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Lamia was a beautiful woman who, like so many before and after her personal amorous encounter with Zeus, bore a number of his children. The furious Hera kidnapped those hybrid offspring and bundled them off to Olympia, far out of the reach of their mother’s arms. Distraught with grief and helpless in her wrath, Lamia knew that she was powerless to combat the wiles of Hera and to win back her children. In desperation, she began to entice any mortal child to serve as substitute for her own progeny. Regretfully, such wrongful actions transformed her into a beast with the head and breasts of a woman and the writhing, scaly body of a great serpent. And rather than mothering the human children she lured into her presence, she began to feast upon them. In time, Lamia reproduced and gave life to other creatures such as herself, beautiful women with the power to seduce and to suck the vital essence from those men who fell under their spell. In certain applications of the ancient legend, the Lamiae become very much like vampires or succubi, stealing the life force from their victims. Sources: Gordon, Stuart. Lawton, Texas O n the evening of February 27, 1971, thirty-five-year-old Donald Childs of Lawton, Texas, suffered a heart attack when he looked out in his front yard and saw a wolflike creature on its hands and knees attempting to drink out of a fish pond.

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HBO just released their first trailer for Season 7, so its time to crank this bad boy of a thread up for some fun times this year. Lets do what we do best and over-analyze the hell out of this 108 second long video. Coming full circle for her as its where she was born before getting taken to Essos. The White Walkers are going to be the culmination of the series. Also probably best to just get off the internet altogether other than the window you're streaming from. I had no idea what it was about but some older relatives talked endlessly about its greatness. He raved about Sense8 on Netflix to the point that we started it. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the show but there are some parts that are risque to say the least. I have always thought him to be a great guy, but see him a little bit differently these days. You won't be able to take your eyes off of it except that HBO makes you wait a week.


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ut CedRobert Stevenson, Leslie GoodThe three field appointments wins. Also waiting on the budget is Judith Evelyn, who’s been asked to take the lead. Jones said, however, that budget estimates will determine whether they can meet Miss Evelyn’s price. Miss Kent is working on shooting scripts, and expects to have about least now. Features were the subject of a protracted litigation, with Rogers aud Autry attempting to enjoin Republic from releasing them to tele. Case went to the U. . Supreme Court, which a few' months ago ruled in Republic’s favor. Hutton, Gal Orch As Guild Tinters Guild Films this week added another musical series to its expanding production roster, signing Ina Ray Hutton and her all-girl orch to a 39-picture series to be shot in color. Show will be the fifth musical in the Guild stable, the others being Liberace, Florian Zabach, Frankie Laine and Connie Haines.


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LOL, I was looking up why gamers think DW's controls are clunky. (Apparently they have never played Streets of Rage 2. The Dynasty Warriors series is by far the worst video game series ever created. Dynasty Warriors is the embodiment of the current belief that Japanese developers are reluctant, if not totally opposed, to generating new ideas in the gaming industry. Each new game features the same mindless, button smashing, beat-em-up action that can be found in the countless iterations and spin offs before it. Oh gee I wonder why. Perhaps this is due to how those same mindless button mashers constantly sell in the millions within Asia alone. That's what entertainment is for, to pass the time. They do not sit in front of a tv playing a videogame like some fat lazy ass American. So they do the logical thing and stick to that financial model.