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And the old man tells Salih a legend that supposed to happened in the forest. Although Salih doesn’t really believe in that legend he one day finds himself in it. Salih does what the legend says and after finding the award he makes his wish. Even if they have different parents, they are like the brothers of each other. Brotherhood is the most important thing, even from their mothers and fathers. In the house that he went to spill out his hatred, he finds out that his father has Alzheimer illness. Despite all the things they have been through, Umut feels responsible for his father. He decides to put him in the care home; but this would not be as easy as he expected. Father and son have to spend a day together as two strangers. Shot entirely on location, this is a haunting rumination on the heartbreaking effects of the political on the personal.

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They are merely the result of our worst fears working on our minds. He should have trusted in God to defend him against her. But he trusted his feelings which kept convincing him that Jezebel will succeed in having him killed. Simon Peter denied Christ three times because he was convinced by his subjective feelings that he would probably be arrested and executed with Christ if his identity was known. It is God’s prerogative alone to know the future, or secrets of the spiritual realm. Instead of consulting God, they try to consult someone who can tell them what the future will be. If we believe that our premonitions are correct, we would be usurping God’s prerogative. Does the effort one put into fasting contribute to God answering the prayer. He is seeking God’s guidance for an important matter (e. .