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—Era una hippie universitaria. Pensabas en eso, ? erdad? —Queria preguntartelo —admitio ella—. The title of my talk was JavaScript Programming in the Large with Closure Tools. As I have spoken to more and more developers, I have come to appreciate how jQuery and Closure are good for different things, and that Closure's true strength is when working in large JavaScript codebases, particularly for SPAs. I have also made my slides available online, though I made a concerted effort to put less text on the slides than normal, so they may not make as much sense without the narration from my talk. I was incredibly nervous, but I did watch all 57 minutes of the video to try to evaluate myself as a speaker. After observing myself, I'm actually quite happy with how things went. I was already aware that I sometimes list back and forth when speaking, and that's still a problem (fortunately, most of the video shows the slides, not me, so you may not be able to tell how bad my nervous habit is).


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To paraphrase something Sterling Archer once said, Westeros sometimes seems like the Alabama of fantasy worlds. As the crowd grumbles and rumbles, we get a quick shot of Littlefinger’s calculating expression, and Jon’s own blank one as he peers out over the room. But young Lyanna isn’t taking anyone’s shit, and calls out all the other lords who did not stand with the Starks against the Boltons. Cersei and Daenerys don’t have a clue about the white walkers, so they can continue their little battle to the south, but for now, they have a much bigger problem on their hands in the north. The problem is, he’s seen them — as far as the other houses are concerned, the white walkers are just bogeymen they use to scare their children out of staying in their beds at night. He’s going to have his work cut out for them on that front, but he can’t even get them to unite behind him. They all grumble and complain about the winter coming, and since no one thought to put winter chains on their horses’ hoofs they’re itching to get home right now. And as you said, Chris, it’s Lyanna Mormont — Lyanna Stark’s namesake, we shouldn’t forget — who stands up and tells off the room. Here is a room full of the leaders of ancient houses, of Free Folk and warriors, of men who just fought in a battle and who are now weary, all arguing amongst themselves, and sitting in the middle, quietly surveying the room, is a 10-year-old girl. The first time we heard of her was last season, when Stannis was at Castle Black and trying to get the northern houses to rally around him, and Lyanna sent a raven to him basically telling him to fuck right off, that she would only bend at the knee for House Stark.

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Waar iedere episode vorig jaar 'maar' 10 miljoen dollar kostte, komt daar voor seizoen 8 dus nog eens 5 miljoen bij. Het mag ook wel: Game of Thrones is HBO's grootste melkkoe (of draak? en daarom zo'n investering. Het nieuwe seizoen bestaat uit zeven afleveringen en zal vanaf 16 juli te zien zijn op HBO. Elke jaar weer krijgen ze acht tot tien afleveringen en daarna is het weer ruim elf maanden smachten naar een volgend seizoen. Dan raden wij je aan om onderstaand artikel nu nog niet te lezen. Het bevat namelijk een aantal spoilers van deze aflevering. Gisteren begon dan eindelijk het langverwachte seizoen 7 van Game of Thrones. Voor een fantasy-serie bevat Game of Thrones, gebaseerd op een reeks romans van coscenarist George R. R.

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If you remember Tyrion traveled with Jon when he went to the wall and after a rocky start, the two gained a healthy respect for one another. That was all the way back at the beginning of season 1. Every shot we have of Tyrion from the trailers he looks concerned. I believe part of the reason will come from Jon’s meeting with Dany. At this point she is hell bent on just one goal: The Iron Throne. However, Jon and Davos are about to drop a bombshell on her in the form of the White Walker incursion. While Dany is not one to laugh in the face of Jon, as say Cersei would, I have to imagine she’s going to find this difficult to fathom. And even if she were to believe Jon, would she feel like this is her responsibility. She may also make the argument that the first thing that needs to be done is to conquer Westeros and provide a united front against The Others. This is similar to Jon’s thinking when he needed to remove the Boltons from power and reclaim Winterfell.