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As for KRod, I think he'd be an improvement in the bullpen for every team in baseball, and while he may not end up as a closer, he gets lefties and righties out, and his results this year have been phenomenal considering he's facing major league hitters. My opinion? SC can do whatever they like, due to that pesky little states' rights thing. Would I put the confederate symbol on a flag? Nope. To many in the South, it stands for pride, but to many others, it does not. And for me to try each one and wonder how they can all suck. This is being hailed as a huge coup for the Braves, and it is, as ARI got waiver wire fodder in return. Could they have done better signing a bunch of international free agents, especially those that do not count against the pool. Bryce Harper is often banged up, and plays the game at full speed. Fred Lynn was always running into walls, and Fred Lynn missed a lot of time. Robin Yount ran out grounders and took extra bases, but always played under control.

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Pioneers of the horror-talk genre. — Damn Dirty Geeks Hollywood pros and fans talk shop every month. — Dark Discussions Timely talk of horrors old and new. — Deadpit Radio Monster talk from bigfoot country. — Doctor of the Dead Podcast of zombies, by zombies, for zombies. — The Fantastic Films of Vincent Price Dr. Gangrene revisits Price, film by film. Fans run out of the same theatre attacked by The Blob (Blobfest) — CLASSIC MONSTERS ON DISPLAY. Highlights from Kirk Hammett’s monster collection presented at San Francisco airport. — ETHERIA FILM NIGHT, L. . based film festival highlights women filmmakers.

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Or that the peace was only so the children could buy time, after which they would resume their war. Which is all to say: It’s not clear yet how the timeline fits together, but it is obvious that while the children did create a new creature with a surmountable vulnerability, they lost control over it at their own peril. (Sometimes Frankenstein loses control over his monster. So when The Long Night came, the children were facing an even greater danger—an even stronger type of man—so they had no choice but to fightback against them with the First Men. Following the defeat of the White Walkers during The Long Night, the Children of the Forest promised the Night’s Watch 100 obsidian daggers annually. Which means they clearly knew their creatures were only defeated, not eliminated. However, it’s also possible that the Children created the White Walkers not to defeat the First Men, but to have a weapon ready for the next men that came for them. For while they had made peace with the first invaders,the world was full of many more men, and the Children may have feared that nextinvasion. An invasion that did come, and pushed the Children from their homefor good—the Andals WHOARE THE ANDALS, THEN. The Andals, with their superior steel weapons, came to Westeros from across the Narrow Sea roughly 6,000 years ago, first landing in the Vale with the Seven-Pointed Star of their religion (the new gods). This next group of conquerors ultimately finished the Children off (as far as everyone knew), even though the First Men fought the Andals, too. (The First Men only managed to hold on to the North themselves, though most of the other six kingdoms are filled with families with the blood of both the Andals and the First Men.

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oil rig additions and instability in Nigeria after protesters occupied a Royal Dutch Shell plant, Reuters reported. And it’s the outsize character that’s allowed Diamond to maintain his place in the popular imagination — that propelled him to a new road show celebrating his half-century in the entertainment business — even as much of his music has fallen out of earshot. At one point, he played “Done Too Soon, ” his fast-talking laundry list of luminaries (including Jesus Christ, H. G. Wells and “Alexanders King and Graham Bell”) who died before they could complete their life’s work. And you understood that when the song came out, in 1970, Diamond was facing up to an anxiety of his own. But Saturday, he sang it, cool and collected, from the other side of that uncertainty. He’ d gotten his work done, and with years to spare; now Jesus and the rest were objects of his kingly sympathy. Diamond has done the aged-philosopher thing before. In 2005, he teamed with producer Rick Rubin for “12 Songs, ” an album of stripped-down acoustic music not dissimilar to the records Rubin made with Johnny Cash near the end of Cash’s life. In contrast, Diamond didn’ t do much sauntering at the Forum; indeed, he didn’ t move much at all. A new stiffness seemed to have set into the singer’s once-agile body, restraining his natural choreography to a handful of small, slow gestures.

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Uncle Tyler was a spy. The driver’s eyes suddenly appeared in his rearview. Rook leaned forward, playing with him just like he goofed with cabbies in New York. “Tell her to admit it. The driver averted his gaze and quickly adjusted his mirror so all they could see was the widow’s peak of his jet-black hair. Especially now. This is definitely a glass-half-full moment-unless, of course, you’re Tyler Wynn. He observed a brief pause to acknowledge him but then got right back to it. “Look at all the answers you got this morning. I’d think you’d be ecstatic to learn that not only wasn’t your mom’s double life just your imagination, but it wasn’t because she was having an affair. And-how cool is this? — she was a spy in the family like Arnold in True Lies.


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One click uploads an image to AwesomeScreenshot. om for storage and sharing quickly to social media. Full Page Screen Capture Lots of webpages scroll on and on, and if you need to capture what the whole thing looks like, it may seem impossible. But Full Page Screen Capture will do it, scrolling through the page for you and capturing a JPG. Just don't use your mouse while it auto-scrolls the page. Loom Sometimes a video of what you're doing online is the best explanation. Make one quickly with Loom, a video screen recorder that allows voiceovers and can add your webcam mug in a corner. Shoot the current tab alone, or the whole full screen if you desire. There's no limit to how much you can record, even for free. This extension puts the service to work, letting you bookmark, archive, and annotate everything you see online. Send to Kindle for Google Chrome Lots of people prefer to read on their Kindle devices or apps. If you find a webpage with a long-form article on it, use Amazon's extension.