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? Dude. y townhome is haunted. o bullshit Robin Gilliver 4. Just for kicks I went to a old house that very good people lived in. I knew them but they had done passed away years ago and I wanted to see if a EVP would work. I went in the house with a digital recorder and ask a few question. The house is in a place where FM radio statios would not be a good place to receive. What I mean is if you had an OTA TV you may get a channel or 2 depending on the type of antenna you have and how high it is and your TV receiver. The voice on the tape just happens to have nothing as for as I know to connect a person living there before. I have been holding on to this recording for about 2 years.

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Abrams-directed movie is still wrapped in mystery. That is, unless you’ve been hunched over your datapad, forensically investigating the slow leaks, set photos and other hints, hoping to augur what the future portends for Star Wars as you Sith hiss from beneath your black cloak. For everyone else, here’s a guide of what we know, what we think we know and what we only wish we knew about the final entry in the Sequel Trilogy begun by The Force Awakens in 2015—Star Wars: Episode IX. Star Wars: Episode IX Time Period and Settings A consistent rumor, including alleged leaks from marketing meetings, holds that Star Wars: Episode IX is set about a year after the events of The Last Jedi. HBO has confirmed that Game of Thrones will return for its final season on April 14, 2019 - the ominous trailer for which we've just seen. A fact, which may or may not be true, is followed with this catchphrase. It's a large part of the reason for the Epileptic Trees suggesting that the former is actually the latter in disguise. The parallels between this method of death and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge are obvious DOTHRAKI SOUP IS TOO HOT. Jokes about how absurdly hot Dothraki food must be followed. It's been mutated in a bunch of different ways, from photoshopping the head of Robb's direwolf onto his body and superimposing the phrase onto it, to captioning it on photos of other people, to various puns, and so on. The look on Joffrey's face afterwards is utterly priceless.


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The festival was located near the second pool which was about 50 yards away from our site. They had a huge selection of wineries, breweries (could probably use a few more) and with the chili contest I want to say there was about 20 or so to visit and sample, oh and to cast your vote for the best. The entire place is beautiful, with several sites, tents, cabins and even Airstream trailers to rent. The restaurant located at the entrance served up some great bbq tri-tip. They have a huge fire pit outside which we renamed the therapy circle. We met some really great people that we will diffidently see again next year at the fest. Families as well as a couple or group of couples to have a great time. From the tents to the airstreams, cabins, cottages are first rate with patio's, decks furnished, BBQ's, fire pits, etc. hey didn't miss a thing. It's the coolest camping resort I've ever seen, boutique pool, cabanas, restaurant and a great Bar Lounge in walking distance for the adults. We had trouble figuring out how to get into our Tiki tent and out of nowhere Grace came and helped us.


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Send a Message Reason: How To Write An Example - Irrelevant Pothole. Keep in mind this meme started with Trump's upset victory to win the ''nomination'', months before the actual election. Kunta Kinte was MadeASlave and was flogged until he accepted the name Toby; Ramsay beats Theon until he accepts the name Reek. Send a Message Reason: None XFllo Oct 22nd 2017 at 9:03:56 AM Is there an issue. It's been popping up quite a bit on You Tube and a few other places. And eeven before Theon and diving, Jaime and swimming (more like sinking). And eeven even before Theon and diving, Jaime and swimming (more like sinking). Because all he heard from her was bend da knee, bend da knee - ben da knee - ben da nee - ben danee -- b danee -- danee -- dany -- Dany. Because all he heard from her was bend da knee, bend da knee - -- ben da knee - -- ben da nee - -- ben danee -- b danee -- danee -- dany -- Dany. Davos mentions that he, too, thought Gendry would still be rowing when they meet in Fleabottom. Ramsay, Tyrion, Jon, Euron Greyjoy and Daenerys are particularly popular for this, implying varying degrees of affection for the characters (and Drumpf), but it can be used to promote anyone in the show.


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