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In March I spoke in the House about one of my constituents, retired sergeant Fergus, who was having difficulty navigating the Veterans Review and Appeal Board. Since March, the Conservatives have had many opportunities to make changes to the VRAB, but they continue to forget about veterans. Many constituents have approached my office to seek help to navigate the board for disability claims. Members of the board are appointed primarily because of their political connections. These members have the responsibility of deciding the future of our veterans, but without contextual knowledge of their challenges, they often make decisions that are not based on evidence. Like the immigration system, the decision-making process of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board is lengthy. A veteran approached my office this summer who was at risk of being homeless after serving Canada bravely for years. It is clear that the Canadian government did not intend to serve my constituent, retired sergeant Lorenz. Although my office helped him navigate the application process, Mr. Lorenz is now at a standstill while he waits to see a psychologist to assess his mental health. He already knows that he has post-traumatic stress disorder, but he must wait six months before his application can continue. After he sacrificed so much for peace and freedom, it is shameful that Mr. Lorenz must wait this long to be awarded the benefits and support to which he is entitled. I commit, along with my NDP colleagues, to continue to stand up for their rights around Remembrance Day and throughout the whole year. It is clear to my constituents that Canada's immigration system is broken, especially with regard to family reunification. Family reunification is not a priority for the Conservative government. Recently, Canadians were appalled to hear a Conservative minister referring to family reunification as a burden to Canada. The Conservatives have repeatedly undermined the importance and value of family, by making such claims.

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This book isn't for everyone, but is essential reading if you're remotely interested in the world of the psychic. From live shows, TV performances, and training courses, Alex has gained an immense amount of experience and information. All of this information and experience is crammed into his latest release. And this rings true also with his instructional material. There are no frills or unnecessary garnish, just good solid advice, and this release is full of good solid advice. MERS-CoV was isolated from the imported patient in China. The envelope (E) protein, a small structural protein of MERS-CoV, plays an important role in host recognition and infection. To identify the conserved epitopes of the E protein, sequence analysis was performed by comparing the E proteins from 42 MERS-CoV strains that triggered severe pandemics and infected humans in the past. To predict the potential B cell epitopes of E protein, three most effective online epitope prediction programs, the ABCpred, Bepipred, and Protean programs from the LaserGene software were used. All the nucleotides and amino acids sequences were obtained from the NCBI Database. Hospital of Ebola patient posts poor ER benchmarks Cache Translate Page Diplomas from outstanding medical schools. For all the strengths of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, the first U. . diagnosed Ebola patient walked through its seemingly weakest link: the emergency room. Presbyterian met or exceeded 75 percent of 138 specific measures of care, according to its most recent data. But its emergency department failed to meet all five national patient safety and quality benchmarks the hospital reported. He was discharged after a few hours, but returned two days later and eventually died of Ebola. For the year ending March 31, patients in Presbyterian's emergency department waited 44 minutes on average before their first contact with a health care professional, 50 percent longer than state and national waits.

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And him murdering his father and fleeing “the gods justice” after his trial only makes him look more guilty. Tyrion ending up in charge at the end of this is just too unbelievable. Trying to make him the endgame ruler is pure nonsense. That would feel like total pandering to the Tyrion fandom and abandonment of the story they’ve told thus far. And it wasn’t only that Janos disobey Jon, he even insulted his superior and he made clear that he will never listen to Jon. Look at real life, military has their own laws different from the country laws. I think that means she’s dead, but I suppose you never know. It would be a total nut-shot for her to still be alive having ripped off her own face and is wearing Arya’s on her bloody skull. Everyone is trying to decide who deserves it so far and using previous actions from separate turmoils that all had to be dealt with in different manners. You confused me because “waif” isn’t a title it’s what Arya called that specific girl (that has no name). Is someone suggesting the Waif is walking around Braavos without a face? He education is not just chop-socky lessons, it was more convincing. Jon ignored the ingrained NW mantra of fighting the Wildlings. I can’t recall her displaying doubt; maybe you’re right, and I just missed it. But whether or not Daenerys regretted her choice to burn the Tarlys alive, I don’t think one can reasonably compare their execution with that of Ramsay. We can assume that in the past the NW only fought the ww and dead. Rules are harder in military than normal rules and with good reason. It was right, but really unpopular, and really contrary to what the NW had evolved to in terms of its relationship with the wildlings.

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rg are speculating that LS reveal will be at the start of the episode and cliffhanger will be about Bran. It is only ever interesting in ADWD, when it just goes FUCKING INSANE. LOL Just when I was thinking they couldn't make a worse decision than dedicating an entire episode to the freaking WALL with a bunch of nobodies. And I wouldn't take too much stock in the track order. I don't see why, she's one of the weakest plot lines in the books, imo. Catelyn has been name dropped all season long and her name was mentioned twice in the recently released recap of the season in preparation for the finale. LS is one of the biggest such moments of the entire series, why would they not take advantage of the opportunity to use her. Urgh, I'm still reading ADWD and the lack of Stark is making it hard to get through:( I'm even finding Tyrion boring when at least his wit was entertaining before. That said, I will happily trade that for a dead Jojen Reed. Goodbye. I also thought this was a stellar finale, so I can't really complain all that much. It just seams so weird to leave it for the start of next season. And, in a way, the Arya conversation somehow replaced the one LS has with Brienne, about how Oathkeeper represents her allegedly Lannister loyalty. Okay, now that I got that out of the way, there were 4 things I was looking for: 1. What the eff, show? You now have both the epilogue and multiple plot points of Jon Snow to get through Book 3. 3. Tyrion gets pissed off at Jaime about Tysha: -30.

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It felt like a midway film, between the original film and Zombie's remake. A good ghost story set on a 'noisy' old apartment building. The rotting face stain in the ceiling was pretty creepy, but other than that, it was pretty mediocre. I did like how the tenant wasn't the only person who heard the apparitions making noise. It wasn? a bad movie, but it sure wasn? anything to get excited about and was far from scary. Oh well. Sam. And Mocking Bird was actually very close to that for sure. Its that special. Don't know if anyone else shares my sentiments. Poor Quincey - he never gets a look in on these movies. The script it was based on had its original production at the Cherry Streey Theater, off-broadway, directed by Robert Hall. The very same Robert Hall, years earlier had directed me in my first three real plays, for the Omaha Junior Theatre. He later went on to draw for Marvel Comics- Godzilla among other titles. I thought 28 days later was absolutely terrific and 28 weeks had a bit of a different feel to it but still good, just not quite as good. Really brought something different to the post-apocalypse sub-genre and had some truly amazing moments.


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We talk about high-strangeness in Arizona and California. This is the video Jeremy mentioned from YouTube that looked similar to what he saw driving home during those two weeks. Find Jeremy and his Deviatus podcast on his website, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook Contact Jeremy HERE Listen to Ryan's episode on Deviatus, HERE Follow iTF: Facebook: interactive group page and official radio page Twitter: Official iTF and Shannon’s personal account Subscribe to iNTO THE FRAY in iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and most ALL other podcatchers. Find Ryan's book on Amazon and Richard Dolan Press Find Ryan Sprague on his websites somewhereintheskies. om, RyanDSprague. om, and ThirdKindProductions. om Featured image provided with permission by Vladimm via his DeviantArt page. ECETI stands for Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Adams in Trout Lake, WA owned by spiritualist, James Gilliland. Various anomalous activity is reported in this area, from UFO's and orbs to Sasquatch. Jim and Ky both had experiences at the ranch during their first visit here. Adams, Seattle's creepy ambiance, Sasquatch, consciousness, mediums, and much more. Find Euphomet on their website, SoundCloud, iTunes, the Deep Talk Radio Network, and connect with them on Twitter, and Facebook. Ky Gilmer's band Vigil Wolves Follow iTF: Facebook: interactive group page and official radio page Twitter: Official iTF and Shannon’s personal account Subscribe to iNTO THE FRAY in iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and most ALL other podcatchers. Find Ryan's book on Amazon and Richard Dolan Press Find Ryan Sprague on his websites somewhereintheskies. om, RyanDSprague. om, and ThirdKindProductions. om Ryan will be on Mysteries at the Museum on The Travel Channel, Friday, November 4th at 9pm EST.