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Seperti kenapa anak pinter seperti Roman masih belum bisa bahasa Belanda padahal nyaris setahun belajar di sana. Ataupun timing kejadian-kejadian yang enggak add up dengan bener ke rentetan cerita. Sungguh sebuah pilihan yang aneh untuk keputusan kreatif pembuatan film sedari awal. Film ini seperti melarang tokohnya untuk menjadi dewasa. Mereka ingin tetap menjadi remaja, jadi kita dapatkan cerita yang berfokus kepada masalah saingan cinta, walaupun sudah sempat menyinggung lapisan yang lebih dalam. Tetapi paling tidak, dengan banyaknya trope dan elemen yang sama ama drama lain, film ini sudah berhasil live it up ke taglinenya; sebagai benar-benar sebuah picisan. The Palace of Wisdom gives 5. out of 10 gold stars for ROMPIS. Molly Ringwald aja bisa makek lipstick dengan dadanya. Kepandaian alias keahlian khusus tersebut kita jadikan sebagai andalan, dalam bersosialisasi, dalam mencari kegunaan diri. Puncak kebahagiaan adalah kita menyadari kepandaian yang kita miliki dapat dijadikan sebagai sarana pengisi perut. Atau kalaupun bisa, uang yang dihasilkan bukan lagi tergolong uang baek-baek. Kita tahu dari film yang pertama 2014 yang lalu, kepandaian bapak ini adalah menghabisi nyawa orang setangkas dan seefisien mungkin. Dia beneran nyalain stopwatch di arlojinya sebelum mukulin orang, dan tak lupa mematikannya saat manusia yang ia pukuli sudah berubah bentuk menjadi seonggok daging yang penuh penyesalan dan rasa sakit.

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Personal Relationships and Cries for Transformative Culture At twenty-three years old, my best friend Star became an avid drug user and sex worker. We grew up together and had known each other since we were twelve years old. I thought my words, reminding Star of her power and how she could do “more” with her life, would benefit her. I judged her. Eventually, my pedestal pushed her away. Over the years, I had absorbed all the myths about drug users, addicts, and sex workers. Despite all my best intentions, I failed my best friend. Today, I would hold space for her decisions and find resources for her. I would be more graceful, loving, kind, and gentle, and a better listener. I would not let puritanism overcome me and condemn her worth as a person. Abolition does not tell people how to live their lives. Abolition does not put ourselves above our people and those we love. I spent ten years in a toxic relationship with a trans man. They were kind and charming, but they were also a rageaholic.

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We had one discussion from the Nick DiPaolo episode because we used the word f and the n word in that episode. She let me keep it. When Lucky Louie came out there were several stories that talked about how it would sort of save the sitcom from its current sort of boring state. I just wanted the show to be maximum funny, and I was inspired by the older sitcoms, like All in the Family and The Honeymooners, because there was this straight from the mouth to the audience laughter feeling. There were these great performers on a stage in front of an audience. To me it's like, sitcoms had been perfected to this point where they weren't shot in front of an audience any more, they were putting this little kind of perfectly timed laughs between these kind of Harvard graduate written jokes, and it just didn't feel like fun anymore. So I wanted to go back to kind of a messy, ruckus, a more like-I'm not a good speaker. You know, you talk, they laugh and the next person talks. Like they're feeling more like a performed stage show, which is what sitcoms originally were. So that's all. I just wanted to do it because I wanted to see it again, and because I thought it was my best way of being a funny as possible with the show. Are there any other fellow Boston refugees other than who has been mentioned so far? Louis C. .

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Evolved away from the group spiritual experiences that used to bring us in touch with the human “collective unconscious,” we are creating technology that revives this collective unconscious in digital form. The World Wide Brain is not merely an emerging AI, separate from human beings. It is an emerging intelligence, arising from human information and human interactions. We are not merely creating AI, we are creating an artificially intelligent crystallization of the common, collective patterns of the global human mind. This is a new adventure, something that does not merely bring us back to the spiritual unity of past modes of culture, but brings us on to new frontiers that we can barely even imagine. The universe is ever-expanding, not only physically but informationally. In the final section, I explore this aspect of Internet intelligence from the perspective of transpersonal psychology, viewing the emergence of the World Wide Brain in terms of the archetypal Hierarchy of Being. AI AND THE INTERNET One way that the development of an intelligent Internet may come about is through the development of artificial intelligence programs and their deployment on the Internet, in a way designed to increase the intelligence of the network as a whole, as well as particular machines on the Net. This is an area I’ve worked in extensively myself, via the design and development of two different AI systems: Webmind (Goertzel, 2001) and Novamente (Looks et al. 2004). The Webmind system was under development from 1997 to 2001 at IntelliGenesis Corporation, a corporation that I founded and helped manage until its dissolution in April 2001. The Webmind system was never deployed across the Internet due to a collapse of its funding sources, and not all parts of the system were fully implemented and tested. Since 2001, I have been involved with the development of Webmind, Novamente’s successor. However, here I will talk about Webmind more than Novamente because Webmind had more of an explicit Internet focus.

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