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We learned it in the books, when the dragon roost (or what ever it’s called) was built in kings landing. It was summarized the dragons taking up residency coincided with their change in size and increased frailty. I’m not sure but I think Tyrion is the one to relay this information, gleaned from his reading. As for the allusion to Dany I’d say yes but its for the audience and therefore not a knowing one. It hasn’t been roundly debunked, and it’s been mentioned 5 other times in this entire thread. We haven’t seen him wearing anything like this on his back before, and there are other shots of him using a sword as his weapon. From a narrative POV, it would fit the style of the show to have Sansa and Jon win a major victory in episode 9, and have the Starks reclaim Winterfell, only for the next episode (and season) to end with the Night’s King destroying the Wall and setting the stage for the real battle to come. Wimsey, good point. Was there a point in Season 2 perhaps or the beginning of Season 3 where it was mentioned that the last Targaryen dragons were the size of dogs or something like that. EDIT: I guess it has to be S3, since Tywin didn’t reach King’s Landing until end of S2. I actually believe Jon is dead and definitely not coming back. He’s even going to have a “bittersweet” ending to his series. Davos will have no other choice but to back, Sansa. Cause if Meera is out of the cave, without Bran, then where’s Hodor. Bran probably sent Meera and Hodor out hunting for food, because if you notice, Summer, Bran’s direwolf, isn’t with Meera and the guy on the horse. So it makes total sense that the mystery man on the horse, is none other than, Hodor. And that begs the question, does dragon taste like chicken. Davos line in the trailer gives us a hint about Jon coming back.

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. . . . . Marvels Agents of S. . . . . . - S01 E16 - End of the Beginning. Marvels Agents of S. . . . . .

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Snow In June 04. No Hope 05. End Film 06. Mute 07. Prophet 08. Your Side 09. Took It 10. Out Of View 11. Simple Kind 12. Queen. FUJI You and Me is the critically acclaimed debut release from these Omaha indie pop stalwarts featuring Landon Hedges, formerly of Desaparecidos and The Good Life. The 9 songs on this album span from bittersweet ballads to energetic rockers. His years with The Shins (a band of whom he'd been friends with the leader of, James Mercer, since Scared of Chaka was touring the world in the mid 90s) left him anxious for a return to the louder and more chaotic leanings of his earlier bands. The songs emphasize the wild good times and the karmic payback of surviving the rough-and-tumble life of a bluesman. Little Freddie King is a national treasure at 79 and the last of the New Orleans blues musician still playing in the U. and abroad. Kings music preserves the country-style delta blues as tradition and embodies a major artistic shift of the twentieth century: the rural-to-urban blues migration. His cheerfulness in the face of adversity, his commitment to community after Katrina and his boundless energy onstage are reasons why New Orleans and the World loves His Royal Highness.

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This alters the balance of power between them, so he kills him to ensure he inherits everything. The show frames it so at first we’re not sure which one of them has stabbed the other, because it’s plausible that Roose might decide to strike first. I’m your son until a better alternative comes along. Waiting until they were alone would have been more prudent, but Ramsay wasn’t going to take the slightest risk that the second Roose was out of sight he was going to renounce Ramsay again, or (as you say) even have him killed. Then he would be able to take appropriate action if necessary. It was a lavish, massively impactful episode, and at least half of it was dedicated solely to the resolution of the long conflict in King’s Landing that finally sees Cersei having seized power and the other factions of Westeros finally rallying against the might of the Lannisters. Here you toss these names out as if the show just casually mentioned that they had died offscreen. Unless you think scenes like Tommen leaping to his death were just half-assed body-count padding. The High Sparrow charging the Queen Regent with incest is a Wham. Loras being taken by the Faith Militant, mutilated and denied his claim to Highgarden is just as Whammy. I don’t think it was shot brilliantly however, it was actually pretty comedic the way it was shot. Westeros has different sexual mores than Earth, USA (or wherever you live). Also, Margarey is not late 20s to early 30s in the show, that’s her actor’s age. In reality, marriage was never consummated as young as 16 in medieval societies, that’s something Martin gets wrong just as much as the showrunners, but even Martin kept the eight-ten year old Tommen away from the sixteen year old Margaery. But again, the larger point is depiction vs endorsement, and that’s what you fail to understand. Mereen, Astapor, Qarth, etc all practice slavery as their analgous cultures once did in the past, but that doesn’t mean the narrative endorses slavery. Even within the narrative, characters have trouble with the cultural mores of their own society, like Tyrion who is unwilling to rape a thirteen year old girl and Cersei who is so self-hating because she lives in a patriarchal setting and has internalized that misogyny. And there in lies the problem with aging Tommen up and making his relationship with a much older woman in any way positive.