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It makes me wonder will Arya actually go to kings landing and kill Cersei. Pred rokem Pretty Boy Japan Bro plot leaks from six months ago clearly said that sansa and Arya are going to take out Little finger. So reasons to be mad at Arya and sansa are lame Pred rokem Asraful Ribat Bruh. You're being naive for putting your faith in the consistency of it. Arya! Pred rokem Man Da Danny and Jorah have way better chemistry. I think they're only pretending to be going at each other so little finger will let his guard down. Pred rokem avkingoking The only thing I'm annoyed with is the fact that they keep trying to portray Dany as different to other autocrats, like she's some type of inspirational humanitarian. The majority of Lannister soldiers that bent the knee to her only did so out of fear of Drogon, and fear was the same motive they fought for Cersei, according to Tyrion. So she's really no different to a Cersei or a Stannis. Pred rokem yangzta41 Yes, Gilly confirms that Rhaegar and Liana were married and that Jon Snow is not a bastard. Since this all happens in Dorne and Gilly mentions there was annulment followed by a wedding, this tells me Elia was in on it.

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I'm here to insist that we are not as divided as we seem. I know how far we've come against impossible odds. (APPLAUSE) I know we'll make because of what I've experienced in my own life; what I've seen of this country and its people, their goodness and decency, as president of the United States. And I know it because of what we've seen here in Dallas, how all of you out of great suffering have shown us the meaning of perseverance and character and hope. OBAMA: When the bullets started flying, the men and women of the Dallas police, they did not flinch and they did not react recklessly. Everyone was picking each other up and moving them away. The police helped Shetamia Taylor as she was shot trying to shield her four sons. She said she wanted her boys to join her to protest the incidents of black men being killed. She also said to the Dallas P. . thank you for being heroes. And today, her 12-year-old son wants to be a cop when he grows up.


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BMW CASE: Globalizing Manufacturing Operations INTRODUCTION This case focus on the dilemma that the president of BMW. Manufacturing Corp. Al Kinzer, faced in 1995 in relation to BMW's new plant at Spartanburg, South Carolina and a dramatically increased demand in the U. . Persuasive Paper Unit. To study the BMW case, the Persuasive paper unit, background information and role of new plant at Spartanburg will be described at the beginning. CEIBS. The CEIBS Case Centre is Assignment notes sponsored by McKinsey Company. BMW? Foreign Exchange Risk Management CC-111-010 BMW? Foreign Exchange. Risk Management ?


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