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The conversation is going to get pretty boring if we can't even do that. I feel like Tyrioj has a very important role to play. If you notice, Varys always chooses the winning side, and I've noticed he hasn't left Tyrion's side for a while. Could be total bullshit, but still fun to speculate. And she said, in essence, as long as you swear to fuck me over to my face I won't slaughter you. or now. And he was like, consider it a promise, bitch. Of course I like the idea, but remember he's heading north to the Wall, not south to King's Landing, and Cersei sure as hell isn't coming north to enemy territory. So they're a thousand miles apart, and about the only way he's coming to King's Landing is if. Give him zombie unstoppability and he'd finally be a match for Frankenmountain, right. And really, I just won't be satisfied unless the White Walkers freeze the seas and the land and march their undead army south to where all the VIPs live. It was exciting at the beginning that there were major gay characters, and some who went both ways. Yes, all the gay male characters are gone, but then, most of the male characters are gone. Jon Snow is about the last man standing in the upper levels of Westeros, the War of Five Kings has settled into a War of Two Queens, and most of the Great Houses of Westeros are headed by women, and I think Sansa and Yara will be in charge of two more by the end. More still, if you cound Robin Arryn as an honorary woman. I don't know if this was broached in the show, but in the book he states that, although he is a eunuch, his preference is (was? for boys. In fact he says he saw how desire ruined peoples lives and now devotes his energies to higher pursuits.

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Wonder if the show will explore these ideas in more depth. Not that they’re shying away from them now but I wouldn’t grumble at a little more depth to it. Think they need to lay the groundwork with Balon’s death and have characters talk about him having taken over, the suspicious circumsatnces of Balon’s death, the reputation of Euron and sightings of his very distinctive ship. Think it’s just hopefulyness from myself at the moment but I think it would really add something to the story and that part of the world especially the impending Siege of Mereen. At this stage I actually think it is now too late for that to happen. Clearly it was Robb’s, Balon’s was the one furthest away and probably starved. Possibly not to the satisfaction of those of us who enjoy the Greyjoys but old dick leech will find a way. Stannis never burns leech since Balon never publicly declared himself a king in the show, Balon lives and does whatever Euron does. 3) Euron specifically needs to be king. Also science and blood magic probably not perfectly compatible. Your erection joke joined my innuendo for a cup of Dornish red. They plan to whore the leech out to multiple ideas anyway. Think it was made very clear that that third leech had Balon’s name on it so think it would be silly for him to carry on regardless. Again, I would have preferred the Kingsmoot and witnessing Balon’s death but if it happens off screen it won’t be the end of the world. Would like the Ironborn to be included in some capacity. Think they’re an interesting wild card, an x factor that no one is really sure of how they’ll affect the storyline ( which I think is really needed now it looks like Aegon is gone) as they don’t have any alleigence to anyone. Plus Euron as a character is intriguing with a lot of potential. As she enters the great hall with the Seastone chair she sees it is facing the fire, her father sits upon it.

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Any other person reading it can make out what that means. The actor is older because the actors are aging with the show, but you know Bran is only supposed to a 7 year old boy, and 10 in the show, right. You're a youtuber. You're gonna get negative comments and responses to the way you act and the things you say. I said that he's got a legit reason to be fucked up and that you would be too if you went through the shit that he did. In the meantime, I am calm, you're the one busting out the caps. Jody's Corner Rok temu you dont see te difference between screaming at a show and accusing someone for name calling a fictional character for their disabilities. You implied im insesitive IN REAL LIFE based on my commentary of a FICTIONAL character. WTF! that where i tell you to CALM DOWN and gtfoh. So cersi will lose all the assets and still be in debt. Jon snow will head north with the khalasar and meet with Beric donderrion, the hound and all of the other guys up north. They will fight off white walkers and eventually be out numbered. Almost at their death Dany and the dragons will fly over the wall and save all of the men besides jon snow. Jon will fight off the king white and get stabbed. That's when uncle benjen comes and saves Jon snow. Dany and the guys have a white and the white will be brought to the dragon pits in kings landing where everyone will observe and see that winter really is coming. Cersci vows to help Dany and the realm fight the whites.