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If you're a fan of military thrillers and magic realism, this is the book for you. Plus, a warm welcome to Westeros for Richard E Grant. Do not read unless you have watched season six, episode five, which airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic on Monday at 9pm, and is repeated in Australia on Showcase on Monday, at 7. 0pm AEST. When Game of Thrones is good it is really, really good and this was an excellent episode, perfectly paced with just the right amount of stories and some welcome humour to punctuate the big emotional scenes. The most emotional came at the last, as we finally learnt how Hodor’s name came into being. It was a heartbreaking end for the good-natured giant as he held the door of the episode title against the on-rushing hordes of the Night’s King and was torn to death for his pains. That slow demise was interspersed with a flashback showing the convulsing young Willis desperately muttering “hold the door, hold the door” as the events of future and past collided. Poor Hodor: everything was always moving towards this one terrible moment in which his bravery saved Bran and Meera at the cost of his own life. We also discovered that there has always been war in Westeros, from the moment the First Men sought to destroy the Children of the Forest. A scenario, which, while incredibly depressing, also rang bleakly true.

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I think Cersei was reserving all of her dirty looks for her father-killing brother, Tyrion. However, I remember him saying to Ramsay that he hadn’t heard anything about him and gave a big eye roll. I find it very hard to believe that the Westeros’ literal head pimp didn’t hear about the sexual proclivities of a man who is that sexually bizarre. It makes no sense that it would be all that a much secret among the servants and prostitute classes. Hardly likely that no one gave a thought to the once loyal, very senior traitor who masterminded Tyrion's escape. It was typical of the glib writing of the last season. As was the way Mr Exposition Bron decided to nip out at the same time for no other reason that Headey and Flynn cannot be within 100 yards of each other. It was a very dense yet very underwritten season and I really don't think the writers have it in themselves to worldbuild without the guidance of the books. I guess the cast is becoming too expensive to appropriately play it out at the same rate as the early episodes. Tyrion betrays Jon and Dany and defects back to Cersei, and on his way to escort her out of King's Landing (which has been seized), Arya meets them in the secret tunnels beneath the city. Cersei is euphoric, thinking Jaime has come back to her and orders him to kill Tyrion.


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As pathetic as he is though I think he is meant to be more empathized so it seems natural he'll find a way to redeem himself, it'll just be who for. If they are really going to keep Yara alive, it must be for her. At this point, I dont see redemption in his future. I thought so, too. I also can't shake this though: Where would an unsullied, a castrated former slave, learn how to go down on a woman. I can get past the fact that the scene was sensual. The 'sex' scene was probably the best one they've done, and it actually felt earned and not gratuitous. Not GoT at it's best, but still an enjoyable episode that moved us along a bit. The fighting followed by the breakdown, and then him looking up at those bodies reminiscent of the 2 boys he killed and burned back in the beginning. Was a really powerful scene that put into perspective how far he's came (both up and down) as a character. He's definitely one of my favorites and I hope his arc ends by with actual redemption.


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A noise performance in the middle of the woods made with the use of available means and primitive instruments recorded on analogue and digital devices and later reworked by Asket (Dasein) in a 35-min cancas of militant old school ritual industrial combining power of modern sound technologies with retrograd earthly spirit and aesthetics. Better known as one of the four members of The Europa String Choir, He uses a rather unique instrument referred to as a Warr Guitar. This is an 8-stringed guitar, which has a very different sound over the conventional guitar. The music presented on this album is not your typical ambient. It's a spacey album, full of chaotic swirling samples. The first half of the album is restless, ceasing to slow down. Slowly, the drawn out chaos turns dark and distant. The progression is built from the first track to the last, making this a nice long journey into something special. Capturing harmony and originality, the artist makes this experiment work. Being maybe the most hopeless and sad work of the band, this album is paradoxically is their most rhythmic and dynamic - there're more noisy drum loops and electro sounds here than martial drum patterns and old school noise, but their unique deep and profound melodic main themes are still remain as the basement for the brilliant new tracks of despair and downfall. The entire period of its creation took around 15 years - as long as the project exists - and it could be considered as the band's most important work to date.