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This went down very well with me, considering that the other artists were Thomas Koner with Max Estley and Brian Duffy with Ekkehard Ehlers. A good friend spotted a similarity with the doll Brian Duffy was performing with. I am hoping to be back there next year for a longer residency. I’ll be showcasing a work in progress, “Hotel Mexicano”, a piece made from practice recordings in hotels during last year’s Mexico visit. Just imagine me sitting on a bed with my mic and laptop. Also playing are my dear friends Lumenlab, Nebula3, Transistor, Jack’s Son from Mexico. As it’s all marvelously free, pls come and join us from 4-8pm. If yes you can join me for 1 of 4 free one-day workshops in June and July, looking at field recordings and audio editing. I don’t often have the chance to record in multiple channels, and hence working on the piece has been particularly enjoyable. World in Flux contains 13 films and 11 Brilliant Noise alternate soundtracks from guest artists, such as myself, Robert Hampson and more. As usual there will be Djs, films and stalls from 4-11pm. I am currently putting the programme together, which so far features Thomas Koener vs Max Eastley. Confirmed cities are London, Liverpool, Amsterdam (in collaboration with Steim) and Dublin (in collaboration with DEAF, now confirmed for 22 June ). Together with peformance artist Harold Offeh, we are exploring the local area.

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It never skimps on the zombie gore and actually manages to inject some crazy new ideas, which is something any good zombie movie needs to do. The fact it's sitting at 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes is no mistake. The Bar puts you right alongside the confused patrons of a Spanish restaurant fearing for their lives and draws from some classics of the genre that keep you guessing. Hard to say, but it's clear you don't want to go outside to find out. It also makes great use of limited space — the entire movie is split between basically three locations that are all cramped and uncomfortable, if not downright gross. That and a decent dose of random violence, intense paranoia, and the odd bloated corpse should be enough to keep you interested until the end of the movie. The title of this movie isn't a metaphor or a random word pulled from a hat; it's completely on the money describing the film's antagonist. You feel uncomfortable watching this guy, and it just gets worse as the film progresses. You know the other shoe is going to drop, you know you're watching a horror movie and have to expect the worst, but the journey there is what sets Creep apart. This is the kind of guy you fear ever meeting in real life because, unlike a Jason or a Leatherface, this guy seems real. Alongside It, Gerald's Game made 2017 a banner year for Stephen King adaptations, which have a pretty rocky history in terms of quality. Feel free to check out Maximum Overdrive for proof. King's book seemed like the sort of thing that would nearly be impossible to film given the nature of the story, but Flanagan gives it hell right out of the gates and with some clever storytelling techniques puts you right alongside star Carla Gugino for a psychological kick to the head complete with one of the most hard-to-watch scenes ever filmed. In addition to having completely baller titles, these movies all deal with big city outsiders encountering the dangers that come with leaving the protective walls of town and delving into a darkness modern life thought it had left behind.

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“Right at this moment, I’m three books into a five-book year. I just put out Tony McMillen’s “An Augmented Fourth,” which is basically Black Sabbath meets “The Thing. Talk about rollercoasters. It’s a ton of fun. A wild ride, and I’m really happy to be putting this out into the world. Prior to that, Lockhart released Kristi DeMeester’s mystery-horror novel “Beneath,” about an Appalachian snake-handling cult. He started out the year with Kristine Morgan’s “The Raven’s Table,” a collection of stories about Vikings. “All sorts of wildness and blood there,” laughs Lockhart. “Coming up I’ve got Nadia Bulkin’s “She Said Destroy,” which is an amazing collection of stories. She’s a fast-rising author in the weird fiction community, but I want people to read her from the science fiction and fantasy community too. In addition to the striking beauty of Bulkin’s writing, a strong part of the books’ appeal is the artwork on the cover, a striking illustration by renowned illustrator Kathrin Longhurst, an East German painter who escaped from behind the Berlin Wall, and now lives in Australia. The picture on the cover is one half of a woman’s face, a pair of aviator goggles immediately signaling that this is a book of stories about strong, self-determined women. “It’s not the usual tropes of weird fiction that I’m putting on the cover there,” Lockhart says. “This is to get the attention of a wider audience.

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They are these big Panavision lenses that are five inches across, so they like to look in there and see themselves. I could never get them to get their screen direction look correct because they’d look in the camera, so what I did was I asked the prop department to get me a mirror. And wherever I wanted the kids to look, I’d put the mirror. So they looked at that, and I got the screen direction right. I read that there were a bunch of crew members who were kind of pissed off about having to constantly do repeat takes for these kids. But I’ll tell you one thing: that film had to be shot in tiny little pieces. That was shot on film, and some of the pieces of film were three feet long, little tiny pieces because I had to figure out how to put it all together. Casey Silver, the head of the studio, was looking at dailies, and said, “There’s no way in hell this is going to cut together. . You can’t ask me to give you a cut before 10 weeks. But I’ll do it just to show you that it works. And I cut it together, and it worked. And he was like, “Sorry, keep going! There were also reviewers who, in 1994, watched the film, and complained that it was too “vulgar.

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The couple become a kind of cause celebre as they travel across country, and have people coming out of their houses and lining the streets to wave at them, press following them, and also vigilantes and rogue cops trying to make a name for themselves and capture them. But there is a tragic inevitability to the outcome, and Hawn's performance is much more nuanced than usual. I will say I am not impressed with the new spinner though. Certainly not from what has been shown in the trailers so far. Went for diversion is all, but wound up laughing my ass off. The intricacy of the caper they pull off is impressive, and I could find zero plot holes. I also thought Daniel Craig was pretty good and his accent seemed ok. o me anyway. The only issue I had was that I found the local accents hard to understand at times, but then I speak as a Brit so what do I know. I also thought Daniel Craig was pretty good and his accent seemed ok. o me anyway. The only issue I had was that I found the local accents hard to understand at times, but then I speak as a Brit so what do I know. knew I had forgotten someone. Thanks!

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Elizabeth Reaser is solid in the lead as the mother of this family, Alice Zander. She’s sincere, she’s believable, and in spite of being a scam artist, she’s likable. There’s a moment near the end of the film where she expresses awful grief that is as powerful and effective a moment as you’re going to see in a horror movie. In fact, she has most of the best scenes in the film, from the way she delivers her unsettling dialogue, like when she talks to Lina’s boyfriend about what it feels like to be strangled to death, to the special effects-enhanced scenes where she’s crawling across walls and ceilings. She played a similar part in DELIVER US FROM EVIL (2014). In that movie, she was a police detective’s daughter who also was the target of sinister supernatual forces. Thomas of course is famous for his childhood role as Elliott in E. . THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (1982). Oftentimes in the movies, priests are portrayed as over-the-top ministers, going on about hellfire and brimstone and saying things like “my child,” and “my son. Here, Thomas makes Father Tom a rather level-headed cinematic clergyman. While this is happening more often in the movies, it’s still not happening enough. Flanagan and Howard create sincere and believable characters, and so we care what happens to these folks. The film looks good and captures the 1965 setting nicely.

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