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It’s Jon who is brave and honourable and doesn’t let anyone take his place in the face of danger. It’s Jon who never wavered in his stance that the real danger was beyond the Wall and was unwavering in his mission to help and protect his people. That’s a major shift in Dany’s character arc considering how she’s been so focused on the Iron throne for 7 seasons now. She knew the risk of coming to save Jon Snow but for the first time, she is ruled by her emotions. That boat scene showed how vulnerable she can be and only with Jon Snow was she able to show her insecurities about her worth and how deserving she is of Jon’s loyalty. I just can’t believe that Arya can be so easily manipulated by Littlefinger, I think she is testing Sansa to see if she is truly loyal to Jon. He is not getting that Cersei doesn’t care that White Walkers are coming. She doesn’t have to do anything, just wait until Dany’s army is destroyed by the White Walkers. Wake up Tyrion, be the smart dude you were in Season 1 and 2. And for goodness sake, where is Bran when you need him. Can’t wait until next week, can someone kill Cersei or the Mountain, please. Disappointed with Dany’s lack of emotion for her child’s death. The first few seasons were so good and epic, good times. He is all about his mission and though he did not deny to Davos that he is attracted to Dany, he doesn’t feel there is time for it. And as I mentioned, since Dany is trying to hide her feelings, he’s not sure of her feelings for him. Also, he is just like Ned when it comes to coming across as cold and no nonsense. His feelings started coming through in that boat scene.

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After a harrowing chase the former Prince of Winterfell is knocked from his horse by a blow from a flail. The men hold Theon in place as the leading torturer prepares to rape him. Theon's pleas for them to stop fall on deaf ears but then the leader is pierced by an arrow. When Theon questions his savior, Ramsay lies that he is ironborn as well, growing up on Saltcliffe, and he witnessed Theon being shipped off to Winterfell. Some time later the men reach a holdfast, and Theon questions why they have to sneak inside when surely Yara's men are loyal to her. Ramsay warns Theon that some of the men belong to his father Balon, who wants him dead. As Ramsay struggles to open a locked gate Theon confesses his sins. He wanted desperately to impress his father but he knows now that Eddard Stark was his true father. After opening the gate Theon and Ramsay enter a darkened room. The youth lights a torch and much to Theon's horror he's back in the same torture chamber in the Dreadfort. Armed men enter and Ramsay claims that Theon killed their comrades and escaped but he has brought their captive back. Ramsay understands his prisoner requires water but pours it out all over the dungeon floor to further torment him. Ramsay proposes a game to pass the time and he asks the heir to Pyke which body part he does not need. Hearing this Theon vows to tell his captor all he wishes to know. The cruel boy merely mocks him stating that Theon already told him everything of value. Theon then asks if winning said game will secure his release. Ramsay then mocks Theon's naivete stating there is no happy ending in store for him.

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The first we happened to stumble upon a locals pub that had fantastic authentic Czech food for an incredibly low price. Not realizing that we were right around the corner from the Charles Bridge we stopped in a small restaurant that looks pretty simple, nothing special at all. When they brought over the menus we noticed there were no prices listed, and we made the fatal mistake of just assuming that everything would be fairly cheap. No such luck. The drinks were almost 15 euros a piece and the food itself while edible, not delicious, ending up costing each of us around 40 euro a person. You really do need to be careful to stay away from the tourist traps. You are so spot on about the taxi scams. I got scammed by picking up a taxi in front of a train station (near the Prague Castle no less). I think the difficult part is not knowing how much a certain distance should really cost. This is also very similar in Budapest. Sigh. Otherwise, Prague is fantastic and the beer gardens are a lot of fun. Your experience with the taxi scams (and from other people’s experiences with inflated bills) is exactly why we wrote this. Perhaps I should add a section in here on taxi companies to call that are reputable and don’t overcharge. Food was amazing and the prices were not jacked up for tourists. We had it all sorted out and on our way in no time. We really didn’t have any problems other than tired feet.

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Sebetulnya setiap benda yang dapat kita lihat lihat dan memiliki warna berarti benda tersebut memantulkan warna-warna yang jatuh ke benda tersebut. Jika kita melihat sebuah benda berwarna biru berarti benda tersebut memantulkan cahaya biru yang jatuh kepadanya dan menyerap warna lainya. Fotografi Infrared Pada dasarnya sebuah fotografi infrared adalah sebuah teknik fotografi yang berusaha menangkap warna infrared yang dipantulkan oleh obyek foto. Dalam hal ini fotografer yang memotret dengan teknik infrared akan berusaha menangkap cahaya dengan panjang gelombang lebih dari 700nm(nanometer) atau cahaya infrared dari obyek-obyek yang ingin di foto. Pada foto hasil Infrared tampak daun berwarna terang dan laut berwarna gelap, hal ini disebabkan oleh karena tumbuh-tumbuhan banyak memantulkan cayaha infrared yang jatuh kepadanya dan laut banyak menyerap cahaya infrared yang jatuh kepadanya Fotografi infrared pada film. Pada fotografi infrared menggunakan film, digunakan film yang khusus hanya merekam cahaya infrared, beberapa contoh film infrared adalah: Konica 750 infrared film, Kodak High Speed Infrared dan Maco IR 820c. Pengunaan film infrared ini cukup sulit karen a film infrared peka terhadap panas dan cahaya sekecil a papun. Pada fotografi infrared menggunakan kamera digital, untuk mendapatkan foto infrared kita perlu memblokir semua cahaya tampak dan ultraviolet agar sensor hanya menangkap cahaya infrared yang dipantulkan oleh benda-benda yang kita foto. Untuk memblokir cahaya-cahaya tersebut dan mendapatkan cahaya infrared tersebut dibutuhkan sebuah filter dengan bahan tertentu yang mampu menolak semua cahaya yang berada dibawah 700nm dan membiarkan lewat cahaya yang memiliki panjang gelombang lebih besar atau sama dengan 700. Pada filter yang memiliki kepekatan rendah seperti filter cokin P007 yang melewatkan 50% cahaya Infrared dan 50% cahaya tampak. Pada kasus ini foto IR yang menggunakan filter cokin P007 akan lebih karya warna dibandingkan kalau kita menggunakn filter hoya R72 atau bahkan Hoya RM90. Saat ini kalau ingin memotret foto infrared dengan menggunakan kamera digital kita biasa memasangkan filter2 diatas didepan lensa kita, dengan menggunakan filter Hoya R72 kita bisa menghasilkan sebuah foto Infrared mengunakan exposure 1 detik dengan f8 pada ISO 200. Kondisi memotret dengan exposure seperti itu dilakukan pada waktu tengah hari dimana cahaya matahari memiliki kontras tinggi. Dengan exposure seperti itu kita dapat melihat bahwafilter infrared menurunkan exposure sedemikian drastisnya. Mengkonversi Kamera Digital menjadi Kamera Digital IR Sekarang ini banyak fotografer yang mengemari fotografi Infrared, banyak kreasi-kreasi yang dihasilkan, konsep-konsep makin berkembang, timbul keinginan untuk menghasilkan foto yang tajam atau menghasilkan efek diam (freezing) pada obyek bergerak pada foto infrared. Dengan kecepatan 1 detik cukuplah sulit untuk menghasilkan foto dengan ketajaman yang baik, dengan kecepatan 1 detik itu, obyek foto akan susah untuk diam atau tidak tertiup angin, apalagi kalau kita ingin menghasilkan efek diam pada obyek bergerak menggunakan kecepatan 1 detik. Melalui beberapa penyelidikan oleh beberapa fotografer ditarik kesimpulan bahwa yang menyebabkan lambatnya kecepatan rana disebabkan oleh filter HOT MIRROR yang ditanamkan pada kamera-digital.