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have to leave logic and reason at the door to have faith? t really is about the journey. Page 254 As I wrote Mr. Leslie Jordan, I found great wisdom in this little book about a gay man? adventures. I imagine this book will have a small following of those who want a peek at the gay life of Hollywood. If you decide to buy, you still go through amazon. r, of course, you're free not to buy, either. I haven't decided yet whether I like it or not, although I think it might work well helping me identify books I want to buy (without regard to where I eventually buy them. Browsing library stacks or bookshelves is the one thing I miss most about old-fashioned stores and libraries. The Book in the title is a 500-year-old haggadah, a Jewish illustrated manuscript. It is about to be put on display at a museum in Sarajevo. In preparation, it is to be inspected by Dr. Hannah Heath, an Australian book preservationist. The novel traces the book's history -- its survival -- through the centuries, from the battles in Sarajevo, through the Nazis, then back further through the Inquisition, back to its creation in Seville in the late 1480s. To call it a mystery would be a real stretch, and there's a subplot which, to my taste, should have been more, or perhaps less, but as it is, was more distraction than anything else On the other hand, I started reading it Friday evening when I realized it was due at the library in a few days, and I haven't accomplished much of anything else since - always a good sign. Just a note - I am partway through another book which I'm rationing. It's like ice cream - the writing is so good I want to read and do nothing else, but if I allow myself to do that, it will be gone too quickly.

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John Bradley and Hannah Murray continue to work well together, and Murray has slowly built Gilly from an uneducated peasant girl to someone who loves learning almost as much as Sam. Sam's frustration with the Maesters boiling over in his personal life feels all too real for a fantasy show, as anyone who has ever taken work troubles home with them could tell you. The last moments of Randyll and Dickon Tarly also end up being surprisingly touching, thanks to a little glance from James Faulkner to Tom Hopper right before the pair are incinerated by a dragon; Faulkner was overlooked a lot on Da Vinci's Demons, but Randyll's last look of pride at his son is heartbreaking despite the character's prickliness. Jorah and Daenerys have a very heartfelt reunion (as do Jorah and Tyrion, because no one glowers quite like Jorah Mormont). Jon, Jorah, and Gendry make friends with the Brotherhood Without Banners (despite Gendry's history with them), and go to the wrong side of the wall in the company of a skeptical Tormund Giantsbane, who inquires almost immediately about Brienne. Specifically, he had to mix live stunt performers with visual effects, coach actors on how to relate to said CGI (Jon petting a dragon looked amazingly real this week, kudos to the special effects crew and to Harrington), and make it all work while maintaining jaw-tightening tension. This week, he blends together seasons worth of character back story seamlessly while getting great performances out of everyone involved. Kristofer Hivju has less than five lines, and they're all comedy gold. My praise for Liam Cunningham and Davos' salesmanship bears repeating. The confrontation between Jaime and Cersei is appropriately uncomfortable, especially after Cersei announces to Jaime that she's about to bring forth the next generation of Lannister before coldly threatening him with death should he double-cross her again. Littlefinger, skulking worm that he is, wanders around Winterfell doing something nefarious. Arya, like any good Junior Detective, is following him around to figure out what he's up to. It's a fun game of cat and mouse, because for the most part, it looks like Arya's snooping is going undetected. She even breaks into Littlefinger's room and manages to find the scroll he was hiding from Maester Luwin's archives. As we can surmise from his maester-shit-eating grin, Littlefinger has something up his sleeve. Arya might be a faceless assassin who can fight Brienne to a stand-still, but skulking and creeping and plotting are still Littlefinger's stock in trade, and he's playing chess while most everyone else seems to be content with gnawing on the pieces. Arya's suspicious nature is part of a plan she's hatching, but it's difficult to see that far ahead. Arya's clashes with Sansa make sense; both characters have changed a lot since they last saw one another, but nobody knows Sansa better than her sister and vice-versa.

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Andrew Lasko’s script, based on James Leasor’s book, Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes? brims with moody dialogue, which the actors use with inspiration. Armand Assante starred as Alfred, with Rod Steiger as Sir Harry, and Mariette Hartley, Michael Sarrazin, Wayne Rogers, Catherine Mary Stewart, Johnny Sekka, and an oily Kevin McCarthy. The piece received a Gemini Award nomination for best dramatic program. Hartung twice became involved with the direction, sharing credit with Schaefer and Adrienne Luraschi on The Taming of the Shrew, starring Maurice Evans, Lilli Palmer, and Diane Cilento, and taking a solo turn at the helm on The Golden Child, a yuletide folk opera produced at the University of Iowa. Harvey’s direction of Dutchman (1967) caught cineastes’ attention, and then The Lion in Winter (1968) brought Harvey international acclaim and a friendship with Katharine Hepburn, which led him to direct The Glass Menagerie. Harvey was nominated for an Academy Award, Directors Guild of America Award, and a Golden Globe for directing Hepburn, Peter O’Toole, and Anthony Hopkins in The Lion in Winter. Harvey also received DGA nominations for The Glass Menagerie and The Patricia Neal Story (shared with Anthony Page). Harvey’s features include They Might Be Giants (1971), The Abdication (1974), Players (1979), Eagle’s Wing (1979), Richard’s Things (1980), and one of Hepburn’s sunset films, Grace Quigley (1985). Harvey’s version of The Glass Menagerie on ABC is the best screen rendering of Tennessee Williams’s classic about the members of a St. Louis family ruled by an aging, crumbling beauty, Amanda. Hepburn burned into memory all of Amanda’a neurotic foibles while not forgetting the embers of the character’s humanity in a movie that’s essentially about a family waiting for the daughter’s date to arrive. Sam Waterston’s portrayal of the son, Tom, whose asides set up the play, is more analytic and passive than most previous portrayals. Joanna Miles portrayed the clubfooted daughter, Laura, and Michael Moriarty was the gentleman caller. As a faithful adaptation of an American stage classic, Harvey’s version is one of the very best. Moriarty and Miles won two Emmys apiece for their performances, for best supporting actor and actress in a drama, and best supporting actor and actress of the year. The Disappearance of Aimee concerned a six-week period in 1926 when famed evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson “disappeared,” followed by a court hearing that was convened when her story of being kidnapped to Mexico was countered by a claim that she enjoyed a torrid affair with a married man. Faye Dunaway starred in one of her better performances, with Bette Davis matching her as McPherson’s mother, Minnie Kennedy.

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