do you? When you’re living on autopilot (and most people are—80 percent of the time), those opportunities pass you by. Snap out of it! Any one of the 54 playful strategies in Wake Up. Chris Barez-Brown spells out the Insight, Plan, and Payoff of every strategy.

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Dark Mavis 2 bulan yang lalu Dave, I understand your plan. ND I have bad news for you. There is literally no one in the world that watches their screen while listening to a 38 minute creepypasta lol sorry Dave. XD jayy 4 bulan yang lalu how can a Luigi board type. Blue Coyote 4 bulan yang lalu So Dave's trying to tell use MKUltra really wasn't halted in 1973. Connor 5 bulan yang lalu you have become the very thing you swore to destroy Dave. John Doe 5 bulan yang lalu Dave vs Ai (2018) In theaters soon. Peiling Pey 6 bulan yang lalu oh no, I was just listening to this in the background do I seriously have to watch the whole thing over again to get those instructions dave come on you should know this DestinyFreedom VA 6 bulan yang lalu Dave don't be the next Kyubey no one likes an ass hole who toys with people's lives DestinyFreedom VA 6 bulan yang lalu Well. his was new Aiden Pearce Ashcroft 6 bulan yang lalu Mind-blowing Katie Baker 6 bulan yang lalu If I could give 3 thumbs up I would. What a cool story nutzoid guy 6 bulan yang lalu Finally a different way to look at an ouija board. THE-EXTERMANATO 6 bulan yang lalu Bro I get mad when his videos don’t come fast lmao, I love how he narrates, it’s so damn good, and every time I get caught up to date, and no more videos are out, I get frustrated, ily TheArtisticArtist 7 bulan yang lalu Why am I being sassed by a piece of wood named Dave. Lol, I just found out my dad had a ouija board,that he bought for a decoration for Halloween,but he bought an ACTUAL one.

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The skin, the very thing that protects us from the world we navigate, is stripped away. Through various explorations in materials and processes, these images address the most private parts of our beings, the relationships we carry through our lives, and the world in which we live. This exhibition showcases work by nine recent graduates of the International Center of Photography's Advanced Track Program. Students enrolled in ICP's Part-Time Programs participate in a series of unique seminars exploring ideas and materials and create comprehensive bodies of work. Graduates from these programs have continued on as working artists, attended prestigious graduate schools, and been awarded grants and scholarships, including a Fulbright Scholarship, along with many other recognitions of their work. This exhibition is curated by Ben Gest, Part-Time Programs coordinator, and Jean-Marie Casbarian, faculty. In memory of Harry Sandler, whose impact on each of us will not be forgotten. This is the first digital arts playground of its kind in Brooklyn-and the first time a BAM facility has been dedicated to an interactive, multi-space digital arts showcase for both youth and adult audiences. Algorithms ignite and formulas are felt in this stellar showcase of interactive technology. BAM’s first-ever tech takeover features three floors of innovative installation pieces that bridge the arts and digital media to inspire kids and parents alike. Take a virtual reality dive into fantasy forests, office cubicles, artist's studios, and two original VR films in this room full of immersive technology, where paintings come to 3D life and everyone's the hero of their own story. Letters blow like leaves off trees, shifting sands respond to your lightest touch, and clouds mold to your shadow in this series of 10 dreamlike installations, each a unique encounter with a different digital landscape.