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“Repair” doesn’t work, locked drive, so I’m going through the Boot Configuration Data, which appears corrupt or broken. I even tried Easy Recovery Essentials and Kaespersky Rescue Tools, SpinRite, chkdsk, SFC, blah blah blah. Wow this 8. upgrade sucks! And I’m a bit of a computer geek, who understands most of this. I can imagine this being almost impossible for the inexperienced. The N edition loads with Win 8 install dialog window, but also gives the option to Repair. I’ve run that a couple times early in my diagnosing, with no issues. Just ran it again and I’m now getting a hard drive error. The error is v4228 Error 2000:01 42.

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However, I'm confident that if Canon produce a 7D2 (in the same segment), Nikon will respond. For so long as neither manufacturer has blinked, we're in a waiting game. The current alternative to a four-year-old D300s is a four-year-old 7D. Both Canon and Nikon will want to be the one to counter-punch, but it's clear that neither have been in a hurry to replace their current models. Nikon's naming makes sense at the low end, but less so at the high end. Weird, but we've had other threads on how marketing teams don't seem to think through consistent naming conventions. I don't necessarily buy that the naming scheme says much - there's a clear numbering gap between the D300 and D600, but reserving it for ever-more-reduced FX cameras seems unlikely. Whatever Nikon launch next, I'll be interested to see it (as a casual observer). Especially in the latter case, because I like being proven wrong. How would you define a D300 replacement if not as a price point successor in the DX market.


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The big question is, who would the right actor to be cast in Yash Chopra's biopic. Please try again later. Customer 5. out of 5 stars This is a great sentimental film with five love stories. But her true love gets a job at the school to remeber her and reconcile with her father. While there he helps three students pursue the ladies they love. Second love story is of childhood friends and the boy wants the girl to see him as a boyfriend. Third love story is of an athletic boy who meets a girl who is as competitive as he is. Fourth love story is of a nice guy who runs into a young widow, who is forced by her in-laws to live as if her husband is a live and will return. She is denied to live life, and the nice guy sets out to help her live life again and find happiness.


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ontinuity and I want the actor to go were they are pleased. ? would want to change my mind on the set and try something different, plus I never used storyboard so I have to shoot with the real ? nvironment. ? ? HF: Can you talk about the plants used in shooting and the location of the barn. Where did you find all the marijuana used during the shoot. LB: I owe everything to Andr? Line Beauparlant, my Visual Designer.


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The homeowners of Bastille, Deming Maclise and James Weimann, envisioned “making a neighborhood hang around where individuals could eat, drink, talk and luxuriate in,” and we will not help but agree that is precisely what they acheived. Y’all love talking about Black Lives Matter, however what about our historical past. Whereas there is a danger of overuse with these three little phrases, February is a good month to remember what they really mean. First travel day 1 July: move is valid from 1 July up to and including 31 July. Day by day or weekly charges apply, as applicable, to rental increments of lower than 30 days. After tallying more than 7,200 votes, we determined the Sweet (and Smoky) sixteen for our March Insanity-style burnt ends bracket, which pits previous-college smokehouses reminiscent of Jack Stack against up-and-coming spots corresponding to Slap’s BBQ in Kansas City, Kan. These rounds are valid ANYTIME of the week and from the begin to the top of the 2018 season (October 31, 2018). Whether or not you need a car with all-wheel drive to hit the ski slopes at Mt. Baker or want a bit more trunk area for the Spring cleansing errands you’ve got been laying aside, this is the time to show Sundays into a Sunday Funday. By the late Sixties, thanks partially to the civil rights movement and a rising awareness of black identification, Negro History Week had advanced into Black History Month on many faculty campuses.


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Experts sift through thousands of applicants until eight singletons are set to become four couples. The five-week 'experiment' begins when the couples meet as complete strangers and marry at first sight, and continues with a honeymoon and four weeks of living together as man and wife. It concludes with 'decision day', when the couples must decide whether to stay together or seek a divorce. Married at First Sight is on Channel 4, Tuesdays at 9pm. And this one is no different - only one male guest was really stunned with these moves. In the clip - from a wedding in Toronto, Canada - the groom that was being tossed around on a blanket decided to pull a split, only to kick to the ground one of the guys that was helping to throw him in the air! 'The groom had some awesome moves, but unfortunately for one of the volunteers holding the blanket, he wound up getting kicked down to the floor! said one of the people at the reception. The man who goes down is standing directly behind the groom as he lands back on the blanket and bounces up, accidentally kicking the poor guy. The man is seen falling back near a group of women, but too many of the other guests are watching the groom to notice his fall.