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So they pay Advanced-HR for its compensation data pulled from 2,500 startups. With a generic name, the service has flown somewhat under the radar since launching 20 years ago. As startups grow more professional while staying private longer, they’re getting serious about how they structure equity compensation plans to retain talent. But together, they hope to offer the most accurate view of how much salary and stock other companies offer to help startups figure out exactly how to pay their employees. Today Solium announced that it’s acquiring the tech and whole team of Advanced-HR, which will continue to sell its Option Driver software-as-a-service. In October Solium bought Capshare, which helps 10,000 smaller startups manage their equity compensation plans. In March, it bought NASDAQ’s ExactEquity planning business. The plan seems to be working, as Solium’s share price is up 35 percent this year. With equity management platforms like Shareworks there is now a system of record that the company controls and can give access to legal counsel, investors and other stakeholders as desired. Dee DiPietro started AHR as a consultant practice back in 1997 as a solo female founder.

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I rested my long index and middle fingers across a heart-shaped planchette, cleared my mind, and sought assistance from the nearest paranormal entity that would talk to me. One by one, the answers to all of my most intimate questions were spelled out across a board inscribed with the ISO Latin alphabet. I began to digest and accept what the world would have in store for me. Sensing an urgency from the spirits to move on, I asked them one final question to culminate my ghostly ritual. I was convinced the spirits left me because they were not privy to divulge the name of such an atrocity of film. How could the very instrument I was using to communicate with these soothsayers also be cinema’s most putrid creation. I’m sure, just like me, many 11 or 12 year old girls attended sleepovers where this infamous game was cautiously played. Was your friend moving the planchette or was it something far more sinister. In my experience, we asked things like “Does so and so like me? or “What is the first initial of the man I will marry?

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Not until the 6th plague was it stated that God actually hardened Pharaoh’s heart (9:12) and even after that, Pharaoh still continued to harden his own heart after the 7th plague. He had therefore reached the point of no return after the first 5 plagues, and after that God ensured that Pharaoh would receive the judgment he deserved by hardening his heart. And it is designed to bring the person’s own judgment on him. Hence God’s hardening is always consistent with His justice. The hardening of Pharaoh’s heart can be related to the principle laid down in Romans 1:18-28, that God deals with those who reject the revelation of Himself in nature and history (and in Pharaoh’s case also in miracles) is to abandon them to still greater excess of sin and its consequences. For it was of the LORD to harden their hearts, that they should come against Israel in battle, that he might destroy them utterly, and that they might have no favour, but that he might destroy them, as the LORD commanded Moses. Instead of trying to make peace with the Israelites (knowing what God had done for them) all the Canaanite cities except for Gibeon chose to make war with them. This was because God had judicially hardened their hearts against making peace, so that they would rush headlong to their own deserved destruction. Then Zipporah took a sharp stone, and cut off the foreskin of her son, and cast it at his feet, and said, Surely a bloody husband art thou to me. So he let him go: then she said, A bloody husband thou art, because of the circumcision.

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Then, Asha splits from what could reasonably be called the Iron Islands plot, since her remaining two chapters are there so that we see what’s up with Stannis’s story line. The last two Iron Islands chapters are about teasing and setting up the relevance of their subplot for TWOW —Victarion sails towards Meereen. The other half is equally divided between minor dramatic clashes (especially in the case of the Shield Islands, in which one of the sides is unknown to us) and a deliberately-paced tease of what’s to come. Out of the 5 chapters actually set in Dorne, the first two are internal matters, but they are looking outwardly from the very beginning, while the Iron Islands are all about internal matters until Euron reveals his plan. In these two supposedly “self-enclosed” chapters, we immediately discover the three eldest Sand Snakes want revenge for a character most readers and watchers loved, and each would seek it differently: Obara would go on an aggressive war; Nymeria would content herself with assassinating the four leading Lannisters; and Tyene would crown Myrcella not only as a power-play but as a trap, to wage a war on their own lands, by their own rules. Meanwhile, Arianne would crown Myrcella mostly because of her internal beef with her father (which is a pretty good reason to cut her: her motivations have to do with a personal history and characters we are not familiar with, while the rest of the Dornish characters are very much looking outwardly —they are also new characters, but their raison d’etre is all about characters we have known for years. Now, in the middle chapter, Arianne tries and fails in her Queenmker plot. The last two chapters are a setup for what’s to come: Doran’s plans are revealed to Arianne and then the Sand Snakes, and he sends two of Oberyn’s bastard daughters along with Myrcella back to King’s Landing, both in positions of power and influence, quite similarly to how Victarion’s imminent arrival to Meereen was teased. If you like the Greyjoys better and would rather see Dorne cut than them, that’s a perfectly acceptable position to have, but please don’t imply Dorne is in any way less relevant to the main plot than the Iron Islands. Then both had a dramatic and actual clash in the middle, which is a single chapter for Dorne and two for the Iron Islands, and finally both have a couple chapters teasing what’s to come.

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One could suggest that Tywin's plan for dealing with the Iron Islands is already right there. Instead of wasting forces by engaging them directly, he's going to first seize all of Westeros, allowing him to cast as wide a net as possible around them, before tightening his hold. She doesn't do it very well, but at least she's learning not to blab secrets, unlike Loras. pon seeing Tyrion and Olenna in a room together, we prepare for an epic Snark-to-Snark Combat. And what makes the sheer scale of the Wall more impressive: We can see afterwards that the avalanche barely even made a dent in it. on saving himself and Ygritte when Orell cuts their rope while they were halfway up the Wall. ywin actually getting the better of Olenna, after she'd held her own against Varys and Tyrion. She even remarks on how refreshing it is to finally meet a Worthy Opponent. Though she still handles herself pretty well by bringing up Jaime and Cersei's incest point blank to his face, and gladly defending her grandson from Tywin's homophobic mockery while point blank suggesting Tywin himself indulged in this with his cousins. Melly's so flabbergasted at the kid's nerve that it takes her several seconds to react.


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The pacing is very slow and I can’t be sure if I actually missed scenes or whether there are deliberate ellipses, so that we don’t know exactly what has been decided at the end of a scene. Birdsong and the squalor and horror of genocide is a powerful juxtaposition and sets up the drama of post traumatic shock. As in my first screening of Casting, I wish I’d prepared myself for it. The trailer below probably says much more than I’ve been able to put into this review, simply through the use of well-chosen images and moments in the narrative. I’ve got in trouble before for describing films and characters from the region in ways that people find objectionable, so I’m treading carefully. In Between is officially an Israeli film (receiving public funds, eligible for awards etc. . The writer-director Maysaloun Hamoud was born to Palestinian parents living in Budapest where she grew up before going to university in Jerusalem and then film school in Tel Aviv. Asked about her influences, Hamoud plays the game citing Guy Ritchie and Hollywood B movies in one interview and Ken Loach and Egyptian cinema in another. She sees herself as challenging ideas about Arab cinema.

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Like the first film, a lot of scenes are filmed skilfully in one fluid take and it often becomes very intense, especially combined with the striking loud score and sound design. With a running time of over two hours, I was still left feeling eager for more. The Conjuring 2 creates a gorgeous world of horror and allows you to sink within it. It will leave horror fans consistently grinning from ear to ear. The nun character (played by the same lady who acted as the iconic bum in Mulholland Dr) was memorably creepy and a bizarre character known as the crooked man is weirdly delightful, although some might find him a jarringly out of place. Recent films like The Witch, It Follows and The Babadook may be better but that doesn’t make The Conjuring 2 obsolete. It’s a beautifully crafted piece of supernatural horror which delivers atmosphere and suspense in spades. Some of it does feel a little contrived towards the end but the finale’s so excitingly pulse-pounding and intense that you’re unlikely to care. It makes sure that the audience actually care about the people on screen so it’s never dull for one moment. Contributo a una storia parapsicologica del Novecento italiano.

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. Martin though, so it would not surprise me if everyone died. Azor Azai as jon is surely a stretch, but not impossible. We know he warg’d into Ghost (his wolf) because of the prologue. We HOPE Melisandre can resurrect the same way Thoros did for Beric and Cat. I have a rule that says a person is not dead until I see a body. And we know Rickon is not currently in Winterfell, because the Boltons, the freys, the Manderly’s, or Theon would have seen him. By book 5 he's real just dicking around, introducing a bunch of characters and plots no one gives two shits about. Where the hell are the others, and why is Dany still being a pussy taking her sweet time over in essos. I just really want to see the second war for the dawn:p, and the lands of always winter, the prologue thingy from A Game of Thrones was what got me hooked.

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