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And given where things are heading, I don’t see any reason for Olenna to show up in Dorne. He needs character witnesses and testimonie from others to back up his “worth”. Besides, during the strategy meeting you mentioned, he looked a lot less happy than Sansa, so I don’t think his dreams of peace and quiet will ever be over. What did Rickard say to Young Ned in one of the flashbacks? “Don’t get involved in a fight, but if you must, win. €ť Or something like that. And as it seems, Team Stark will lose if they don’t gather enough men, and Jon knows it. Right now he realises he has to fight, there is no other way, but to do so, he needs more men. I can definitely see him (plotwise) to actively stand up and make sure he gets them. They bend over backwards to make Jon appear as the gentlest, sweetest, friendliest person in all of Westeros, when in reality Jon is as harsh and unforgiving a leader as much as Daenerys. Speaking of whom, she’s the one who I feel gets the short end of the stick in the show. Forces Gilly to give up her child and take Mance Ryder’s child instead. And when she refuses, he threatens to have Gilly’s babe killed. She’s also a wanted criminal for Joffrey’s poisoning. And it’s not like she’ll be doing the actual fighting. What’s stopping any of the Northern lords to capture her and hand her over to Ramsay or Cersei and avoid trouble. It’s another reason for the baby swap (though I liked how this made Jon into a bit of a grey character). Sam isn’t of much use at the Wall, since he can’t fight. Sending Sam to train as a maester and learn about the WW is actually a good long-term decision. I was a bit annoyed the show changed things and made it seem like Sam’s decision.

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Stewart and his roster of A-list stars remained focused on the topic of autism. It’s about putting our petty differences aside and rallying around an important cause,” Stewart told the sold-out crowd gathered inside the Theater at Madison Square Garden. “Not as left and right. But as one people, just now finding out that Puerto Ricans are Americans. €ť. I think no matter whether you are a Republican or Democrat we’ve got to give Trump credit when he deserves it,” said Wolf. “He pulled out of the Paris Agreement and I think he should get credit for that cause he said he was going to pull out, and then he did. He offered to auction off a personalized voicemail message and gave an example by creating one for Stewart using his “Hamilton” rapping skills, which drew huge applause and cheers from the crowd. Due to Fleischmann’s O. . . she got distracted by the confetti floating on stage and could not conduct the skit. Colbert handled the situation calmly by cuing the house band — The Roots — to play some music while producers tried to rectify the situation. He later returned next to Fleischmann in the audience and reassured her that not performing the planned interview was okay. The movie puts the spotlight on powerful black women both in front of and behind the camera. Fanning plays Violet, an aspiring pop singer who enters a singing competition, in the film. Louis C. . reportedly made his return to stand-up Sunday with a surprise set at New York's Comedy Cellar, upsetting some on Twitter. In November, five women told the Times the comedian masturbated or made an attempt to in front of them, without their consent.

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€ť. So it’s kind of like Robert walking on his own grave, in terms of archetypes, which Martin is obviously playing with here with Robert’s clueless “have we ridden onto a graveyard? €ť The other notable thing is the “pale white mists of dawn” language, which is yet another example of Others symbolism appearing alongside that of dawn. Of course, this whole scene with Cat observing the chilly ghost torrent of Alyssa’s tears occurs at dawn too, and of course I believe the explanation is that Dawn is the original Ice of House Stark, and was at some point “the Dawn of the Others,” meaning that it was possessed by Night’s King. And because Dawn, the Others, and rivers that flow from melting ice are all ice moon meteor symbols. What’s implied here is that one day, that might happen, that her tears might reach the ground. Meaning, one day ice moon meteors will reach the ground too, and then perhaps Night’s Queen can finally be content. Maybe all the ice moon wants is to get that damn black meteor out of it, right. Symbolism aside, the way in which Alyssa’s tears might actually reach the ground is if there is some kind of large avalanche, or if a streaking fireball melts all the snow on the mountain, just saying. Are you sure they removed all the old jars of wildfire from King Aerys’s day. I kid, but even if someone doesn’t blow it up as happens in the TV show, the idea of Warrior’s Sons pouring out of Baelor’s Sept works well to symbolize an invasion of Others. As we discussed in Moons 3: Visenya Draconis, the Warrior’s Sons, like the Kingsguard, serve as stand-ins for the Others, with their mirror-like armor, their “crystal sword in the darkness” sigil that replicates the look of an Other’s crystal sword in the darkness, and the crystal stars in the pommels of their actual swords which give them star-sword meteor symbolism to match the star-eyes of the Others. So here’s yet another ice moon place, promising a disastrous outpouring of crystalline star swords, and maybe even an actual big explosion. Dragon locked in ice symbolism perhaps, and maybe some hints about the moon blowing up. The Wall is basically our master template for the ice moon, for obvious reasons: it’s huge, it just loves to glitter in the moonlight, it’s made of ice, and it has a knack for imprisoning dragons. The descriptions of it lay out the complete package of icy symbolism, and there are three symbols in particular we will focus on: ice dragons, ice swords, and icy or frozen rivers. When applied to the Wall, all of three of these symbols are ominous, as you would expect. We’ll start with basic descriptions of the Wall as they come to us in the books. Jon Snow’s first chapter at the Wall in AGOT give us several fantastic descriptions of the Wall, such as this one. Sometimes he could almost forget that it was there, the way you forgot about the sky or the earth underfoot, but there were other times when it seemed as if there was nothing else in the world.

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She should have dragged Theon away kicking and screaming. She wasn’t the character that previous episodes had established her to be. The Ironborn plot hadn’t been mentioned that season. It wouldn’t be brought back up again until season six. You could take that scene out of Season Four and it wouldn’t change anything. I spent more time on that then I thought I would. Moving on. The characters stopped being characters in the recent seasons. They became Caricatures of who they used to be or, if they were new characters, became caricatures of other characters. They essentially took what audiences responded to and made that a character’s sole trait, often at the expense of their character arc. They kept some characters around longer than they should have. Ramsay was built up to be a bigger deal than he actually was. It was almost like they weren’t ready for the Others but they needed a new character for audiences to hate. It was essentially him killing people to show that he’s evil. It was overkill. There are also a lot of inconsistencies in the later seasons that contradict previous seasons. One being Arya getting stabbed repeatedly in the stomach, jumping in canal water (sewage) and surviving in Season Six. Drogo getting a small cut and dying of an infection in Season One. Characters never used to have plot armour but they do now. Beric in Season Three explains that each time he comes back he loses part of himself, but in Season Six when Jon comes back he’s the same old Jon, just sad.

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They both fully supported each other’s careers (he only criticized hers a little when he felt she wasn’t being true to herself anymore). They never stopped loving each other despite their problems. How was he toxic? Had their characters’ roles been reversed, no one would be calling Gaga’s character “toxic”. Guess I’m just old since I found this to be a strong love story and pretty damn heartbreaking. It follows singer Freddie Mercury’s life leading to Queen’s Live Aid performance at Wembley Stadium in 1985. If I’d written it while still on a “high” just after seeing it, I’d have rated it too highly. It’s a fun film. I like Queen and of course love Freddie Mercury (I did a list of My Top Ten Queen Songs HERE ). He’s a legend and I miss the days when we had proper performers like him. And Bowie. (I’m still not over being upset about Bowie’s death either! . Anyway, this film was a lot of fun but it’s not going to be an all-time classic. It’s somewhat disposable and, while Rami Malek did well, it’s not an Oscar-worthy performance. I never really felt like I was watching Freddie Mercury. (Sorry! . And as a huge fan of Wayne’s World, I personally adored the fact that they had Mike Myers playing a record executive who hated their weird opera song. Brilliant.