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A Watch complication means you can tap on the screen to start translating straight away and if you'll let it, iTranslate will use your location to figure out what language it should be translating to or from. This is the app that aims to give you up-to-date information on upcoming flights. Set up your App in the Air account, enter the flight dates on your iPhone (or your booking reference, though this feature is still in beta) and in the Glances screen on your Watch it'll show the flight number and time until check-in closes. Tap through to the app itself and there are more details, including gate number when known. There's also a packing list to remind you to check travel insurance and roaming settings on your phone. If you use the Boris Bikes, as London's Santander Cycles bike hire scheme is affectionately called, this is handy. Since Transport for London releases bike and dock data every three minutes, apps are the best way to check availability. And unlike the official app, Cycle Hire has Watch compatibility. In the Watch's Glances screen it shows you how many bikes and spaces are available nearby. Then with a tap it'll reveal more detail either on a map or in list form. The iPhone app offers expanded features such as routes and reminders to return your bike when the 30-minute free hire period is running out. This is a comprehensive London Tube app, with a journey planner, live departure boards and more. On the Watch, London Tube Tracker shows details for stations you've picked as favourites on the iPhone, down to what trains will be arriving when. Meanwhile, on the Glances screen it'll tell you how long it is until your next or last train home and how long that journey should take.

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Nikada ne dozvoljava da vrh planine zamagle lepi snovi i sentimentalne zelje. On ne tezi slavi, vec poziciji realne moci: da bude onaj koji cuva tvrdjavu dok individualisti i veliki idealisti napolju love leptire. Ali mu nemojte povecavati obaveze u kratkim vremenskim intervalima i vodite racuna da mu platite dovoljno kako bi mogao da drzi korak sa Dzonsovima. Njegov bankar mu moze biti najbolji prijatelj, o d m a h iza clanova njegove porodice. Sluzbenica Jarac sledi isti put uz planinu kao i muskarac Jarac. To je sasvim logicno, sef j e d n o g dana moze biti i njen muz. Svi Jarcevi imaju ozbiljno osecanje duznosti, postovanje prema nadredjenima i unutrasnju disciplinu koja im ne dozvoljava da dangube na poslu. Oni ne odobravaju kasnjenje na posao i gubljenje vremena u caskanju. Nisu svi Jarcevi bankari, ucitelji i prodavci knjiga. Oni su takodje i odlicni istrazivaci, izuzetno sposobni zubari, briljantni inzenjeri i arhitekte, a kao trgovci, proizvodjaci i politicari izuzetno su mudri. Bez obzira sta im je zanimanje, oni ga uvek ozbiljno shvataju. J A R A C 441 Ne zaboravite da postoji i kreativna strana ljudi Saturna. Vas sluzbenik Jarac moze imati hobi koji ce vas iznenaditi. Vikendima muzicar, vajati skulpture, prodavati imanja, obradjivati bastu ili biti clan dramske sekcije.

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Crashing lokasi syuting film mentorku, Mas Ichwan Persada. Aku dibolehin nanya-nanya pembuatan film kayak orang bego. Jadi, selain dapat tempat curhat soal pilihan hidup ekstrim menjadi buka eskrim, aku juga dapat kesempatan belajar, dan teman-teman baru dari kru dan pemain. Dan aku semakin gak nyangka, aku menutup tahun 2017 dengan ngobrol gugup di depan sejumlah insane perfilman tanah air. Blog ini ternyata ada yang baca, dan dinilai worth untuk sebuah piala. Terima kasih, buat kalian yang udah suka mampir dan diskusi film di blog ini, semoga ke depannya bisa lebih baik lagii”. Amerika menganggap Yerusalem sebagai ibukota Israel! 8. Sasha Banks dan Alexa Bliss mecahin rekor pertandingan gulat wanita pertama di Arab! 9. Atau kalo enggak, semoga mungkin kita sudah bisa pindah ke Mars. €ť. Setiap produk melewati proses preshrunk sehingga penyusutan setelah pencucian sangat minimal dibandingkan dengan jenis kaos lainnya. Tinta langsung menyerap di atas serat kain dan hasil sablon terlihat halus, dengan warna tajam dan gradasi mendetail.

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v? hang tram nghin quan tham chi? kh? c? Trung Qu? . Theo Truong Ph? danh chi? An Nam, thang len Ba tu? V? tai nang quan s. Thang 5 nam 1407, dem th? quan truy du? tan quan nha H.

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It offers good resources and search tools for the clinician and consumer. The ISMHO, a nonprofit organization, was formed in 1997 to promote the understanding, use, and development of online communication, information, and technology for the international mental health community. It currently has over 200 members from as many countries. The Society helps clinicians become expert in cyber-psychological issues, offline and online. Opportunities for research, training, case consultation, and cyber-practice guidelines are disseminated to members. The ISMHO provides discussion forums where clinicians can consult about Internet-related professional issues or benefit from the case conferences of other professionals. It also educates the consumer about online therapy. Online therapy sites that belong to this organization must comply with the ISMHO mission and criteria for Internet psychology. Another strategy to help professionals connect with legitimate health sites is to look for the equivalent of an online seal of approval. The Health on the Internet Foundation Code of Conduct (HONcode, 2005) is an online consumer service that reviews health websites for professionalism and accuracy. Currently, the HONcode website offers information in 29 languages. It lists all known hospital health information websites as part of an online resource to consumers from anywhere in the world. In addition, HONcode specializes in what they call “cross-border talk” health and research conferences, and case consultation for health professionals and consumers in 72 countries. Any Internet healthbased organization or private practitioner that wants to offer services online and wishes to belong to HONcode must adhere to the Web standards devised by their Board of Directors, health professionals from 17 countries.

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The Rap Contest number one objective is to provide a home for independent hip-hop. The Rap Contest is building a genuine network of artist-entrepreneurs, encourages artists to listen to each other’s music and provides a priceless opportunity; a platform to be seen and heard in front of new audiences. Partnered with several local and regional promo companies, radio stations, studios and organizations, The Rap Contest has booked over 1500 talented and emerging hip hop artists from across the country that have performed in front of industry professional and celebrity judges ranging from music supervisors, radio station music directors, on-air personalities, producers and artists. The Rap Contest is independent hip-hop, it invests in artists on the rise and respects and contributes to the culture of hip-hop. He has carved his niche as a leading progressive voice in hip-hop and as a force in bringing independent artists together. With an acclaimed and award-winning debut release, I’m Tryin’ to Make a Livin’ Not a Killin’, this trendsetting emcee has garnered a street level buzz with a fresh perspective. Sellassie is proof that there are young black artists that can make music that is creative, street, positive and smart. He stands firm to his message, has a charismatic presence and is evidence that not every rapper raps negatively, glorifying drugs, guns, money or their ego. He is also the creator, producer and host of the Independent Artist Series, The Rap Contest, We All We Got and Undiscovered Tour. Producing over 200 shows on the calendar in the last seven years in over 20 cities nationwide, the series have distinguished themselves as premier outlets for independent artists. He is also working with many social, political and youth based initiatives, and is a contributor to various special projects including the film, It Doesn’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream. Sellassie is grounded; a confident and refreshing emcee in an industry plagued with commercialism, materialism, negativity and drama. Sellassie utilizes his music and events as a vehicle for social change and inspiration, and he regularly states that he “wants to be in the history books, not the pop charts. €ť.

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Or Melisandre’s character has to evolve into a good one. Than she has a good chance in surviving the series. She has the gift of reading the future, so killing her off would be a pity. And Cersei’s face during the last scene said enough: revenge. I could see him getting slain by the Mountain, but not before Cersei’s trial. When she’s proven to be innocent, I think the High Sparrow will be a dead man soon. Perhaps he’ll surprise us all, and be the one to take over King’s Landing until Dany comes. He was able to avenge his dead parents by killing Ygritte and Jon. If Jon’s alive next season, and that chance is 99,99%, he’ll be punished for what he did. And that will be him being executed by the Lord Commander. It’s also possible that Jon leaves the Night’s Watch and doesn’t care about his men anymore. Although his screen time will be significantly reduced. She provoked a possible war between the Lannisters and Martells and damaged Doran’s trust in her. Doran gave her a second chance, but she failed him again.

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Oslo, 31. august - 9 15. Hearts in Atlantis - 4 16. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - 4 Upassende innlegg? Svar. Spesielt siden det liksom skal v? e en stor rolletolkning fra Davis' side, noe jeg ikke heeelt skjonner meg pa. Overraskende mye ikke-engelskspraklig, en positiv utvikling som jeg haper fortsetter. How to Train Your Dragon 5. Hysteria 6. nei na har jeg ikke lyst til a nevne flere, etter en bedrovelig film-maned. The Muppets - 8 9. Sunshine - 7 10. The White Ribbon - 8 11.

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In fact, there were three successive generations of Targaryen kings - Daeron II, Maekar, and Aegon V - who all married outside the family. Aegon V even tried discouraging further incestuous marriages but ultimately capitulated when his son and daughter, Jaehaerys II and Shaera, married without his permission. Jaehaerys II and Shaera would later become parents of the Mad King. Even so, the Targaryens generally tried to marry within the family whenever possible, preferring to seek out cousins of the royal line rather than marry complete strangers. Such was the case when Rhaegar Targaryen married Elia Martell, as House Martell had entered into a marriage alliance with the Targaryens a century before and were thus cousins to the main line. At several points the Targaryens intermarried with House Velaryon, a family in the Crownlands which was one of their original followers who escaped the Doom of Valyria. Given that they had already intermarried with the Velaryons before, each subsequent union was therefore with a cousin of some degree. Moreover, on certain occasions, the Targaryens would marry their nieces and nephews. Rhaenyra Targaryen 's second husband was actually her own uncle, Daemon Targaryen, her father's younger brother. As far as is known, a Targaryen never outright tried to marry their own child, the way Craster the wildling did. The exact legal definition of incest in the Middle Ages has a long and complex history, but ultimately settled upon defining any relationship between third cousins or closer as incestuous. In contrast, the common nobility of the Seven Kingdoms appear to have no restriction even on marrying first cousins. Rickard's grandfather was Willam Stark, and Willam's younger brother Rodrik was Lyarra's father. Wildling men prefer to take wives from far-away villages rather than from their own village and clan, and it is considered a great sin to marry relatives.