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The film is not dissimilar to something David Lynch would create due to its nightmarish atmosphere and dizzying directing. So if you’re in the mood for something different, why not give The Ordeal a try. It’s chillingly ambiguous ending and final line of dialogue will stay with me forever. Martyrs is either an absolutely love it kind of film, or an absolutely despise it kind of film, it all depends on whether you allow it to affect you or not. Just like The Ordeal and Satan, the less you know about Pascal Laugier’s masterpiece the better. I see it as a sort of serious version of The Cabin in the Woods, in the way that it plays with your expectations of horror films. The film completely changes directions at least four times and two of these times are in the opening 20 minutes. Martyrs is an absolutely gripping and shocking film that is not for the faint-hearted. It’s quite possibly the most disturbing film I’ve seen, and I’ve seen quite a lot of disturbing films in my short and unfulfilled life. It hits you on an extremely deep and emotional level, whilst also delivering some of the most gruesome and disturbing shocks ever committed to film. The final 30 minutes are notoriously difficult to watch, but you’ll be glad that you did.

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It’s also possible those male Freys have male babies. Plus, she has seen up close how shabbily House Frey treats any women associated with it. Her true Stark heart will also want to redress that injustice, don’t you think. FWIW, there are also probably some Freys occupying Riverrun, and they will escape unless annihilated by Edmure and his troops. (And maybe Nymeria’s pack? But I think Edmure will claim the Twins either for himself or his supposed (we have only Jaime’s word on this) son. Moreover, no one house would control and exploit that vital bridge except the two harmoniously allied Houses. I think that is a more natural border than the existing one. Unfortunately, being a true Stark, Arya is not into power plays and land grabs, so I doubt this will happen in the show. At this point, there’s still so much left to do in two short seasons that I don’t get the point of dragging out the that storyline any further. I’d rather focus more on the human side of Arya instead of her as just an instrument of relentless revenge.

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Like a small angry pump which—with a determination matched only by its hopelessness—seeks to put out an overpowering fire, every muscle of its body pulled and twitched in its place. Then right away all them were lying there on the corpse working in the same way, piled up like a mountain. Then the leader cracked his sharp whip powerfully all around above them. They raised their heads, half fainting in their intoxicated state, looked at the Arab standing in front of them, started to feel the whip now hitting their muzzles, jumped away, and ran back a distance. But the camel’s blood was already lying there in pools, stinking to heaven, and the body was torn wide open in several places. I grabbed his arm. “Sir, you are right,” he said. “We’ll leave them to their calling. You’ve seen them. Wonderful creatures, aren’t they. And how they hate us!

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and evidently hates women, because each male he possesses almost immediately begins slapping the women around. This killer is body-hopping to keep one step ahead of the Ferryman, who is determined to catch this dead spirit and see him over to the world of the dead. The movie started out slow and dull, but as it progressed, it got a bit more interesting and ended in a pretty good final 10 minutes. CURSE OF THE UNDEAD A vampire gunslinger in the old west takes a likin' to a purty young thang and decides to defend her property from a bad guy tryin' to russle her offin' it. The sheriff an' th' parson tries ta stop him from doin' more killin' and turning the ranch lady inta a bloodsucker like himself. Atmospheric and very watchable for one of Universal's B's. While everyone pressures the girl to find another chest, they don't know that the first one contains the still-living head of an ancient evil warlock, waiting to take control of the guests so he can be reunited with his body. GODZILLA VS. BIOLLANTE This picks up right were GODZILLA 1985 leaves off. Godzilla has just fallen into an active volcano, and armed military teams are scrambling to collect Godzilla cells. A scientist gene splices some of the cells with DNA from a rose and his daughter and creates an Audrey II-type monster.

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BEST BUY, the BEST BUY logo, the tag design, MY BEST BUY, and BESTBUY. OM are trademarks of Best Buy and its affiliated companies. Kick back with some Mickey Mouse hot chocolate and scroll this this list, as we take you through the movies, books, decorations, crafts, baking, ornaments, and clothes you need to have the most Disney Christmas ever. Disney Christmas Movie Essentials We’ll start with the essential Disney Christmas movies you need to have in your collection. Mickey's Christmas Carol We’ve got to start with the Mouse himself. Mickey’s Christmas Carol is the quintessential combination of Mickey and the holiday season. The Nightmare Before Christmas Nightmare Before Christmas is an amazing holiday crossover that has won the hearts of many Disney fans. While you’ll occasionally find people who don’t love (or haven’t seen) it, these characters command the longest lines at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party for a reason. The Muppet Christmas Carol Growing up, I adored The Muppet Christmas Carol. It’s a bit of a “deep pull” for this list, but the Muppets are a part of the Disney family, and their Christmas Carol is a fantastic film. The Santa Clause Box Set The Santa Clause is one of our favorite Christmas movies.